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307897 tn?1242422860 If your pharmacist has not heard of Lyrica, find a different pharmacist. Lyrica, Flexeril and Trazodone can be taken together TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE. As always, care is needed and caution is advised...just follow doctor/pharmacy instructions.
131817 tn?1209532911 , although he warned me I would be sleepy as I upped my dose of Lyrica. I now beleive him and am upping it a pill at a time. Yep, I am sleepy, but at what cost? I won't have the debilitating pain. Yes, it will be debilitating to not be awake and functional for awhile, but what is my choice?
217229 tn?1192766004 I am currently taking cymbalta, celexa, and lyrica and the only thing it does for me is make me tired......
1318483 tn?1318350782 I think you let your Lyrica levels fall and it may take a bit to get them back up and the pain under control. 2. Not really. Lyrica is one of the GABA drugs and is similar to some of the antiseizure medications. It is specific to neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain doesn't respond well to opiates and typical pain control. 3. It can always be a flare, but are there any new symptoms? If not, it could be just "breakthrough pain" and you wil have to get it under control.
Avatar f tn The lyrica works. I felt no pain in my hands... but I felt like I was doped up & couldn't function. Felt like I was not only drunk.. but stupid, too... So, not taking lyrica anymore. The relafen is not working any better than the mobic... plus it's two big honking pills that are hard to swallow. Gives me heartburn. And now, I'm noticing that my knees, ankles, everything is hurting. I'm going back on the mobic...at least it's a smaller pill.
Avatar m tn Personally I think they just started you too high on the Lyrica. Also, many people take Lyrica with benzo's and narcotics and it helps them so I don't know where you got that it wasn't good to take together, they are usually prescribed together in most practices that i know about. Good luck to you.
669241 tn?1236267944 Do any of yo take Lyrica for pain ? And how much do you take? Is it working at all for you?
667923 tn?1421466324 I am going to ask my doc. Mon. for it and give it a try. I wonder if you can tapper off of Lyrica and take the Topamax at the same time. I have been on 150mg. of Lyrica for so long that I take it every 6-8 hrs. ..no joke, my pain is so intense. I can tolerate pain well, but this is ridiculous. I also just found out I have a Chiari Malformation and am sure a lot of my pain is from it. I wonder what you take for that...(heavy sigh...great more meds) I might have to have brain surgery.
Avatar n tn We would appreaciate any and all thoughts and comments on Lyrica and/or Cymbalta in the elderly (oh, how she would cringe to be referred to as elderly..) especially examples good or bad and also any alternatives to that type of drug therapy. My Mom has scheduled an "emergency" doctor's appt. for her this coming Thursday (6/19.
667923 tn?1421466324 I just wanted to give a possible cause of your feet swelling -- it could be the Lyrica - that is listed as one of the side effects and I, also, had it when I was on the Lyrica (one of the reasons I had to stop taking it). Something you may want to ask either your doctor or pharmacist about. I hope you feel better real soon.
Avatar m tn Too bad am working today and my doctor who is in Puerto Rico is on vacation. Today I took my Lyrica, Lodine and the Flexeril and no improvement at all. As i know by now I have better days than others, hopefully tomorrow will be a better one.
Avatar f tn I see a pain management doctor and have spinal injections every 12 weeks. I was prescribed Vicoden 10/325 for pain as well as flexeril and gabapentin. Neither the flexeril or the gabapentin seem to help with muscle tightness, spasms, or nerve pain. I am seeing my doctor again in two days and I wondered if any one could tell me of medications that have worked for you. I have a high tollerence to medication, most do not make me sleepy at all.
1100837 tn?1267672275 If I am having a good day then I do things. I am also on placquenil, darvocet, lortab, flexeril and lyrica. I use my lyrica according to my pain level because of the side effects of increase appetite and weight gain. Having rheumatoid you surely don't want to be heavy. Taking an early medical retirement was not so bad. I have more money now than I did when I was working. When working you seems to keep putting yourself in more bills. I say go for it and enjoy the rest of your life.
Avatar f tn My doctors won't prescribe anything else. I have tried Lyrica and a bunch of arthritis meds. Again I am undiagnosed so they are also trying to figure out what I have. This pain is new but has lasted for over 5 days now and I do not know what to do as I cannot even do my daily tasks or take care of my daughter. I was also wondering if you knew anything to help with the fatigue. Please let me know.
606078 tn?1247268153 I take Tramadol, Zoloft, Flexeril, Restoril, high blood pressure meds, a statin for cholesterol, and meloxicam. I couldn't tolerate Lyrica or Neurontin, both made me very ill. My Rhuemy feels that the trauma from having had 3 major knee surgeries in exactly 7 months brought my fibro to fruitation. My grown children and my husband all understand that this disease is unseen but will take total control if I allowed it to do so.
307897 tn?1242422860 I started the trazadone about 2 months ago as I was not sleeping and the clonazepam and the flexeril just weren't helping. GP gave me trazadone and said that I could take up to 3- 50mg. tablets at night. I have not done this since I think this maybe where the lbs. come in. I also take premarin and estrogen, they, too, may play a part. I finally get to go to the rheumatologist a week from today.
