Graves disease and hair loss

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Avatar n tn I He up my dosage twice and then that got my weight back correct but now I'm losing hair and have been for 2 years now off and on. I know that side effects of my meds is shedding and hair loss. But there should be away to keep my hair?
Avatar f tn Once treated for hyperthyroidism, caused by graves disease. (Radioactive Iodine) Can it cause other problems 20 years down the line? Angeoadema was recently diagnoised, and uritica.Now I am allways hot or cold, my lips keep swelling The breathing problems are the worst, but the hair loss is starting to scare me to. My doctor calls me a puzzle! I keep waiting for this to stop but its been going on for 9 months.
Avatar n tn HI, I too have graves for over 25 yrs. Graves and low thyroid , like hashimotos thyroiditis, have totally opposite symptoms. Often when you are on meds for Graves , you actually may go low on thyroid . High... fast pulse, high bp, loss of periods, thin depite ravenous appetite, thin hair, warm moist skin, tremor in hands, anxiety to name a few. Low... slow pulse , low bp, heavy or more frequent periods, weight gain, graying of hair, tired, dry skin, slows your mental functions.
199177 tn?1490502134 symptoms hot all of the time ,thinning hair,thirsty and hungry far more then normal, urinating and diarrhea alot .20+ weight loss and he only started at 170,moodiness.His eyes are puffy but not the doctor said the eye was in normal range I do think he think this is a big deal at all. From what I know this is not an easy thing to go threw .
Avatar n tn The most common side effects are related to the skin and include rash, itching, hives, abnormal hair loss, and skin pigmentation. Other common side effects are swelling, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, loss of taste, joint or muscle aches, numbness and headache. When a person is off the ATDs for a long-enough time, technically a year or longer, then it is called "remission." But remissions by definition, is temporary.
Avatar f tn That was twenty-four years ago and they did not know what was causing it to come out and I got shots in my head and that hurt and cost a lot of money, so that did not last long try all different things to try to make my hair grow back and plus all the money on wig ,weaves ,scarfs and hats.
Avatar f tn I have had terrible hair loss lately. I am female and have Graves disease. But the hair loss is substantial and has left me with bare patches on my scalp. What can be causing this?
Avatar n tn I have been taking Tapazole and was doing fine until two weeks ago when my symptoms started to get worse and I discovered bald patches on my scalp and my hair is very dry and brittle. Is there anything I can do? Will I lose all my hair? Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn A lot of Hashi's people suffer with hair loss. Personally I had a few times where my hair was in the bath and an unusual amount but it sorted itself out in time. Just how hypo have you gone on the Methimazole? What are your levels?
Avatar m tn Symptoms: exhaustion (extreme), poor memory, anxiety, depression, complete loss of sex drive, slight hair loss, brittle nails, moody. Have been diagnosed with "graves disease". I underwent RAI treatment. 10 weeks post RAI my TSH is .006, T3 is 5.4, T4 is 2.24. I feel no better, have been back to my Endo and nothing. No medication. My symptoms persist. I have also begun experiencing occasional palpatations of the heart. Nothing is better.
Avatar f tn I am not an expert and was just diagnosed last week with graves disease. i am on 20 mg of tapazole, which the same as METHIMAZOLE. The doc said I am in the early stages but my thyroid is soo low, <.01, that they said I had to go to a stronger dose to start. Maybe if you are more advanced they have to do a more radical treatment such as the radio iodine treatment? How long into the treatment did your hair start falling out?
Avatar n tn symptoms except sometimes, I feel heart racing(HR normal), loss of muscle mass, excessive sweating with activity, and sweating episodes and feeling hot at rest , loss of my eye brows and now loss of hairline, over all hair loss and thinning. I am at my wits end, I am losing my looks, I dont even recognize myself any more in the mirror I have taken supplements, alt med, acupuncture, rogaine, stop relaxing my hair, stopped BC pills. I am lost. Do you have some insight?
Avatar n tn I've always had a great deal of hair like a main. A couple years ago I had breast cancer and lost all my hair do to chemo. It hasn't grown back as thrick and what has grown back is thinning. I take 125 mg of levoxal. I also noticed that my hair is dry and brittle. Does anyone have any suggestions. Even my friends have said I see your hair didn't grow back as thick. I think it's the thyroid medication.
