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Avatar m tn I know that anything that a person takes while breastfeeding can pass through the milk to the nursing infant. Due to a severe back injury I am having to take Percocet, Flexeril, & Celebrex. The doctors say that it is ok for me to take these medications just to pay a little closer attention to my 3 week old baby. I am looking for someone that has taken one or more of there while breastfeeding and what their verdict or experience with it was.
Avatar f tn I have been prescribed Flexeril for over a year, as a muscle relaxant for long term back and neck pain... I was told it was a 'safe' drug, and not to worry about it - it was not addicting. Now, after taking it for this long, I have re-read the patient information packet, and see that it is only for short term use, and I cannot find information on how to titrate off. I get migraine headaches whenever I stop taking it for any length of time, as well as other symptoms...
6441382 tn?1381329496 He has come a long way, however, he is in a nursing home, can't walk or talk, and only communicates if you ask him to write. He has been grinding his teeth for years now. His doctor gave him flexeril to help with relaxing but it is not working. We tried a mouth guard but he will not keep it in. The grinding is severe, I tried looking at his teeth, they do appear to be damaged. His dentist only suggested a mouth guard but it is not the answer. Is there anything else to try.
Avatar f tn may i ask anyone who has any idea of what are the nursing care plan of headache due to vehicular accident...
Avatar n tn The box doesnt move or fight you where you have to suddenly twist. (I am an LPN in a nursing home). If the flexeril isnt working, you call her and tell her and insist on something else. Are you covered by insurance?? Did she at least send you for Xrays? MRI? I have many neck and back issues and I've been on flexeril--didnt help me. Not every med works for everyone. Often you need a combination. I've had physical therapy a few times and it can be very helpful.
Avatar f tn Been off for 2 days now and am feelingnotsobad cause I got a doctor to prescribe elavil and flexeril, which seems to help. Elavil is a strong anti-hystimine and anti-depressant, which is like lights out at night. And Flexeril is a muscle relaxant. Dunno if I will be in worse shape tomorrow or not? I've heard a few people saying it got worse?? Anyway, my wife takes vicodin because it is OK for nursing. I don't know about anything that is better without being hooked on it as she is not.
1415174 tn?1453246703 If you are getting palps from Flexeril you need to get off of it and try something else. Flexeril causes palps and can cause problems. You may want to get an EKG followed by a 24 monitor like I had to do. That is how I fould out I have preatrail contractions. I then did the echocardiogram to make sure I didn't have any structural damage. The PAC's are benign but PVC's can cause some problems. So you need to talk to you doctor about getting off of Flexeril and onto something less troublesome.
Avatar f tn There are a slew of medications that can be used to keep migraines at bay and if one does happen you use special migraine medication, not narcotics. Your car crash injuries should also be treated with muscle reluxants like Flexeril or Soma and an NSAID, all of which can be safely used in the second trimester. Your baby depends on you for her health and sustenance, she is what you intake. If you take opiates, she will be born addicted and in withdrawals.
Avatar f tn Had shots in neck, therapy, PT and traction. I am still no better. Take 2 Flexeril at night and that's not what worries me. I can't make the 60 Vicodin last all month. Now I have 3 doctors writing me scripts for 60 Vicodin, 30 Vicodin and 60 Hydrocodone 650 tab. I want to quit and not sure cold turkey is safe. I know my neck will still hurt and feel like someone stabbed me but I can't take the lies and manipulation of acquiring enough pain medicine anymore.
307897 tn?1242422860 I started the trazadone about 2 months ago as I was not sleeping and the clonazepam and the flexeril just weren't helping. GP gave me trazadone and said that I could take up to 3- 50mg. tablets at night. I have not done this since I think this maybe where the lbs. come in. I also take premarin and estrogen, they, too, may play a part. I finally get to go to the rheumatologist a week from today.
Avatar f tn She did refill my xanax, called in flexeril and naprosyn to help me get through this. She does not want me to taper she just wants me to quit w/ the help of the rx's shes prescribed. I have to go in at the end of next week so she can check on my progress. I gave my mom who lives w/ us my daughters meds to give her as needed. I have the best intentions but have felt that way before and still relapsed. I am just physically and mentally so tired of this life.
Avatar n tn The other meds that I am taking are B2, Topamax 100mg twice a day, Muliti vitiman, YAZ for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Elivil, Nadorol(beta blocker), Flexeril when needed, and Darvocet for pain management. I am a person who wants to go out and be active. Before I was diagnosed I was a year round softball player and now I usually don't feel good enough to go out for a long period of time. I did lose about 15 lbs, and it didn't make any difference.
Avatar n tn I am a 22 year old white female, senior in college majoring in nursing. I use to be a very very active young woman who was always up for anything, now it take all my energy to get up in the morning and not fall asleep in class, clinicals, or work.
Avatar n tn He fought off death and did nothing but improve at hospice, after 3 weeks they gave him the boot back to teh hospital were they did the peg and sent him to a nursing rehab. His right side is constricting. Any help for this. They do some restorative therapy. But are redicent to do true PT because of no insurance ;-( I'm really trying to keep faith because God tells us to BELIEVE 1ST then we get the BLESSING. Just wondering how long before he talks and walks again.
Avatar f tn I am 55, female, no recent injury, and I work as a Speech-Language Pathologist at a nursing home. I have been experiencing severe pain in my left shoulder and down the arm for the last two weeks. My PCP ordered an MRI which showed 5 discs were herniated. Two were mild, two moderate, one severe, and all are degenerative (4 cervical, 1 thorasic). The pain pills--Loritab, Percacet, Flexeril, and MS Contin have had no effect on the pain.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am a 51 year-old registered nurse with a background in critical care and perianesthesia nursing. I am absolutely exhausted and frustrated trying to find someone who can put the pieces of my puzzle together. I appreciate any clinical expertise you have to offer as well as any recommendations. I would like to regain my health or at least prevent further deterioration. I am married, the mother of 2 daughters, 22 and 27 years old. I have a 3 year old grandson.
