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Avatar f tn im a 47 year old woman blood pressure 126/92 pulse 76 . Dizzy nausea could my blood pressure be the cause of this?
Avatar n tn For the past year, I've had chronic diarrhea, nausea, severe belching (no bloating though), nausea and vomiting off and on, low grade fevers, and my stomach makes horrible, loud watery gurgling noises all day. It all started with an "intestinal flu" that EVERYONE in my workplace contracted last March, (right after a co-worker's dog suffered an "intestinal infection" which cleared with metronidazole.).
Avatar f tn In essence your heart structure is normal. You have a little bit of mitral reguritation which means a small amount of blood backs up through that valve. This is nothing to worry about. Regurgitation simply means the backflow of blood is going through the mitral valve.. I can tell you that gastroenteritis can cause chest pains, sometimes severe enough to make a patient think they are having a heart attack. Have you seen a gastroenterologist?
Avatar n tn I accidentally ate a sandwich at a party today that made my stomach hurt and also gave me the rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure. I'm not sure if those symptoms would be related to the gluten sensitivity or not, but I have seen almost an elimination in symptoms since I started limiting the gluten. I try not to eat anything with anything in the ingredients that have wheat. The majority of things that include gluten are pastas, breads, cereals, and breaded meats.
Avatar n tn Because of the diarrhea, I became severely dehydrated and was diagnosed with low electrolytes which were causing numbness, dizziness and nausea. After the intitial illness, I continued to struggle with symptoms off and on, sometimes more severe than others, but always focused around diarrhea and nausea. I have had blood tests, stool tests, parasite tests, a kidney function test, an abdominal ultrasound, flexible sigmoidoscopy and thyroid funciton test. All have come back normal.
919623 tn?1258157930 Previously I was told that I just might have some thyroid issues and there was an error in antibody readings they gave me. Yesterday, I was told by my PCP, that he thinks I have a Pituitary tumor. My readings are as follows: TSH - .24 Free T3 - 5.1 (2.77-5.27) Free T4 - .90 (0.78-2.19) LH - 57.2 (14.0-95.6 Midcycle) Prolactin - 17.
1495733 tn?1288820851 1. I was hospitalized with viral gastroenteritis about 3 months ago which lasted about two weeks and was hospitalized for 3days. This was after 4rounds of antibiotics with in about 45days. 1st was doxycyclin for 10days, then a single dose z-pac, then amoxocillin 10days, then penicillin which i only took 4 days before the abdominal pain started and got the most sick i've ever been in my life. 2.
Avatar f tn For the past 20 days, I have been suffering with a postural headache of unknown origin. My symptoms include: extremely loud bilateral tinnitus, head pressure both sitting and standing, gradually recurring headache when sitting or standing that leads to vomiting, sensitivity to sound and sometimes light, and motion sickness in the car. I had a non-contrast MRI, which apparently looked "normal." Still, the neurologist said my symptoms were consistent with a leak.
Avatar n tn x-ray of my chest. Blood tests. bun urea was low and alkaline phosphate was low. They did a urine test and culture which were normal. besides chills and inability to stay warm, i have been sleeping a lot more. Sometimes i sweat and my heart races. I have lost 58 pounds without trying in the past 1 and a half years. They can't find anything. Very sick.
Avatar m tn Anxiety Pain in a joint (arthralgia) Lack of strength and energy (asthenia) Back pain Bronchitis Chest pain Constipation Increased cough Dizziness Indigestion (dyspepsia) Flu syndrome Gastroenteritis High fat levels in the blood (hyperlipidemia) Migraine Neck pain Sore throat (pharyngitis) Irritation and inflammation of the nasal passages (rhinitis) Respiratory tract infection Urinary tract infection (UTI) Broken b
Avatar f tn 2005 - Quit drinking after a brief relapse and sober ever since. 2005 to 2010 - ALL bloodwork normal and extremely healthy. Blood pressure 120/70 , low chloreseral, normal sugar, normal liver panels every 6 months. In the last month, I've been having some mild discomfort on the right side and one episode of acute pain that lasted 15 minutes. Stool and urine normal. Some loss of appetite. Depressed, may just be from the situation or may have some physical cause. Very irritable.
Avatar n tn Just make sure you dont smoke, your blood pressure is good, and your weight is reasonable. These can be huge factors when it comes to what side effects you could have. Good luck! I hope this helped!!
Avatar f tn Amaryllidaceae Causes severe gastrointestinal disorders, convulsions, shivering, dermatitis, muscular tremors, hypotension (low blood pressure), and cardiac arrhythmias. Elephant Ears aka Caladium (Caladium hortulanum) Family: Araceae Causes irritation and intense burning of the mouth, lips and tongue, excessive drooling, vomiting, difficulty in swallowing.
147426 tn?1317269232 Again, most cases of gastroenteritis are viral - like Rotavirus and other infectious diarrheas. However, when accompanied by fever, mucousy or bloody diarrhea should be checked and cultured. The decision to treat or not to treat is best made by the doctor. Sometimes the use of antibiotics is a definite no-no. Fungal Infections - Like yeast infections. This is an area of great disagreement. In general, yeast infections should be treated locally and with probiotics.
Avatar n tn Each time I quickly threw up the contents of my stomach and then nothing but bile and also dry heaves, absolutely writhing in pain throughout. My hands, arms, legs and feet throbbed and tingled terribly, my blood pressure, normally low, dropped much lower. The first doctor elevated my feet, nearly turning me upside down...X-rays, ultrasound, blood work...all was done but everything looked fine. No one can tell me what is causing this!
