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Avatar n tn Hi Is it safe to consume glucosamine chondriotin for eblow tennis? I am taking 25mcg of Euthyrox Levothyroxine sodium daily and I have taken it since 8 years ago. I would appreciate it if you could advise me. Thanks again.
4409107 tn?1354713862 I like the name! Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately there's very little basis for this suspicion, to my opinion. These tests are designed specifically for the detection of antibodies,specific to the Herpes Virus 1 and 2, IgM presence indicating recent or active infection and IgG antibody presence indicating previous infection. A false negative would be more likely, in the absence of findings, while the infection is not active. In regards to her R.
Avatar f tn Do you take any supplements such at Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM? They work great for me. As long as I take them every single day. My bones/joints would get so back I could barely walk, and I could tell if it was going to rain anytime soon because they would hurt even more! The Glucosamine really helped! Also a good calcium supplement. If these thinks don't help over a few week period I'd talk to your Primary Dr. about other possibilities. Good luck, I hope this helped!
Avatar n tn Can I perhaps supplement it with additional glucosamine (no chondroitin)? Maybe the chondroitin is upsetting his stomach. I've ordered Si Maio San to start with and will slowly introduce the other recommended Chinese medicines above one by one. Can he continue to take Forsythia 18 indefinitely? It seems to be normalizing his inner ear equilibrium and balance but he's only taking half the recommended dosage.
Avatar f tn I also keep having Ayurveda massage, taking Omega 3-6-9 and glucosamine/chondroitin which help me a lot because my main symptom is swelling knees. So far so good.
Avatar n tn My vet recommended glucosamine and chondroitin, and we just use the ones made for human consumption. It saves some money since products marketed for pets are marked up so much. However, if you want the preparation to include a good multivitamin, then you're likely stuck with the high-priced pet store products. You're right - there are a ton of choices at the pet stores, but I found in reading the labels they're all about the same.
Avatar n tn I am scared that I have some wierd neurological disorder such as ALS. I am taking triple flex (glucosamine/chondroitin) and the supplement CALM, as well as apple cider vinegar. I know it may sound stupid, but I am just very anxious about something happening to me because I want to be there for my wife and daughter for many many years. Basically my joints ache, and my lower body is buzzy...I am beginning to think that the dr. misdiagnosed this whole hip thing in the first place.
Avatar f tn Re the arthritis, have you given her a joint support containing glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin? I used a brand called Next Level and it worked very well for Tootlz when she had joint pains. All the best.
Avatar f tn The reason i was wondering if this could be an autoimmune disorder is because they ran an anti hcv test on my and it came back positive so i went to get further testing and another anti hcv test and all my blood work came up normal.Then when i gave birth to my daughter they ran another anti hcv just to be sure and it came back negative.I ask the dr what could have cause the first false positive and he said either lab error or another protein.
Avatar n tn Due to his age he may require a more digestible food which is all or mostly fish based (canned or fresh only) diet, with the addition of digestive enzymes, probiotics and glucosamine/chondroitin combination. A fish based diet would be closest to his ancestral diet, and therefore most compatible with his digestive system.
Avatar n tn OTC supplements, in addition to the calcium, are multivitamins, glucosamine/chondroitin, and omega 3 fish oil capsules. Some symptoms I've noticed over the past 9-12 months are memory problems and difficulty in concentrating, bone pain (mainly hips and legs), lack of energy, some feelings of depression, excessive thirst and frequent urination. I know some of the meds I'm taking can cause some of the symptoms, especially the excessive thirst. I am just tired of feeling bad.
Avatar f tn Hi. I have always been physically active and have never been overweight. There is no arthritis in my family and feel that for most of my life have eaten properly. I have arthritis in my hip.
Avatar f tn You may also need to supplement with Magnesium, Manganese, Collagen, Silicon, Boswellia serrata extract, Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM combination and Bromelain (not recommended if on blood thinners). As far as your Ovarian Cyst is concerned, you may want to look into surgical removal. Through laparoscopy if you meet the criteria, it's day surgery and a simple process, just a small incision and quite common.
Avatar n tn I started having problems with my hands cramping up, so bad it was hard to hold the steering wheel on my way home from work, but that has been very well contolled since I started taking glucosamine chondroitin in early 2008. I had surgery for endometriosis and I haven't had any issues with it since then. I take glucosamine chondroitin, a good multi-vtamin, calcium/vit D, vitamin E, Biotin (prescribed by Dermatologist), verapimil (for Raynaud's), generic Wellbutrin(for depression), Omega 3.
Avatar n tn So, yes, less sun exposure can make your symptoms better in that case. If you aren't allergic to shellfish, try taking glucosamine chondroitin sulfate with MSM. It is good for arthritis. Fish oil is also good for arthritis and other things like cholesterol. Start tracking your symptoms and when they are worse and what you ate, your activities, sun exposure, etc. Migraines can be triggered by food, stress, hormones, and other things.
Avatar f tn For the past 3 months, I have tried a glucosamine/msm/chondroitin supplement with no improvement. This past Monday, she sudddenly had trouble while trying to go to the bathroom. For the first time, her legs buckled while trying to go, and she seemed to be favoring the left leg. I took her to the vet that day. Xrays were unremarkable, just a slight flattening to the left hip joint. She was sent home with Rimadyl for pain and Clovamax just in case there was an underlying infection.