Avatar m tn I am still having some issues and its hard to distinguish between depression from my injury or from the flexeril. My suggestions are to look into myofascial pain and trigger point therapy. Muscle dysfunction can cause an enormous quantity of symptoms, some not immediately obvious to physicians. Here is a good book and its fairly inexpensive. http://www.amazon.com/Trigger-Point-Therapy-Workbook-Self-Treatment/dp/1572243759 hope this helps you.
1312898 tn?1314571733 I have been afraid to ask my doctor(s) for much in the way of pain help throughout this process. Up until Thursday, I was on Neurontin, Tramodol, Flexeril and Zanaflex. The Zanaflex was added last month when I finally worked up the courage to call and ask for something more. The Zanaflex I felt was helping with the spasticity and I made sure to relay that information to the doctor. Last week, my pain level went up and stayed up.
Avatar n tn If you are pregnant or nursing, you should not use any of the herbs listed except for the Red Raspberry, Chamomile (but do NOT use the essential oil of Chamomile), and Ginger is ok in very small amounts. This information is not intended to prescribe or diagnose in any way. Please consult a health care professional before using any of the herbs mentioned above. You also might want to consider some stronger musle relaxants like flexeril.
Avatar m tn Duloxetine Cymbalta®, Pregabalin Lyrica®, Amitriptyline, Lisinopril HCTZ, OxyContin, Percocet, Oxycodone, Neurontin®, Opana®, Lidoderm® patch, Hydromorphone, Soma, Flexeril...you name it, I have been compliant and done what has been asked of me in every regard. OxyContin and Oxycodone in combination Zanax XR, Cymbalta®, Soma, Lyrica®, Lisinopril HCTZ, Lidoderm® patch has been the best combination to control my pain. In late 2011, my pain became much more intense.
Avatar f tn Sorry typ queen zanaflex
Avatar f tn Hello, I am a 51 year-old registered nurse with a background in critical care and perianesthesia nursing. I am absolutely exhausted and frustrated trying to find someone who can put the pieces of my puzzle together. I appreciate any clinical expertise you have to offer as well as any recommendations. I would like to regain my health or at least prevent further deterioration. I am married, the mother of 2 daughters, 22 and 27 years old. I have a 3 year old grandson.
Avatar f tn I had gastric bypass surgery 17 months ago and lost 107 pounds but have regained 20 pounds. She took me off of Neurontin and Flexeril because of weight gain and I am in severe pain and cannot sleep. I now find out Depakote puts on weight. I have heard that Topmax helps with the weight. Any advice?
Avatar m tn I just read through my post and it seems like a little incoherent rant! I was trying to say that I just graduated from nursing school. I think that today is going to be a little bit better, but I am still pretty anxious. It ***** that it is a holiday weekend and that I can't talk to my Dr. The only thing I have for the anxiety is lorazepam and I am terrified of getting addicted to something else.
Avatar f tn The last fusion was one month after I graduated nursing school. I finally made it through college, don't know how on the pain meds that last semester, but I had to take them to get me through. My mom never understood then and still does not. I tried to get her to go to so many appointments and she refused every time. But she had no problem calling my doctor's office to tell them I did not need to be on pain meds because I was too young.
Avatar n tn I tripped walking down iron fire escape stairs at a party, and I wound up at the ER with a broken tailbone, for which the ER doctor gave me Flexeril and Darvocet N-100 and a referall to the orthopedic specialist who took care of the FSU football team (go 'Noles!). From there I had an MRI in addition to the hospital Xrays. The result was comical until I realized that it wasn't meant to be a joke.
Avatar n tn I was on 25mg 2x daily, now 50mg 2x daily. Gave me Flexeril 10mg. Take 1/2 to one tablet three times dailey as needed. Vicodin 500-5mg. Take one to two 4 times dailey as needed. Cymbalta did not change. 60mg 1x day. My question is, can any of this be causing the swelling? I have only had problems with swelling when I was pregnant and right after. But I am not pregnant. And am not asking if you think I might be!! God help us all. I have PMS from he** right now anyway.
Avatar n tn ranging from percocet, vicodin, skelaxin, flexeril, methadone, valium, xanax etc. My problem is with the narcs. I seemed to have kicked the methadone problem with the help of percs and vics. My problem has consisted of anywhere from 8-15 oxycodone's or hydrocodone's per day. Now I have 18 vicodin left and I'm trying to figure out how to do this without going thru the cold sweats, diarrhea, RLS, etc.
Avatar n tn And progression of symptoms can be expected? Prognosis ? He is a nursing home resident and comfort is our main goal. Would appreciate any information. I see this web site is connected with Cleveland and the Neurosurgeon who performed his orginal craniotomy in the 1930's in Buffalo, New York then went on to Cleveland - Dr. Hanby.
1182133 tn?1266855131 Guess what, just in time to get pregnant again. Went through this pregnancy taking tramadol, neurontin and flexeril. Had the baby, was in pain. But, then it progressively got worse and turned into HORRIBLE RLS. Was calling this Dr. who I had been seeing for a year and he never prescribed me any pain meds. So, he put me on Lyrica. He kept increasing the doses and I began to "balloon". Gaining weight, and I still had the horrible RLS. Finally, the Dr.