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Avatar f tn i take lots of vitamins, like potasium and calicum, alpha lipohic acid and glucosamine chondroitin. still poping pills. i have always liked pain pills too, but the road to addiction is over for me. i know how easy it would be. i totally now how to talk to doctors. i have a bottle of vicodin in my drawer. got them for the injurys to my knees from my blackout with xanax and alcolhol. "crazy" isn't it. i'm glad for the forum i have read about the pain killers. they sound so miserable.
Avatar f tn I have Osteopenia, Osteoarthritis, Urinary Inc., Diverticulosis, Lactose intolerance, CELIAC DISEASE, GERD, Fatty liver, High blood pressure and Mild Dementia, Asthma, Rhinitis, Skin allergies. Dry Eyes, Anxiety, Panic, Dermatitis seboreic. Toenails fungus. Joints and muscles pain every day. Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) ALERGIC TO ASPIRIN AND CAN'T TAKE NON STEROIDAL ANTIINFLAMATORIES.
1348302 tn?1286579303 glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and flaxseed oil Headaches – Flaxseed oil Guaifenesin Fatigue: Magnesium/malic acid combination CoQ10 Colostrum Vitamin B-12 Ginkgo biloba Vinpocetine Poor Sleep: 5-HTP Melatonin Valerian root Cognitive Difficulties: Colostrum Ginkgo biloba Vinpocetine Acetyl-L-carnitine Phosphatidyl serine IBS: Fiber supplements Acidophilus Valerian root Peppermint oil (enteric coated) Olive leaf extract Depression (mild): 5-HTP St. John’s Wort SAME-e Flaxseed oil http://www.
Avatar f tn I've moved over to 300mgs SeroquelXR @ night 100mgs SeroquelXR@ noon 100mgs Trazadone for Sleep 250mgs Lamactil @night 150mgs Spironolactone for PCOS 40-80mgs Nexxium for GERD 900-1800mgs Tylenol1/day prn or T3(but those trigger my hypomania) 600-1600mgs Motrin/day prn (as last resort for pain) Dermasone Topical Lotion (for psoariasis) - triggered by meds ugh 10-40mgs Flexeril/day prn - for back pain Maxalt Wafter/prn - for Migraines Ativan 1-2mgs/prn + glucosamine/chondroitin + B complex
159785 tn?1276229625 They seriously need to tell people about those cramps. I don't take glucosamine/chondroitin. I used to take it for my joints in general, but stopped since it didn't seem to actually help. Is that something good to take? Next week I have an appointment for a second opinion on the back surgery, with another scoliosis/spine specialist. They'll probably have their own idea about what I should have done.
167426 tn?1254089835 The one I use is Glucosamine with Chondroitin, but Glucosamine can be found by itself or with other ingredients. I once was prescribed muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories for my neck pain, but when I tried this I was amazed to find out that it worked better and I prefer taking it to muscle relaxers. Just a thought for those who may be suffering from arthritis. You do need to take it daily and it may take a couple days to starte helping.
Avatar n tn Minerals, Choline Chloride, Chicory Root Extract, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Chondroitin Sulfate, Dried Lactobacillus plantarum, Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus acidophilus Fermentation Products, Rosemary Extract. This is a naturally preserved product Opps...I lost my original recipe.... I'll have to come back......
Avatar n tn I also had a simple mastectomy in 2004 stage 1. I take low dose xanax 2x day. Does not really prevent nor help when these episodes hit. I just have to wait for them to wear off. Nothing I do, cold water on my body, drinking cold water, standing in front of a fan, taking a pill nothing will shorten them. But these episodes are more like overheating with no sweating rather than a traditional hot flash. I have a good doctor but he has offered no solutions thus far. I have never taken hormones.
Avatar n tn The first one is labeled MSM/Glucosamine, and contains 500 mg MSM and 500 mg d-Glucosamine Sulfate. The second one is labeled TriFlex and contains 1500 mg Glucosamine HCL, 1200 mg Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate, and 900 mg MSM. I take each pill once a day. I plan to do further tests to try to narrow down the specific substance(s) in these pills that are actually helping me, and I'll post the results. It's unlikely, of course, that these supplements will help everyone in the same way.
Avatar m tn I also had a high cadmium level (toxic element). But I'm taking my suppliments and using xanax for now to get through this. May God help us all and heal us. I just want to live. So sick of being sick!