1063644 tn?1278646867 Once any dog or cat has had the initial series of vaccines it is possible to determine if the vaccine is still effective by a blood test called a vaccine titer test. Many veterinary practices now give the option of performing vaccine titers. It should be possible to find a practice in your area that does. We perform titers at out practice in Randolph, NJ and have found that some patients never need vaccine updates.
Avatar f tn Someone, PLEASE, shed some light onto something that I can suggest to a doctor to test out at least, as they don't seem to want to look for any causes or solutions. All they will tell me is that I have to live with the pain & crippling effects until they slowly seem less painful.
Avatar m tn Our vet "believes" our 14 y/o Austrian Shepherd has Cushing's Disease. He hasn't put her on any medication except for "liver support" a week ago. He keeps doing lab work & the LFTs are elevated as well as the BUN. Her body is producing more cortisol than what is needed & won't stop. She shows no other signs of the disease. I can't get him to tell me a longevity or if she should be put on a medication or.....?
Avatar n tn I'm a 31 year old male in otherwise perfect health who learned while taking a life insurance blood test that my LDL cholesterol was 171 (triglycerides and HDL are normal). Admittedly, for years (since high school/college), I ate way too much fat (red meat, eggs, etc.). I am 5'11 and 170 lbs, and my resulting BMI (24.9) does not indicate that I am clinically overweight. I mean until now I never ate fruit or the right kind of grains.
374933 tn?1291085384 No one told me to take Fish Oil, but have taken it for several years. It's a great antioxident. I take Glucosamine Chondroitin to keep from getting joint pain. It's an enzyme. I'm a court reporter and picked this up in several depositions of orthopedic surgeons recommending it for their patients. So, can't tell you too much more. Graves was mentioned with me, also, but my eyes appear to be fine. good luck.
Avatar n tn I just recently had a bone density test and was diagnosed with osteoporosis......I'm 51 and still only in the peri-menopause stage......which is horrible!......My doctor prescribed Fosamax for me....and of couse Calcium plus Vitamin D......Is anyone on this medication?........How long have they been on it, and does it work?.....Must you be on it for the rest of your life?.....Menopause is bad enough, without this happening, too.
Avatar f tn This is a common herbal formula and you may be able to find one specifically for pets online. Have urine samples checked frequently and treat any urinary tract infection. Give a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement, this will help bladder and kidneys as well as joints. An Ace Inhibitor medication, such as enalapril can be a helpful adjunct, since it helps to aid in perfusion of the kidneys. This is available at your veterinarian's B-complex vitamins, vitamin C and D.
Avatar n tn Thank you very much for responding to my "problems" and for info on autoimmune disorders. I've been trying to connect the dots for many years. Since each problem is treated by different physicians who seem to be most interested in their own specialty. It gets confusing for me and it seems overwhelming to the Drs who limit their visits to the 15 minute goal. I did not get swine flu vaccine in 1976, that was the strange thing to me about that diagnosis then and to this day.
Avatar n tn Now I have taken of KNEE SUPPORT, which consists of glucosamine sulfate, hyaluronic acid, collagen typeII, chondroitin, protein, msm. In addition, I have not taken any vitamins except drinking milk & eat cheese. Please advice. Thanks.
4390099 tn?1353875179 Follow a strict anti-arthritic diet, take natural anti-inflammatory supplements like Boswellia extract, Bromelain, Chondroitin, MSM, Glucosamine. Must take for a few months to experience the full benefits. Just do a search online. Have a complete nutritional panel done for deficiencies and also a minerals TISSUE analysis-not blood test! Emotional trauma must be treated like PTSD.
Avatar m tn Holistic remedies on the other hand, working at more fundamental level, taking much longer time to bring results. Give the glucosamine/chondroitin a few weeks and their effectiveness will surpass ANY drug in the market! I'm not familiar with curamed, but I suspect it's similar.
Avatar n tn He has a tendency to get diarrhea when there is any change with his diet and from the glucosamine/chondroitin combo. He is eating a home made diet of potatoes/sweet potatoes/turnip/ground chicken and turmeric.
125112 tn?1217277462 I was first using the combo of glucosamine/chondroitin. I tried 3mo of Sam-E. It was horribly expensive then, & has more studies on it now since it was touted as a mood-inhancer for anxiety/depression like rx's. It has a chemical that interferes w/ some of the many anti-depressants in use & then has side effects. It can also alter some blood tests depending on dose & labs don't have the data from records. It happened to me w/ liver function being off for no reason.
Avatar n tn What's the best(efficacious) therapy for osteoarthritic inflammation ? Glucosamine/Chondroitin absolutely DOESN'T work !, for the hard tissue, ie cartilage. Manufacturers erroneously(fraudulently) claim they'll regenerate cartilage. I took 'em for ~7 YEARS, & just concluded a 2nd trial: 6-8 weeks, as the Arthritis Foundation suggests, then 1 month reduced, 1 month without, lastly 1 month with the new "fast acting" stuff containing Hyaluronic Acid/Collagen.