Avatar f tn After about 10 weeks I went for a check up and explained that I have been gaining weight and my hair is falling out. Not just a little but way more then normal. My TSH was in range after a couple months but T3 was still low. They changed me medicine to synthroid 100mcg once a day and Cytomel 5mcg 1 tablet twice a day. I have been on this for about 5 weeks. Is hair loss a reaction to the medicine or am I still not regulated right?
Avatar m tn my 8 years old daughter' eyebrow hair are falling slowly and there is no new growth in that area.This is happening with only one eyebrow. what should I do. I am worried.
Avatar n tn But, every few years my thyroid just burns out, and I go hypo. When I do I experience extreme hair loss and brittle nails. For me, the animal based thyroid substitutes work much better when I'm in a hypo phase. Additionally, sometimes when I am not hypo, the medication I take for my Graves' just knocks down my T4/T3 levels so low that once again I start to lose a lot of hair.
Avatar f tn Lupo good day to you, I hope you are still in the mood of answering my question.. It was confirmed that I have graves' disease and my doctor said that It is mild, my RAI uptake and scan: here's what it was said: FINDINGS: THE THYROID demonstrates slightly asymmetric increased of uptake within the right lobe of the thyroid but with overall homogeneous uptake throughout both lobes without focal nodular areas of uptake. The percent uptake at 3 hrs measured 44%.
1494095 tn?1288788477 One of my sons was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was just 3, he's 8 now and on the pump. My great GM had graves and my grandmother has alopecia and hashimotos and her bro has hashi. However there are many more in the family living WITHOUT autoimmune disease. I have 6 kids, 5 boys and 1 girl, and i do find myself worrying from time to time if any others will inherit something but I just keep praying the prayer of faith over them.
Avatar f tn ok yesterday got my dx after month and half of questions, 15 lb weight loss. I have graves disease. the endo dr wants me on antithyroid med for next 3 weeks , checking my blood each week. I want surgery asap. he says i need to be on the antithyroid med for a bit first and he will get with my ins and select a surgeon for me. he said my thyroid could be storing hormones inside it as part of this disease and wants to shrink it.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Graves disease in Dec. 2007 and had to have my thyroid completly removed in March. I was put on Synthoid in the beginning for about a month and the doctor switched me to Levoxyl. I was taking 88mcg of Levoxyl and started having anxiety, so my doctor changed my dosage to 65 mcg.
Avatar n tn I just want to make sure that if I maintain my activity and eating healthy, will that prevent weight gain. I saw hair loss, rashes, and hoarse voices can also result from this drug. How common are these. I am 31 and have always been healthy. This year was very stressful because I am getting an MBA and work full time so I don't know if the stress caused this or if it something that I already had? Any advice with this medication would greatly be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I got deathly skinny at the beginning of the year, 97 lbs and I was starving. I went to the doctor's and found out I have graves disease. Ending with December gained 90 something lbs total and I am so frustrated.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with graves disease in 2000, in 2003 I had RAOI Treatment, I then went under active. I have been on synthroid of 1.75mcg, I have recently been taken off the synthroid because the endo thinks my Graves disease is coming out of remission. What does this mean? My last TSH on 27Oct12 was <0.01L nad my T4,FREE is 1.2. The endo has repeated the TSH, T4,FREE and also ordered the T3,FREE nad TSI. I haven't received those results yet.
Avatar f tn Sounds like you may have had thyroiditis and not Graves -- at this point you are hypo and most likely this is not from too much PTU (the dose is quite low) but actually the hypothyroid phase of silent (or possibly subacute) thyroiditis (which is also autoimmune. I could be wrong, but it is very unusual for this severe a swing in TSH levels. If you had an I-123 uptake scan done at the initial hyper diagnosis and it showed elevated uptake, then it is graves with an unusual pattern.
Avatar n tn I have lost probably 40% of my hair and now my hair is thin and tangled. This is so stressful for me. I knew that Graves was serious and I was told that I would do so much better after the surgery, but things are still the same. There is just so much information out there and I get a completely different picture from my doctor that I"m even more confused. He put me on Cytomel just 2 months ago, before when I asked him he was totally against it.
Avatar f tn TSH is low - meaning likely recurrent hyper/Graves - hair loss can be seen with this. Would check T3 as well w/ next labs.