Avatar n tn The pharmacist told me it had less side effects than Lyrica and it was safer than Lyrica as well. She said neurontin had been around awhile and that Lyrica was the new drug as far as treating nerve pain. I started the Neurontin in August of 07 and I have had no problems at all. ( Thank GOD ). It doesn't even make me sleepy. It's also not hard on the liver as well. Thanks Susan..
Avatar f tn If u could answer about the roxycodone...
1627868 tn?1333889942 I take Neurontin and Klonopin which seem to be a good combination for the pain and spasms. Many people have switched to Lyrica which is a very similar drug to Neurontin, just not a drug originally prescribed for seizures. Lyrica has been very successful for Fibro patients as well as MS patients. I am currently taking Tysabri, another hot topic, but it definitely helping me with my pain and balance.
Avatar m tn Hello zoe00, It's always nice to be seen by someone who knows what it's like to be in pain. My Rheumatologist has Rheumatoid Arthritis as well, so she knows what it's like to be in pain, so she treats me better than any other doctor I've seen. I have FM and OA. Unfortunately, because I don't have it as bad as her (meaning the RA), I sometimes think she minimizes my pain just a little.
1283286 tn?1312915566 (I actually have a sacroiliac steriod injection tomorrow.) I am also taking gabapentin, mobic and flexeril. So far I haven't gotten much relief from the pain. When your surgeon gets back, I'm sure he will be able to explain things to you. I hope you find what works for you.
691233 tn?1228734020 since I saw him 9 out of 11 months in the same year, I felt I wasn't getting anywhere and couldn't work for pain. He put me on Lyrica and I was afraid of it with good reason. It caused me to have inflammation in my whole body and gained 80lbs. of misery on top of my pain. I went ahead and had 3 ESI's like u had, but u said u have 4. I wouldn't do another one after the last one I had when they hit something to make me jump literally almost off the table.
Avatar n tn 2009 i decided to try the family practice physician he listen to my symptoms and sent me to get ultrasounds for my constant right hip pain.
Avatar m tn ( I also tried lyrica which I was allergic to. And now they are trying me on Elavil 25mg. I only started taking this two nights ago, and since them my symptoms have become even worse. I slept for 17 hours, I feel extremely weak, I am in severe pain, even my fingertips hurt just to type this to you. It is making me feel completely ill, and like I am not going out of this daze and discomfort and quite frankly its driving me nuts. With that being said, I have a few questions.
Avatar m tn for the last 6 years they have had me taking everything from tramadol, xanax, morphine, diladud, oxycontin, oxcycodone, codeine, oxcycodone ir, vicodin, norco, soma, flexeril, meloxicam, mobic, on top of that I used to be an alcoholic, and use illegal drugs cocaine mostly weed, and whatever else to stop the pain from the total disc replacement surgery in my back. Here is the ****** up part, I can't get off them even if I wanted to, I would be in chronic pain and I am only 37 years old.
787406 tn?1339206783 UCTD Inflammatory arthritis Fibromyalgia Trigeminal Cephalgia Hypothyroid after total thyroidectomy and thyroid cancer Cushings ocular migraines without headache Raynauds syndrome Livedo ReticularisPossible sarcoidosis Aortic regurgitation-mild to moderate along with two other very mild leaky valves osteopenia Hypoglycemia Fibrocystic disease-had that since 1978 Mitral valve prolapse They have tried methotrexate, Plaquenil, Lyrica, Immuran and had a reaction to all of them.
Avatar f tn I didn't do it to get high but I did it to take the pain and stress away of the disease and having to live up to everyone's expectatiosn and disbelief in my condition. Lyrica didn't work for me. I also take muscle relaxers and benzos which I am now dependent on....I was on Suboxone and I quit EVERYTHING one day when I was having a panic attack and went into severe withdrawal so that is all my hubby sees which is unfortunate.
Avatar f tn i am immune compromised to boot with sarcoidosis and i am on corticosteroids (pred 10mg SID) in addition to vicoprofen q6h, lyrica 50mg BID, and flexeril PRN. i almost feel like my symptoms match up with MS but that's a whole other route and i just would like to know if this numbness is due to my injury or because my immune system is down bc of the pred and i'm getting an hsv 1 outbreak. thank you.
Avatar f tn Due to these and other medical conditions Drs have prescribed Ultram, Ultracet, Effexor, Nuerontin, Lyrica, Flexeril and other pain meds. Also on Lexapro, Clorazepate for depression and anxiety. Metformin for diabetes, Axid for IBS, Prinivil and HCTZ for blood pressure, Lipitor andcan't remember med name for lowring platelets. Have had to stop taking all pain meds except tylenol because of stomach upsets which is causing UC flares daily.
293157 tn?1285877039 just wait and see if the Lyrica works and I don't have much faith in it so far! Good luck though honey and I hope things get better soon!