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1227909 tn?1267857079 After all, we have been privledged to hear from HR in this forum, HR, who invented the NGI-PCR viral detection systems, who holds numerous patents on the same, and has spent a lifetime researching this disease as a medical doctor. He also has been duped I assume? If you understood the intelligence of this "duped" professional you'd all be stunned!!!! Is that what you have us all believe?
Avatar m tn I hope it is nothing serious, and the mystery is solved. If it happens to be arthritis, then a Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplement can work wonders. I hope things work ok for her.
Avatar n tn They'd sell plenty of it, and the manufacturers that made the highest quality and purest extracts could command premium prices - especially if there was a reliable independent certification agency overseeing enforceable standards of quality. My mom takes and benefits from Glucosamine Chondroitin shark cartilage extract (I think that's what's in it?). From what I've heard there are pretty reliable studies suggesting it really does help those with joint problems.
Avatar n tn //" To help restore fluid within the discs and also help with inflammation, look into this. ----Hyaluronic Acid. I'm taking one called "Baxil" but I can't find the link on the web. Regardless, look into it b/c the discs in your back are made up of this acid. Most of all, Stretches.
Avatar f tn hey i had this hip surgery at 12 and now im 14 they told me i cant do any sports till im 16 probably no one bealived me at school that this was serious they all called me a fake also when i got this unfortunally they diddnt catch it early i fell when i was out at the dock it was raining and i went to the beach that day and then i just fell in a deep pain it was horrible.....
Avatar n tn I did the first shot in the upper leg yesterday and the second shot this morning in shoulder. Both times I pulled out quickly and got the drop of blood. I'll try it more slowly with the next one and and see how it goes. Thanks for the advice. :) And boy, do I have mixed feelings about load days. On the one hand, I love them. I'm eating everything I can find, mainly trying to use it up before I have to throw it away. But part of me feels really guilty.
Avatar f tn i stumbled upon this thread and it is a relief to know that others experience some of the same symptoms. what i also found interesting is all the time wasted on western medical drs. i have not engaged in western medicine since my daughter was born over 30 years ago, and i'm happy to hear my decision was right. i have been going to an acupuncturist/herbalist for about 10 years now (mostly digestion and general support).