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Avatar f tn Hello, Welcome. I am sorry but I am not on any meds. I can not share your experience but hopefully someone will come around with some insight? Are you diagnosed with anything?
Avatar n tn Sometimes, I can take Gabapentin and have almost no side effects at all. I am always impotent when I take Gabapentin. Is it dangerous to take the medication on an occasional basis and risk having the side effects?
Avatar m tn I went off it in order to try Sativex and then Cesament but as I couldn't tolerate their side effects soI'm back on gabapentin at 3600mg per day. Of course as others have advised, you need your own situation assessed by your physician. We are all different; different reasons for taking meds, different secondary and/or contributing conditions, different cocktails of meds, different tolerability, different ages, etc etc. Too many variables involved for there to be one standard answer.
4544656 tn?1371597148 It's definitely gabapentin withdrawal. Gabapentin can cause withdrawals like benzos or alcohol. It doesnt happen to everyone, but it can happen. When I feel the withdrawals, if I take a dose of gaba, I'm fine 20 minutes later. I was hoping to hear how others deal with it. I'm down to 200 mgs! Slowly, but surely I'll get there.
Avatar f tn I do have a bottle of 100 mg gabapentin (270 count) and have heard it willl ease withdrawal symptoms. How much should I start with, how many doses a day and how many days can I safely take it until I have to withdrawal from it too? I also have a bottle of methocarbamol and have heard it could ease the withdrawals. Has anyone ever tried it? I have been prescribed all these drugs including the vicodin for a botched broken leg/ankle surgery resulting in nerve pain.
Avatar f tn Hi, so I've been using gabapentin for withdrawal from hydromorphone. I used the hydromorphone to get off of fentanyl which Id been addicted to for 2 years. So I badly tapered of the hydro, and have been self medicating with gabapentin to nullify my withdrawal symptoms (about 2400mg 2x a day is what I've found at this point works best after establishing a tolerance).
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm wondering if it is safe for me to take Gabapentin for withdrawal symptoms from methadone? I read somewhere that the gaba is sometimes prescribed for that. I have never taken it before in my life and got a hold of a few 300mg capsules the other day. I have been into opiates off and on for about 8 years, getting pretty bad into them this past year. I think it is alot mental with me though. I started off on Perc 5's and 10's, graduating to oxy 30's about a year ago.
Avatar f tn Hi there, The most common side effects of Gabapentin are drowsiness, drowsiness and swelling of extremities. The latter effect is more common in elderly patients. Mood swings and problems in concentration are also seen. It does not have any effect on digestive tract as such; however, it should be used cautiously in patients with kidney disease. Also please remember that the side effects are not seen in everyone. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn Hi. I have only been on my gabapentin since march 1 and so far I am very happy with it. I take 300 mg twice a day. I am sleeping better than I have in years. I still have some pain, but it is much more manageable. My doc also put me on tramadol twice a day to go with the gabapentin, but I hated the way it made me feel. I have hypothyroidism in addition to the fibro so some of my pain could be attributed to that. I see my new endocrinologist for that tomorrow. Good luck with the gabapentin.
Avatar m tn I read up on gabapentin and go over it with your doctor. I guess there can be some withdrawal effects from them. I'm not going to take them long enough to find out! There are many non narcotic pain meds out there. Ask your doctor the different options you have. One side effect I've been having is a fuzzy head all day. I don't think you want to have that. Do a search on non narcotic pain killers and see what you can find. Print those off and take them to your next doctor visit.
Avatar m tn Basically, I was being treated for panic attacks, and ended up with constant anxiety, stifling depression, huge anticipatory anxiety, and worse phobia problems. Because my then psychiatrist never told me about withdrawal and never did what he should have done, which was put me back on Paxil and taper even more slowly than the six week taper he used, I just was left to suffer and had to figure out what happened on the internet.
Avatar m tn If you haven't already, you will probably be told that the symptoms you are experiencing have nothing to do with gabapentin(Neurontin) withdrawals, that it is the Tramadol that is causing the withdrawal symptoms. Before you let anyone convince you of this just Google Neurontin/gabapentin side effects and withdrawal symptoms and you will find an abundance of people who are going through or have gone through what you are going through.
453029 tn?1205955019 Gabapentin is "Neurontin". I remember seeing something in the news about Nuerontin side effects but can't remember exactly what it was. I know they prescribe Neurontin in jails/prisons for a WIDE variety of uses... You should "Google" Gabapentin/Nuerontin for more detailed info...
