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Avatar m tn I am now experiencing TGN, as well as the electrical-shock-burning up and down my spine. It certainly keeps me from sleeping! Started gabapentin. No relief yet...
Avatar m tn There is a chance of a misdiagnosis here if Tegretol is not working. It is the gold standard for treating trigeminal neuralgia. If it is not working, it may possibly be pain of some other cause. The neurologist may be able to help you sort this out. I'm not a doctor; had trigeminal neuralgia for six weeks and wasn't put on Tegretol -- the other things tried did very little and my neuro told me it was a shame no one tried it because had it worked, it was pretty much guaranteed to be TN.
Avatar m tn i am suffering from trigeminal neuralgia and put on tab there any effective remedy except surgery for this chronic illness?
Avatar n tn Hi, trigeminal neuralgia is lesion or inflammation of trigeminal nerve which is fifth cranial nerve which is responsible for sending sensory data of pressure, temperature, and pain. It is also responsible for the motor function of the muscles of mastication, the muscles involved in chewing. Treatment involves prescription of carbamazepine(tegretol), oxcarbazepine, topiramate, phenytoin, or gabapentin etc.
Avatar n tn I suffer from Trigeminal neuralgia since 2005. For first few years I didn't have to take any meadication. Since 2010 attacks were frequent. I am on Tegretol 50mg am & 50 pm. The side effects are terrible,feeling extremly tired & also feeling low. Some times I have to increase the dose& it's unberable.Is there alternative?
Avatar m tn Does Trigeminal Neuralgia worsen with age. I've tried Tegretol but the pain has some back agaiin after about a year and is very, very intense. It is like a needle made of glass penetrating the right side of my nose and going into my head. What is the best treatment for this and can it be cured completely. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/894401'>Trigeminal neuralgia more help</a>.
Avatar f tn One of the causes of Trigeminal Neuralgia could be tumors. The Trigeminal nerve and its branches touches many parts of the face including the sinuses. (Google Gray's Anatomy ( for good diagrams of where the Trigeminal Nerve is). I personally have not heard that TN loosens teeth -- although pain in the teeth and gums (because of all the areas the nerve touches) is common. TN pain is usually controlled by anti-convulsant drugs such as Tegretol, Gabapentin, or Trileptal among others.
Avatar f tn My sister in law is diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia ... she is currently on Pregalin 75 for 6 weeks ???
Avatar f tn Hello, I was given Tegretol during my last flare of trigeminal neuralgia, and it really helped. I take Lyrica daily, but my insurance only covers so many capsules a month. I asked my PCP if I could try Tegretol, since I had read about it here and on the facial pain assoc. website. It made me pretty woozy, but really knocked the pain down to a manageable level. My pharmacist assured me that I would adjust to the side effects. I only took it for two days and my TN calmed down!
Avatar f tn I just always assumed it was because I needed braces or the grinding. Does it sound like it could be trigeminal neuralgia at all? Or more like an old fashioned tooth problem?
Avatar f tn My husband was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia about a year ago. He is steadily getting worse. His doctor has recommended Carbatrol 300 mg 3 x a day. Eating is now a severe problem he is losing weight, and his sytems are becomming debilitating. He is 57 years old, very healthy otherwise. Right now his Doctor is talking about cyberknife surgery. Has anyone had this procedure and did it help?
738075 tn?1330579444 I woke up with Trigeminal Neuralgia last Thursday morning. I knew that was what it was, because I had it once seven years ago. This time it's SO much worse! I told myself I'd "tough it out" for the weekend, even though I did put in a call to my neurologist. By Sunday, it was so bad, I was in tears! I told my DH "just take me out back and shoot me like an old horse!" I was kidding, but kinda serious, too! Monday was excruciating, and I got to see my neuro in the am.
Avatar n tn my son developed trigeminal neuralgia after a dental procedure. he is presently on medication for it. he is 28 years old and what is research showing for future care.
Avatar f tn Without the medication I could not live with this pain, it does help but the pain never goes away, and I dread it when I know that I am going to have an attack, nobody seems to know exactly what is what is causing this, I have looked up Trigeminal Neuralgia and I have these symptoms along with other symptoms, can you please tell me if you think that I may have this or a combination of Trigeminal Neuralgia and Hemicrania Continua. I live in the UK and would really appreciate your advice.
