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3135572 tn?1342661339 Hello, I was prescribed GABAPENTIN 3x daily (300mg). I WAS A WALKING ZOMBIE!!!! So, they reduced me down to 100mg 3x daily. I am still having severe nerve pain in my leg and hip. I have injections every 3 months which usually help a great deal. I am curious about one thing in particular. DOES ANYBODY ELSE SUFFER FROM MUSCLE OR NERVE TWITCHES AND JERKING? I am due to go to a new neurologist on monday and in a couple of weeks i got to my pain doctor for my injections.. HELP!
Avatar f tn Hi FairyTree, I take a fairly low dose of Gabapentin, 300mg 1x at night. I think this medication helps with my chronic pain and I now rarely get headaches. When I go off of it, I hurt like crazy. All the joint pain comes back with a vengeance. The last time I missed a couple of doses, I hurt so much that I kept having to find a place to sit down while the pharmacist filled the order.
Avatar f tn I stared out on lyrica and was placed on gabapentin because of side effects of lyrica.I currently take 800 mgs 4 times a day. This is because of scare tissue and nerve damage from a second cervical spine surgery.I was left in chronic pain and have radiculophy in arm and hand.Gabapentin is just one of many meds I am forced to take to deal with pain. I hope this helps you,the doctor will start you out low and Increase your dosage until you feel some relief and build on that.
Avatar f tn I was on gabapentin after spinal injury, and decided that I was better off without it. The medication didn't do much for pain, but had the side effects you talked about, plus it caused confusion. I did not feel safe driving while under this medication. Everything is a risk/benefit situation, and I suggest you have a long talk with the prescribing physician if you experience problems.
Avatar f tn My dr put me on Gabitril for my nerve pain and it worked wonders with no side effects. I do know you should talk to your dr if you have not already about lowering your dose on your own. Medications like this are sometimes worse to take yourself off of and need to be monitored by a dr.
Avatar f tn My doses last time around got up to nearly 3,000mg a day and believe me you will start seeing side effects when you reach the upper limits of this drug. My doctor took me off it and put me on something else because of the side effects at the highest levels. Gab doesn't cause nerve pain at all, so if you are having more pain than usual it is not related to this drug but may be from something else.
293157 tn?1285877039 I guess if the pain increases as I go off the gabapentin, this will tell me it was helping more than I realized. I have no side effects from the gabapentin, even at such a high dose. I do find the 50mg amitriptyline makes me very drowsy, and may need to scale it back to 40mg if this side effect continues.
Avatar m tn I went off it in order to try Sativex and then Cesament but as I couldn't tolerate their side effects soI'm back on gabapentin at 3600mg per day. Of course as others have advised, you need your own situation assessed by your physician. We are all different; different reasons for taking meds, different secondary and/or contributing conditions, different cocktails of meds, different tolerability, different ages, etc etc. Too many variables involved for there to be one standard answer.
Avatar f tn I looked at the website and saw the side effects and figured I already have all that so why not....but I am glad I looked on here. You should do a commercial for Thank you so much & I will not be opening that bottle!!
293157 tn?1285877039 Now the gabapentine twice a day makes me tired? does gabapentin have a side effect that effects you teeth, gums.. etc..get so sore everyday for the past few days, not sure why. I though maybe one tooth, but the other parts of my mouth get sore as well? plus I'm so out of it, that I can't go outside... I'm so tired and can't seem to sit for long. I don't know if its the meds...cause the amount isn't that high... if not the meds...why is this happening?
Avatar f tn Hi there, The most common side effects of Gabapentin are drowsiness, drowsiness and swelling of extremities. The latter effect is more common in elderly patients. Mood swings and problems in concentration are also seen. It does not have any effect on digestive tract as such; however, it should be used cautiously in patients with kidney disease. Also please remember that the side effects are not seen in everyone. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I'm on 100mg this week and next week I go up to 300mg. The 100mg is making me SOOOO dopy. Is this normal? What are other side effects? How bout the liver and kidneys?
620877 tn?1282767697 For those of you who take Gabapentin (Neurontin): Just curious what side effects you have experienced (and at what dosage), and how long they lasted? I just started this last weekend, 300mg once a day at bedtime. I am having a really hard time waking up in the morning and for the first half of the day I feel a little "loopy" or my head feels "swimmy"....if that makes any sense.....
1140169 tn?1370188676 I'm on Gabapentin. My neuro decided to start me out slow, because I'm more prone to side effects when started out on higher levels. I have found that each neuro/doctor is different in prescribing meds. I started out on 100mg of Gabapentin 3x a day. I split up the pills, of course, morning, mid-day, before bed. Then my neuro wanted me to take 600mg a day after a month of being on it. I would split up the pills the same way (morning, midday, bed).
