Flexeril expiration

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Avatar n tn I will pick up TORADOL prescription tomorrow. I'll be taking Flexeril too since I have bulge disc. And I still have Xanax so it's ok to take it with TORADOL? I have vitamins - 6 pills of Caltrate (for Bone & Colon Health) 600+D and 6 VITAMIN D 50000IU CAPSULES -- I had saved it, didn't use it, it's still good I looked expiration date. I think it would help if I take those now to ease for me to go through WD's? I cannot taper, it just won't work...
Avatar f tn I have 4 y/o prescriptions for Elivil, Ultram, Darvocet, Neurontin, and Flexeril from a neck surgery I had in 2004 -- I've tried it all but the Neurontin and Flexeril. Maybe I'll try the Flexeril tonight. My body just doesn't seem to process meds well -- most seem to make me feel even more exhausted. My PCP discussed treating the symptoms but opted to try to figure out what the problem is first.