Avatar m tn I went to the ER Sunday and had more blood work done up and they couldn't see anything, I hadn't been eating for 2 days now, and they sent me back home with papers for my family doctor to do more tests. Monday morning was the worst I had ever felt, I had diarrhea again and got the shakes so I went back to the ER. This time they prescribed Gravol for the nausea, some other stuff for stomach cramps, Naproxen for the inflammation and Pantaloc for the heartburn that the Naproxen can cause.
Avatar n tn Just like many of you, I went to the doctor about three weeks ago and the first thing she said also was Herpes.She took a blood test and a normal pap and I still haven't received any results yet.At first I was pretty sure it was going to end up being Herpes but when I read the first comment posted and it sounded identical to mine, that made me feel a lot better.
Avatar f tn Up until this all started I have always been healthy. I have lost close to 25 pounds and it is hard to maintain my weight and hydration. I do receive iv fluids at home but I dont know where to turn next.I have been to UAB, Vandebilt and all local doctors. No one can help me. Any suggestions.
Avatar n tn I stumbled on this forum because I was googling my symptoms, but mine are a bit different, for me it feels more like a pressure pain but it never goes away, I constantly feel the pressure pain, feels like if I don't pee as soon as I feel it the pain gets worse, I been to the doctor twice in the last month, at first I thought it was a UTI the doctor gave me some antibiotics that I had to take for 10 days and I did and the pain wasn't goin away, so I went back when I finished my treatment and whe
Avatar n tn Now I have this horrible gurgling in my chest and throat area. It feels like all this pressure, like this intense need to burp. I get heartburn A LOT. And now I have muscle spasms in my stomach sometimes. I get constipated a lot. There used to be blood in my stool (probably because the stool was so hard it would tear me up). Now I'm nauseous more often (still getting that eggy smell). I don't have much of an appetite anymore, my clothes are looser than they used to be.
Avatar n tn On 6 occasions i have awoken to find myself in the accident and emergency department of the local hospital, and another 2 times my mother has phoned the ambulance who by the time they arrive check my heart and blood pressure and by that time everything has calmed down to a bearable state and cant find anything major wrong with me. The most annoying thing about this is that on 4 occasions, the doctor or paramedics have asked me if i have been taking drugs or alcohol to induce this.
Avatar n tn They may be mysterious, inexplicable, difficult and even painful. But they are right. My mother received tainted blood years ago and now she is in her final days of liver cirrhosis. The last 36 hours I would never have been able to deal with this experience had it not been for the six month I was able to take care of my husband.
Avatar f tn However there are other causes too like diabetes, hypothyroidism, polyarteritis nodosa that should also be looked into. Anemia and low blood sugar too can be a cause for your symptoms. Hope this helps. You must consult an allergy specialist and an internal medicine specialist. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Hello, Your light headedness can be attributed to some factors like dehydration because of diarrhea,hypoglycemia(low blood glucose) and low BP. Hypotension and hypoglycemia can also cause hypothermia or low body temperature.Also get your electrolytes and mineral levels evaluated.Drink plenty of water as dehydration can lead to electrolyte imbalance which in turn can lead to low BP and hence hypothermia and dizziness. Do you have any pain in the neck?
Avatar f tn The next day I had two more episodes of watery diarrhea, severe nausea and felt lightheaded and dizzy, I went to my GP and was diagnosed with viral gastroenteritis and given a liter of NS. I started to feel better for 2 days then suddenly had severe nausea and extreme dizziness not vertigo more a lightheaded presyncopal feeling. I rested in bed for a day thinking it would resolve but it only worsened along with loss of appetite, weakness, fatigue, feeling tired.
242084 tn?1244551910 (In truth the vomitting was his body's attempt to regulate the blood sugar by refusing to take in any more carbs, and since his body wasn't making enough insulin to break down the sugar for energy, he was burning fat tissue- which the byproduct is a release of ketones in to the blood, which makes the blood acidic and causes dehydration, and could've ultimately lead to coma and death had we not gotten him treatment as fast as we did.
Avatar n tn Physical and emotional stress stimulates the sympathetic response, to overcompensate that, vagus nerve (parasympathetic stimulation) causes fall in blood pressure and slowing of the pulse rate.It is the normal reponse to pain. It is important to maintain hydration in these situations as fainting can also occur due to vagal stimulation. Do not worry as there is nothing wrong with your vagus nerve!
1114793 tn?1258734247 I called an ambulance and he said that his blood pressure was really low so they rushed him in, monitored him, and gave him fluids. They did blood tests to make sure it wasn't gastroenteritis. I kept telling them it was the wheat. Also, if he eats even Worcestershire sauce, his knuckles will swell (barley malt). Though we haven't tried that since before May. Not sure how severe it will be now.
475300 tn?1312426726 Now that you've had routine blood-work and haven't pinpointed the cause of your problem, it's easy to wonder if you have post-tx side effects. But routine bloodwork doesn't catch many things and any current medications you're on could also be causing your problems. Since you keep a fair number of farm animals, you may also want to look at this site: If you work in landscaping, I'd also recommend looking into soil contaminants.
Avatar f tn crohns disease ulcerative colitis and proctitis hypothyroidism osteopenia psoriasis inabliity to digest food ( i have to take enzymes) off and on anemia.. low potassium.. ( last it was checked it was in the normal to low range ) in other words.. my immune system is attacking me full force. it only seems to get worse..there are times when my whole body just feels like its going to just shut down on me. i have so many allergies.. to the enviroment... to certain foods...