1168718 tn?1464987135 I also wanted to add that at the beginning when I started Gabapentin, I went up to fast on the dosage and got too many side effects, so I lowered it from 2400mg to 1500mg. I think it helps with some symptoms abit... not all but some let me know how it goes.
Avatar f tn I occasionally increase by an extra 300mg at bed time if needed, but so far have always been able to drop back to 1200mg daily. When I was first rx'd Gabapentin (300mg pills) my instructions were to start at 300mg daily, then waiting 5 days to a week between increases, and up my dose by 300mg per day till my pain, tingling, etc was under control, adding or subtracting 300mg daily to 'balance' to my correct dosage. I was free to increase as needed up to a maximum of 3600mg daily.
Avatar f tn Hi. I have only been on my gabapentin since march 1 and so far I am very happy with it. I take 300 mg twice a day. I am sleeping better than I have in years. I still have some pain, but it is much more manageable. My doc also put me on tramadol twice a day to go with the gabapentin, but I hated the way it made me feel. I have hypothyroidism in addition to the fibro so some of my pain could be attributed to that. I see my new endocrinologist for that tomorrow. Good luck with the gabapentin.
Avatar f tn I also know (through googling many different medications) that each time you adjust the dosage, that your body can have side effects. The side effects should get better as your body adjusts, but if they don't, you should definitely talk to your doctor about it.
655875 tn?1295698707 I was just prescribed Gabapentin 300mg before bedtime due to having severe pain from my permanently damaged spinal cord. I took 100mg of Gabapentin last night before bed for the first time. I woke up at 1am with hot flashes. When I got up at 3am for the day I noticed I have a sunburn rash on my cheek bones. My face feels really hot. Is this a side effect from the medicine or an allergy? It's 1pm and I still have the sunburn rash, the whole right side of my face is red.
Avatar f tn Dizziness -- in up to 28 percent of people Drowsiness -- up to 21.4 percent Coordination problems -- up to 12.5 percent Infections -- up to 10.9 percent Fever -- up to 10.1 percent Nausea or vomiting -- up to 8.4 percent Swelling or fluid retention in the legs, feet, arms, or hands -- up to 8.3 percent Unusual eye movements -- up to 8.3 percent.
Avatar f tn I have not had any side effects from the medication in fact i have lost about 40lbs since then, i cant eat the way i used to and i take no exercise i dont have the energy and i now eat chocolate like its going out of fashion (forgive my terminology and typos) thats the only way to describe it cant find the right words. So i have no adverse sde effects.
Avatar f tn I started at the low end of the dosage scale and worked my way up to the maximum, 1200mg 3X/day. I did not experience any side effects. All by itself, the gabapentin did not relieve the pain. So we added Elavil (amitriptilyne) to the mox and the pain went away. I was pain free for about a year and then it returned about 6 weeks ago. I've weened off the gabapentin and added Lyrica to the cocktail. Schools still out... I try not to read the side effects profile of drugs.
Avatar f tn I was on 300mg gabapentin for nerve pain foe three weeks, but had to stop abruptly as I was suffering severe breathing problems, Three weeks later I am still suffering withdrawal problems, is this normal.
634733 tn?1316629592 I am being put straight on to 300mg in one dose at night - so maybe I can sleep through the side effects eh - lol. Anyway I am off on vacation on Friday so that has added to my worry as I don't want side effects on hols but don't want the pain to carry on either - can't win can we. I will take on board all advice and keep you posted. They have told me it will stop the buzzing and tingling too which would be good.
Avatar f tn Amitriptyline helped with the muscle twitching and pain but not numbness - side effects mornings a nightmare as drowsy. Gabapentin helping with numbness but side effects acne and muscle twitching a bloody nightmare.
1831849 tn?1383231992 That was too fast for me and I decided I could tolerate the partial pain reduction better than the side effects. This is probably a question you need to call the office for. Sometimes they will give you some open-ended instructions to use until you find the best dose for you. Once I decide to go the pharmaceutical route I always try to combine it with non-pharma therapies to reduce the dose. But that's me. Just a thought.
372680 tn?1228165210 I've been taking neurontin for "peripheral neuropathy" for a year now, but one of the side effects is "mild confusion" which basically makes me lose focus. I just saw my neurologist again and we're now trying Lyrica, typically prescribed for fibromyalgia. I've only been on it two days, with a much lower dosage (was taking 1200mg gabapentin/day versus 75mg Lyrica once at night!) and much much much better results (I only take one or two 300mg gapabentins a day).