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Avatar m tn I hope you are all coping with your kidney stones...and now I have to drink for the diveticulois AS WELL as to prevent kidney stones. Cheers.
Avatar m tn I have been dealing with kidney stones for a year, and thought perhaps the issue was the stones. Once they were gone, symptoms remained: Off and on achiness in my lower left abdomen, left hip, lower back, butt. Sent home from the hospital with paperwork to increase fiber, water, etc. It also said if pain persists, an anti-spasm Rx may be given to help with the pain. Does anyone else have pain with "mild" diverticulosis?
519035 tn?1348279373 In addition to magnesium, there is Naturemade brand sam-E and flaxseed oil or fish oil capsules. Other food that can help with mood are freshwater fish, walnuts, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, etc.. If natural supplementation does not help along with other support, you may want to seek an anti-depressant prescription short term from a competent psychiatrist. I know from personal experience that depression that bad is no picnic. I hope you get the help you need.
Avatar n tn HI I m sorry your having so many troubles i have MVP too since iw a s29 not severe, but have always had the heart palps badly take 100 mg of atenonol for it. I get pulse racing upon standing up. Its horrible , when i ge ttachy it will ehlp to sit down. I here you. Yes the bb atenonol will drop your heart rate if your not used to it too, It did that to em when i started it but i have taken it for many yrs.
Avatar n tn I have had some constipation due to pain pill mortin when in pain take flaxseed oil pills for. More Belching even with water more gas on bland diet Been having Thrush problems have been taking Acidophilus pills for the Thrush. In the last week been having headace never had any problems with headace before. Right shoulder pain off and on Low engergy been taking B complex it has helped The gallstones are impacted. Sweating at night.
1126418 tn?1326169592 Hi there, Daily I take 6000mg of Omega3 from either 14 super concentrated fish oil tablets, 20mls of flaxseed oil, or two servings of salmon, sardines. I also take 8000iu (I weigh 85kgs) of Vit D when I don't get 15 minutes of sunlight over my body. I take 2 super Vit B complex tablets daily.
Avatar n tn Just wondering...Have you ever had kidney stones, do you have frequent heartburn, brain fog, or frequent headaches -especially first thing in the morning? How about depression, frequent urination, or gut pains from an unknown cause? Constipation or infrequent bowel movements (one every 3- 5 days instead of every day?) If so, you may have an issue with your calcium levels and/or parathyroid glands. Definitely start with the simple stuff -Free T-3, Free T-4 and vitamin D and calcium levels.
Avatar f tn What is true is that the Omega 3 in flax seed oil is different from that in fish oil, and flax seed oil contains more than just omega 3 oils, whereas most fish oil is artificially purified to eliminate many other beneficial oils that would also be a fish. Since you can get cold processed organically grown flax, whereas fish are contaminated pretty much everywhere now, and for vegetarians, flax is a good source of oil, but for a diabetic, fish oil probably would be a good choice.
Avatar m tn Hi ED34, thank you so much for trying to help me, I apoligize if anything I say below is confusing or lacks details so please let me know if you want clarifications or more information. Again, thanks a lot. "Doesn't sound heart related" Good to hear that from someone I haven't grown great mistrust in lol, but what do you think the pain in left side of chest is if not my heart? I also felt sharp pains there when pulling a knob in shower.
Avatar n tn a. I took a teaspoon of Flaxseed Oil (could do another oil, but this was recommended to me) every afternoon for three or four days. b. I had been using a fat absorber moderately (1 small tablet per day before dinner) called Chitosol/Chitosan (ground up mollusk and seafood shells) to aid in lowering my fat absorption rate. As soon as I ceased taking this on a hunch, the pain went away over the next two days, completely.
Avatar f tn He looked at my vitamins, including fish oil, Co-Q10, folic acid, flaxseed oil and told me to add 500 mg. niacin per day. The comment the doctor made, while walking away, was that he hoped my score was less than 100. After much reading on the web, and based on the two of you, that doesn't seem likely. Although he didn't say it, my impression is that he wants to do something invasive for results over 100.
Avatar n tn an organic daily multivitamin (I take New Chapter Organics), 1,000 extra IU's of vitamin D3, Super Quercetin (2,000 mg's), 1,000 mg's of Bromelain, 1,200 mg's of N-Acetyl Cysteine, a 10 billion colony Probiotic, and flaxseed oil. All of these supplements help with the flushing of mucus and are great for brain support. MUCUS is bad and causes a lot of problems inside your body (not just your stinky odor). ALSO, if you are a mouth breather, you NEED to stop.
Avatar n tn It's an urban myth...gallstones, unlike kidney stones can not be dissolved - and even if they could, you would NOT want the remnants of them "passing through" as this "flush" suggests would happen....the fragments or small stones would become trapped, possibly in the bile duct. This old wives' tale is at best useless and at worst dangerous...please don't even try it....
Avatar f tn She is in fourth stage renal failure-Of course she has seen her regular vet for fluids-ultra sound revealed she has one kidney which is failing. Creatine was 13-subs at home-now using hollistic and homepatic treatment. Recently more bad days than good. I am giving her ice chips which seem to work better for her than lapping. Pedialyte ice is also better.
Avatar n tn admitted incorrect dx (after $70 antibiotics of course) and a few extra holes in my tummy. suspected kidney with further understanding of location of pain. ivp - no stones has another "episode" of pain. didn't go to the hospital. i know i should have, but i was tired of hospitals and as i said, if i'm still it subsides. doctors are done with me. no more tests to do.