Avatar f tn I don't know anything about gabapentin and was not aware that it caused withdrawal symptoms. However, I just googled it and it said that withdrawal symptoms mimic those of benzo withdrawal and older patients are more susceptible to this. Perhaps a tapering schedule would be better for you? Talk to your doc. Are you out? Maybe try taking one and see if your symptoms lessen. This is not really an addictive drug and I understand not wanting to take it if it makes you feel depressed.
4705307 tn?1447973922 Past reports have suggested that some withdrawal symptoms can present after 1-2 days upon abrupt discontinuation of gabapentin after chronic use within young to middle-aged patients. These symptoms mimic that of alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal purportedly due to a similar mechanism of action. Unique to this case is that this geriatric patient developed debilitating withdrawal symptoms after a gradual, week-long taper of gabapentin along with flu-like symptoms.
Avatar f tn I've seen some recent talk on the boards about Gabapentin being used to manage opiate withdrawal. This time around I've been using it and I wanted to share what I've experienced and learned, in hopes that others might find it helpful. First, for those who have never heard of gabapentin: Neurontin is the brand name gabapentin is marketed under by Pfizer. It's an anti-convulsant and is approved to treat epilepsy and some neuropathic pain.
1945289 tn?1336998404 The longer we are on pain meds, and the more times we go through withdrawals, the longer and worse the withdrawal symptoms tend to be. Gabapentin has been known to cause withdrawals in some people so just make sure you taper it once you feel it i no longer helping or you withdrawals have subsided. It might be another week before the withdrawals have subsided enough to where you feel ready to start tapering off of the gabapentin. Hang in there. You're **** great!
Avatar n tn i have been taking gabapentin for several years now, along with an antipsychotic (seroquel), and have several questions concerning my treatment. i have gained a lot of weight...initially 30 lbs and later 30 more over one winter. my weight has been unresponsive to diet and exercise, but SEEMS to have escalated propotionate to a dose increase in my gabapentin. i have been told repeatedly that this kind of gain is due to my antipsychotic, but i remain (after speaking with other patients) unsure.
1283286 tn?1312915566 I just started taking gabapentin six weeks ago for worsening pain after a triple bilateral lumbar fusion. So far I'm not having much luck with the medication. I'm having trouble titrating up to the required dose because it makes me feel drunk (not in a good way lol) all the time. Also, no real pain relief to date. Some swear by this medication and I sure hope it works for you. Good luck . . .
Avatar f tn I was doing a google search to see what I can do about these creepy crawly feelings in my limbs. I saw that gabapentin (generic for Neurontin) reduces this feeling. I have this drug at home and if this is true I can stop my Norcos tapering right now. Does anyone out there have success with gabapentin?
Avatar m tn I have to agree with your doc -- the therapeutic dose of Lyrica is 450mg / day, and for gabapentin, 1600mg / day or more. To have withdrawal symptoms for any medication, you first have to have developed a tolerance to that medication. This takes time. Tolerance is defined as by decline in efficacy, meaning that a dose that was effective for a long time stopped working, and an increase in medication improved the situation. Tolerance takes time.
Avatar f tn See if this doctor can write you a prescription for some Gabapentin for anxiety and general malaise, Requip for restlessness, some Flexeril or Soma for a few weeks for muscle spasms and maybe some Seroquel low dose 25-50mg for sleep. It will make withdrawals easier. You can try ibuprofen 600mg for pain. Please don't start taking the any opiates again as it will only throw you back into withdrawals once you stop again, or make you relapse.
Avatar f tn I've been taking gabapentin off and on for RLS and from what I've experienced and been told by the doctors, it's non-addicting and I've experienced no withdrawal effects from it when not taking it. But I only take 300mg at a time. I've found that melatonin and valerian root (purchased otc at any store) work quite well to help me sleep, valerian root also good for anxiety. Hope that helps a bit.
Avatar n tn I have had a problem with sleep,anxiety and depression over the course of the last 20 years. To begin with, My dr. put me on 1mg of Xanax for anxiety and sleep problems along with atenolol-50mg for a mitral valve prolapse condition which was diagnosed by echo cardiogram at that same time. I took these drugs for several yrs and was able to function adequately. After several personal problems, I found that I could not sleep with just the xanax, so my dr. prescribed 30 mg Flurazapam.
Avatar m tn It is good to hear from you again but not good to hear about your new problem, I am not an expert on withdrawal so you really should discuss this with your physician. I can tell you that what you are feeling is your bodies need for the opiate. You body has become depend on these omedications. It would happen to any of us that require and have taken opiates for any length of time. So what you are experiencing is normal. Addiction and dependency are two different things.