Avatar f tn i believe that i have trigeminal neuralgia but i do not know what tests are done to confrim this . can you tell me what tests have to be done so i can ask my physician to ruin these tests or demand they run them ? i have been so sick for so long . i literally have been to 25 -30 doctors to find out what is wrong with me . and every test comes back negative except that a test came back positve for fungal aspergillosis .but they do not say anything about treating it .
Avatar f tn For those of you with trigeminal neuralgia, would you mind me asking you what it feels like? I have been assuming, for a while, that what I have in my face is bilateral trigeminal neurlagia. But, perhaps I'm wrong.
Avatar n tn No, Gabapentin is an anti-convulsant, used to treat epileptic seizures and to treat nerve pain caused by Trigeminal neuralgia. With all anti-convulsants you need to wean on and wean off under a doctor's direction.
Avatar n tn I have Trigeminal Neuralgia, I take Gabapenton 1800 milligrams per day, and I also take 10 milligrams of Prednisone for Lupus. Since I have been taking the Prednisone I have very little breakthrough of pain. I have tried to reduce to .75 milligrams of Prednisone and I get breakthroughs of pain. I am beside myself because I do not want to go up on the Prednisone or the Gabapenton. And I do not want to have the pain. I have heard of a Glycerol and Alcohol injection in the Trigeminal nerve.
Avatar f tn Hello unnerved, Trigeminal nerve which is responsible for sensations of the face. The cause trigeminal neuralgia is probably a blood vessel pressing on the trigeminal nerve. Tumors and multiple sclerosis can also cause it, but in some cases the cause is unknown. The pain is sudden, severe, electric shock-like, stabbing that is typically felt on one side of the jaw or cheek.
Avatar m tn I have Trigeminal Neuralgia. I have had MVD surgery on both sides yet it returned on one side. I have been told by several dr's that there is no pain management for it and that surgery to sever the nerve is all that can be done. I am currently highly medicated and struggling to work. Please let me know if any meds anyone has found succesful. I have tried, amitriptylene, neurontin, toradol, dilaudid, dilantin, oxcarbazapine, and more!
1926571 tn?1323210289 about Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia and I was hoping to get some insight into whether I may be experience something similar to someone already diagnosed. I had surgery in June of 2010 to remove an Astrocytoma from my temporal lobe which involved some extensive scalp cutting... basically like a question mark on the side of my head. Since my surgery, I've had terrible burning highlighted in the photo I attached. It's on the side of my head near the front side of my ear.
2047903 tn?1330191149 and talked about the strange skull pain behind the ear. She said it was Trigeminal Neuralgia, and she wasn't surprised. Even though there have been no overt MS symptoms, this, and my restless leg (especially my right leg and foot which cramps), are apparently all part of the big picture. When I read about TN, all of the 'funny' symptoms over the years added up.
Avatar n tn I read the response posted to a question regarding trigeminal neuralgia and its relationship to head trauma. The response was that any such relationship was "very rare." However, as a neurologist with over 15 years experience, I have seen many cases of trigeminal neuralgia following head trauma.
Avatar f tn There are other alternatives too(gabapentin etc) which are indicated in trigeminal neuralgis.Please consult the doctor for advice and further treatment.Good luck!
542332 tn?1214595936 In general, a recurrence of trigeminal neuralgia can be difficult to treat. Patients who have a recurrence have multiple options, including getting another microvascular decompresssion. However, because I do not have your history or records, I would not be able to comment on your condition. It is reasonable to ask your surgeon about going over all the options.
Avatar f tn When I got home (a week later) I met with my oral surgeon and he checked me out and said where my extraction was, looked fine, nothing unusual. Thats when he mentioned Trigeminal Neuralgia and that I make an appointment with a Neurologist. Finally in January, I meet with a neurologist, in which after asking me a bunch of questions, said he doesn’t think I ever had Shingles. Instead of the symptoms I was describing he felt it was Trigeminal Neuralgia.
3115088 tn?1341860925 Hello, I have been diagnosed with atypical trigeminal neuralgia, which my neurologist believes to be caused by inflammation of two front teeth in my lower jaw and the surrounding bone following a root canal treatment and multiple root end surgeries on those teeth. It took 8 months for the diagnosis (I went to see several doctors during that time because of lasting pain until finally I went to see the neurologist).