Avatar m tn I went to a naturopath doctor and now I take Fish Oil, flax seed oil, Probiotics and a joint-relief pilled called Inflamo from Organix. Problem 99% solved. It's amazing how quickly you forget the pain. I believe it is AS (see above) - thanks to this forum I'm fixed. Mr. D from Muskoka.
Avatar f tn Sine then I have had four kidney operations to remove stones that had been there forever. Each surgery was worse and worse and my recovery was harder and harder. Just had my last stent taken out this past Monday. I am excited. I have no strength and use a cane for a walker . Prefice this to say I wasa hand to had combat instructor before this and in great shape. I have a bunch of physician friends, several who cut on me. They all said they same thing.
Avatar n tn I will say it will be a cold day in H*** before I consent to a gallbladder removal (unless my life is at risk.) I have already started a beet, lemon, flaxseed oil mixture to thin the bile and I will be on a restricted diet the next three weeks. I figure this cannot hurt me and may resolve my problem. I am 46 years old, take no prescription medication, have never had surgery, eat healthy, exercise, do not smoke, only an occasional glass of wine or beer socially.
Avatar m tn I have no diseases, do not use drugs, but drink on occasion. Anyways, just started noticing these strange symptoms, within the past few weeks. Nothing "brought it on" so to speak that I can tell of. It's been going on longer, but less noticeable, now since I do not talk sleeping meds any more, it's all that I can notice... Symptoms are strange sensations on my skin. The sensation is it feels like there are "invisible bugs" crawling on, and/or biting my skin.
Avatar n tn May help prevent heart attack. Eases PMS. Beneficial for high blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, asthma and kidney stones. Good food sources: Brown rice, avocados, spinach, haddock, oatmeal, baked potatoes, navy beans, lima beans, broccoli, yogurt, bananas, soybeans, bran, nuts. Cautions: People with kidney or heart problems should check with their doctor before taking magnesium supplements. Substance interactions: Decreases absorption of magnesium: vitamins A, E and K.
Avatar n tn But it is soooo real, it is so terrible, I guess he realized right then, this is serious, after all, I have given birth to 4 kids, had my share of kidney stones, and I would like to think I am a tough cookie, but this was taking me for a loop. My husband got on the computer, he found " Brachioradial Pruritus ", after many other conditions that did not fit the discription, he looked at me and said, "hey babe, this is what you have, it is exactly what you said,, this is it".
Avatar f tn Eating much less rice, bread, sugar, dairy, potatoes, pizza, pasta and eating much more collards, carrots, swiss chard, garlic, kale, onions, spinach, sweet potato, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, flaxseed, fish, beef, curry (for the turmeric) She occasionally eats brown rice bread, pizza & pasta. If she didn't have a gluten intolerance she'd eat whole wheat which is much less inflammatory than white bread, pizza & pasta.
Avatar n tn May I recommend a fish oil supplement, royal jelly, magnesium of course to help cal obsorption, flaxseed oil, and most important, a multi-enzyme , all taken right after a meal. If you'll notice, too much calcium intake uses alot of your stomach acid and lessens good food digestion so, take the enzyme and you will get more nutritions from your food and you poo good too (sorry, but so important). These info, I learn through so much effort. Do some research, you'll see it's worth it.
Avatar n tn I don't have money to spend on beauty products, nor on many supplements. So my routine is so basic it's ridiculous. I use simply coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil (organic). I lather it all over my arms, legs and face, and off I go for a run. By the time I've finished, it's absorbed and my skin is fairly dewy with sweat and moisture. I don't shower afterward either, because I want to keep my skin looking that way.
Avatar m tn It can also be due to other things like cystitis, and kidney stone or polyp in the bladder. You would feel the kidney stone but maybe it is a precursor to it coming through. So there are lots of reasons for blood in the urine. Do you actually see the blood in the urine or did the urinalysis show a few red blood cells. If a few red blood cells that isn't anything to worry about. If a large amount seen on the urinalysis, then it could be a problem.
Avatar n tn 8000-1000mg of Vit C 4) 400 IUs of Vit E twice a day 5) 500 mg Flaxseed oil twice a day 6) Take a Multivitamin 7) Take 500mg of Quercetin with Bromelain twice a day. 8) Take Vitex morning and night 9) Take 500mg of Magnesium at bedtime 10) eliminated MILK from my diet--my worst episodes were always after I drank a glass of it or ate ice cream; I can still have cheese, yogurt, and sour cream. Dr. Lee explains in his book that an inflamed and aggravated system will allergically react to milk.
Avatar n tn First thing I did is flush my gallbladder. I had about 500 little stones flushed out of my body. Simple thing to do and it takes 3-4 hrs. Completelly painless. (google gallbladder flush to learn more - you just need olive oil and lemon). In 2 days i was jumping. But that lasted around 4-5 months. The pain returned and I went to my accupuncturist. I can not explain what is exactly going on, but there is an article that is pretty close to what my doctor was telling me.
Avatar n tn still no relief after two emergency room visits they gave him hydroxine and blood workups for kidney, liver, and thyroid came back normal. then the allergist said his bloodwork for allergies is normal too. she put him on zyrtec and two hydroxine at night so the kid can maybe get some sleep.. Now were going on 5 weeks he has missed 3 weeks of school and there's still no relief for this poor kid in site. we've tried oatmeal baths, lotion, bactine which has lidocane and still nothing.
Avatar n tn The drug can damage the heart(or if you have a preexisting) heart problem watch out, liver damage, kidney failure among other stressful things to the body. If you need a hard on pop the blue pill but first get your *** in the gym get some iso vitamins and hit that gym.