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Avatar m tn Is there a muscle relaxant patch (I'm thinking like a flexeril patch, etc.) If not, is there a muscle relaxant cream.
Avatar f tn Soma is a muscle relaxer that is addictive for many people but something like Flexeril may work well for you. Also, Cymbalta has just been FDA approved to treat muscular-skeletal pain. It is a non-narcotic medicine in the family of anti-depressants. Trigger point injections by a physiatrist may be a great benefit to you as trigger points are the main cause of myofascial pain syndrome (aka severe muscular pain). I also have myofascial pain syndrome.
Avatar m tn Often, stretching and strengthening are the best treatment for back muscle pain, in the absence of any disease of the lumbar spine. Other treatments for lumbago are ice and hot baths, or topical analgesic creams or patches.
1415174 tn?1453246703 If you are getting palps from Flexeril you need to get off of it and try something else. Flexeril causes palps and can cause problems. You may want to get an EKG followed by a 24 monitor like I had to do. That is how I fould out I have preatrail contractions. I then did the echocardiogram to make sure I didn't have any structural damage. The PAC's are benign but PVC's can cause some problems. So you need to talk to you doctor about getting off of Flexeril and onto something less troublesome.
1855076 tn?1337118903 I also have Flexeril for use of muscle spasms as my opiates don't really touch that type of pain... Do you have a prescription for nerve pain like Lyrica, Neurontin or Cymbalta? This can be very helpful especially with spine/disc issues as well as the RSD. I'm not sure of your situation if you see an actual PM Dr. to handle your chronic pain...
Avatar m tn Wondering what there is for muscle spasms. I tried flexeril and zanaflex and they dont do anything. Is there something stronger out there and if so do you still stay awake. I'm on Vicoprofen right now but it's not to effective. I was going to ask my Doc about Norco to see what he thinks of that.
Avatar f tn He is looking into topical pain relief for me from a compounding pharmacy, eg: topical gabapentin in combination with other meds. He was going to consult the pharmacist and let me know. I'm willing to try anything at this point. Though I agree in a sense it is a hopeless cause, in that central neuropathy is just a very very difficult symptom to treat, according to everything I've read and heard from doctors, medical journals, etc.
1415174 tn?1453246703 I still took it per doctors orders but then I got an arrhymia from it. So, I take Flexeril any more. It has apparently a inflammatory and muscle component.
Avatar f tn I do think you have some type of palpitations. It may have been triggered by the vaccine or not. I was taking Flexeril (a muscle relaxer for my back pain) and I was fine for a couple of months on it but I suddenly started getting bad palpitations from it so I had to get off of it.
Avatar m tn I did Botox injections in the skull -- horrific experience and left me with intractable head pain like I get following spinal taps. Topical lidoderm patches make *some* impact and don't experience the same sympyoms as they're not ingested. The relief, though, isn't as deep. I have severe reactions to percocet/oxycodone and some help from tramadol, but not significant.
610983 tn?1351313526 Flexeril (muscle relaxer) Klonopin - generic brand clonazepam. (anxiety and relaxer as well that helps spasms on my back) Robaxin - generic brand Methocarbamol. (muscle relaxer) Baclofen (muscle relaxer) - But I had severe allergic reaction to this med. Nausea: Penergan Compazine ------------------------ I have tried Lidoderm patch, very little effective and doesn't really relieve my pain.
969912 tn?1250568026 This is a neurological illness, therefore, the nerve endings flare -up causing the burning. The best and only topical thing that has worked is pure aloe vera. It cools it instantly. Do not use something with other incredients in it. I don't know what heart cut is but eye problems are associated with FM. If you have neck problems that can be related to the eyes. Those nerves go to the eyes. Besides that the eyes are jam packed with nerves.
Avatar f tn Neurontin 300mg 3 capsules 4 times a day Flexeril 10 mg as needed (up to 3 per day) Valium 5mg q 6 hrs. for muscle spasms Lidoderm patch. NOW MY INSURANCE WILL ONLY GIVE ME "30" DUROGESIC PATCHES (not 45). My doctor has changed my Percocet 7.5/325 to ROXICODONE 15 MG. to be used along with the Fentanyl patch. On Days 1 & 2 I will take 2 Roxicodone 15mg and on Day 3 I will use 4 Roxicodone 15mg. Plus I will continue the other pain RX.
Avatar f tn I also take Lyrica for nerve pain, Trazadone and Flexeril at night to help with sleep and muscle spasms, and I am on Zoloft and bloodpressure meds. I went a long time with no pain meds then to Tramadol then to Lortab, etc.... I have very high pain levels on a daily basis plus I have a high tolerance to meds so the weaker ones never worked well for me. The meds I am on now help more than anything else ever has and I am so thankful! I still have pain but it is a lot easier to deal with now.
Avatar f tn I've moved over to 300mgs SeroquelXR @ night 100mgs SeroquelXR@ noon 100mgs Trazadone for Sleep 250mgs Lamactil @night 150mgs Spironolactone for PCOS 40-80mgs Nexxium for GERD 900-1800mgs Tylenol1/day prn or T3(but those trigger my hypomania) 600-1600mgs Motrin/day prn (as last resort for pain) Dermasone Topical Lotion (for psoariasis) - triggered by meds ugh 10-40mgs Flexeril/day prn - for back pain Maxalt Wafter/prn - for Migraines Ativan 1-2mgs/prn + glucosamine/chondroitin + B complex
Avatar f tn He wants me to try a milder one supposingly called Flexeril. I also use Bio Freeze which is a topical that I call the miracle gel, it coems in spray and cream also, which I highly recommend to anyone with joint pain or Arthritis.
Avatar f tn The nerve pain and CRPS has been harder for me to get relief from. I usually piece together several things, topical prescription gels, lidoderm patches, sometimes medication, etc. I realize I won't get to pain free but if I can keep it under 5 on a 1-10 pain scale I can manage.
Avatar f tn I have just started with this itch on my upper arm and I have scratched my skin so bad it looks horrible!!!! I keep ice and topical creams on at night and gel/cream during the day but the itch does not stop. It's much worse at night. This just started two months ago and I have no idea where it came from or how to stop it. :( If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it!
Avatar m tn I called my old dentist (not the one who did the crown) and explained everything - He called in a script for Flexeril as he wants to see if this is a temp thing due to stress. Last night was the 1st night I took one and woke up in the middle of the night with a throbbing pain - I dont think it was from the meds as I could tell this was starting to become an issue. Now I'm less sensitive to cold but hot seems to still be bad.
725248 tn?1316165845 For my 5 prescriptions..all generic...MorphineER (30 and 15mg), OxyIR 5mg, Flexeril, Ambien...I pay $130 a month. That is all without insurance prices. So...it really depends sometimes on your insurance plan if it's less expensive to pay out of pocket. Let us know how it goes and if you all signed up for the COBRA coverage...
2218129 tn?1339604049 The one anti inflamatory that worked for me was Toradol, not narcotic, not addictive, but you can't take that everyday, flexeril also helped. There's also a cream called Voltaren that you rub on the area that helps some. You do need a script for it. Please try all before even thinking of the narcotics.
Avatar n tn I have not sought medical advice as I am uninsured, but I have researched it a bit and it sounds like it is called tactile allodynia. I find that using a topical burn gel with lidocaine helps me. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn My symptoms returned 5 weeks ago - again, all tests are negative, I was treated again for thrush (no relief, and lab test came back negative). Could the repeated topical thrush treatment have made things worse? Also, I've heard of conditions called lactobacilliosis and cytolytic vaginosis (overgrowth of lactobacilli). My symptoms do not appear to be related to my menstrual cycle - there is no particular pattern - but could overgrowth of lactobacilli still be my problem?
Avatar m tn I was brought in immediately and he asked me some questions and then ordered oxymorphone stat and gave me a tablet of flexeril, and got on the phone with a neurosurgeon then left a message with my ortho. He wrote me a script for Percocet 10mg every 4 hours (5 day supply) and told me to see my ortho as soon as possible and gave me 4 tabs of the oxycodone so I wouldn't have to find a pharmacy at 1AM (I only took percocet 5mg every 4 hours, 10mg was pretty high of a dose).
Avatar n tn I just started taking pain pills with little success, so no to try flexeril (cyclobenziprine) for the muscle hoping to relax it, not to take to much because this type of medication tears the muscle fiber down even more. I will keep you posted as to which works best. All I no is that with all this doctors out there someone must know something.
3229560 tn?1347041110 I am getting patch tested to see which things because I recently had a major allergy to topical steroid and my legs swelled up like elephant legs and then peeled, itched like crazy. I am allergic to dust too but it is the mold and not the mites in my case. Would you give me specifics on exactly what your WBC count was and the break down of the cells etc. and the EBV, did they do IgM and IgG or test you for Early antigen or something like that? If so give me all you have.
356518 tn?1322267242 arthritis,Diabetes and diabetic nerve pain, fibromyalgia,chronic fatigue and God knows what else. I take 17 different meds everyday, from percs. to vit. D, fromambien and ativan to flexeril and neurontin. I found this site medhelp because I thought I was experiencing withdrawal from percocet so I googled percocet withdrawal and this website is one that popped up.
Avatar n tn if there is no localized pathology and systemic precipitation factor identified , central and/or peripheral nervous dysfunction is probably the culprit. Topical application of capcisin combined with systemic administration of anticonvulsant,for example,gabapentin, and tricyclic antidepressant, for example, amitryptyline may be effective. Nutritional and trace mineral supplemental may be indicated. Seeing an orofacial pain specialist is advised.