Finger swelling and stiffness

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Avatar n tn a few weeks ago my finger got really stiff and i cud not straighten it out, eventully it manged to straighten during the day, no two other fingers are feeling stiff and starting to bend over esspically in the morning when i wake up i can not straighen thm and i have to gradully massage thm to get thm to straighten
Avatar n tn Do you have any history of injury or have you been diagnose with any medical conditions like diabetes. Do you have any associated symptoms like numbness and tingling, neck stiffness, which may suggest some nerve entrapment pathology? Any associated weakness may indicate damage to the brachial plexus involvement. Presence of swelling or redness indicates inflammation. Is the pain at rest or on movements like flexion, extension or gripping? This may point towards tendonitis.
Avatar m tn Specifically my knuckle at base. It feels like I need to crack my knuckles and pop it back in place. There is some swelling and slight pain. Mind you this started within less than 3mins!! No trauma or insect bite, no infection, nothing. As of the moment I noticed this to now, it has been over 10 hours and the only change has been more pain. Any ideas at all.
Avatar n tn It was completely numb and began to burn. My doctor thought it was a torn nerve and gave Naproxen. It didn't help and the entire right leg up till my knee soon went numb. X-ray of right foot was negative. Given vitamin shot but didn't help. Blood tests ruled out diabetes, gout, cholesterol problems, and showed no signs of infection. Doctor gave me Gabapentin for burning and tingling.
Avatar f tn I had my pins taken out Monday from my right index finger this week, and today is Friday. I still have minimal movement and much stiffness. My finger is stuck in the position it was as when the pins were in, and I am still unable to make a fist. Also my top part of my finger is pointed more towards my pinky finger than sitting in the normal position. Is this how it it will stay, or will this get better when my knuckle swelling decreases?
Avatar f tn It seems that you have developed some infection in your middle finger which has resulted in swelling and stiffness. It is possible that you have developed cellulitis. You may need anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. Consult a doctor for clinical examination and I hope it helps. Best luck and regards!
492921 tn?1321293496 They get really heavy and are hard to move. I also have some aching and stiffness in my hands as well and my rings are tighter.
Avatar n tn No complications. It is a day after the cast was removed and I have extreme stiffness in the finger, with virtually no active range of motion (but the passive range of motion isn't very good, but it's still something). The swelling is mostly down at this point. My whole hand is affected by stiffness, but it is the pinky which is immobile.
2136167 tn?1374732251 Rheumatoid arthritis (the auto-immune kind) can cause symptoms like you are having - stiffness in the morning and after sitting for a while, pain upon movement or while sitting still. Redness and swelling in the sore joint are also common, but joints do not have to appear to be swollen for inflammation and damage to be going on. Some of my joints that have never visibly swelled look the worst on xrays.
Avatar m tn After this you might have developed stiffness and you can start physiotherapy and in 2 weeks you will be fine. (Total 6 weeks for complete recovery) But after the 5 weeks you can go for the violin playing and slowly increase your strengths and movements. You can hold the violin with left hand and use the stick with the right hand. Take care and you will be fine.
469029 tn?1207521902 Along with the finger swelling and hand stiffness, I also get pain or burning sensation in the area of my left rib right below the breast...when these attacks happen a couple of times a month I also feel very lethargic almost like my whole body slows down, with a general sick feeling all over. I also get nausia when it happens but never vomiting. The attacks last about 2-3 hours and are usually at night...but the finger swelling is more constant. Any ideas, I feel like no one can help me!
Avatar n tn I know that there can be residule swelling and stiffness. However I am close to 6 months post op and still have considerable swelling at times and cannot fully straighten that finger. It does not trigger anymore but it is extremely stiff and i cannot begin to fully straighten it. The tissue under the scar is very thick and forms a lump. It makes it hard to put your hand into tight spaces or shake someones hand and such.
Avatar n tn i thought it was just a jam. now it still hurts but only if i stretch it or movie alot. it is my right middle finger and it hurts around the knuckle. it hurts alittle to the right and to the left of the knuckle when i push down on it also. but there is absolutely no swelling at all. and also no difference in color or size hen my other middle finger. i was wondering whats wrong with it, and if i should do anything about it.
Avatar n tn Symptoms may include the presence of a small lump, pain in the palm, swelling, and a catching or popping sensation in the finger or thumb joints. If symptoms are mild, resting the finger may be enough to resolve the problem. Over-the-counter pain medications can be used to relieve the pain. Splints are sometimes used to rest the finger. A physician may choose to inject a corticosteroid. Sometimes, the improvement is temporary and more than one injection may be needed.
1472747 tn?1286898320 Hypothyroidism, diabetes, tumors and infections of the ulnar and spinal nerves and rheumatism can all cause numbness of little and ring finger. Please consult a neurologist and a rheumatologist. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn It started with my index finger having spasms, and then moved to in between my middle finger and pointer finger knuckle. It now is deblilitating my pinkie and ring finger and causing some minor pain in the outside part of my wrist. With my hand straight out I cannot I cannot put my pinkie or ring finger together and I cannot get my ring finger together with my middle finger. Any thoughts? I have attached a pic of how close I can get my fingers together. I am 32 and relatively healthy.
Avatar f tn You could try soaking it in hot water to loosen things up and try to pull and put tension on the finger to loosen up the joint. Pull the finger slowly, steadily, and gently straight out. I have found this can help loosen it up and relieve some pressure in the joint.
Avatar m tn I caytion against splinting yourself, as splinting in a improper postion may cause increased stiffness and loss of function.
Avatar m tn It became swollen, painful and unable to bend, a constant ache and stiffness, as well as a bruise on the inside of the second knuckle. Now I can bend it almost all of the way but still painful to do so, the swelling is down as well as the bruising but it is still stiff. Also when I lay my hand flat on the table and hold down my finger by pressing below the middle knuckle i can bend my injured finger backwards manually all the may to the middle knuckle.
2191245 tn?1342110707 Hi, About a month ago I fractured my ring finger playing Gaelic Football (Irish Sport) and as a result it was crooked to the right from the middle knuckle, the consultant told me you can leave it alone and let it heal or have it repaired under surgery which is what I decided so went through with it they manipulated my finger then splinted it and taped them together although they didn't fully splint it only the front of it, so had the splint removed today after four weeks and my finger is still
Avatar m tn I fell down and perhaps the whole body weight rested on my finger, as a result of which the finger got swelling and little bent after a day followed by severe pain. The finger does not get straightened. I was advised by pharmacist to take Brufen tablets and apply some gel. As long as the tablet was taken for 3-4 days, the pain was not there.But no sooner the tablet was stopped, the pain again started. I got X-Ray done of my finger and consulted an Orthopaedic Surgeon.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing stiffness, pain and swelling of my left thumb and forefinger for a while now. Sometime at night I would experience "locking" of my forefinger and can't flex it. When I try to straighten it I would hear a pop and it hurt. I had x-rays done and my doctor told me my results were normal. But I still can't really use my hand especially when it's acting up. My doctor isn't really helping me to find out what's wrong with my hand.
Avatar f tn I go back in 2 day for more xrays and to get my PT started. My finger is completely frozen and bent in the position of the cast. It is also swollen. How long does the swelling last?? I understand I am on a long road of PT.
Avatar n tn The ER doctor put it in a soft cast all the way up to the elbow and told us no more sports for now. We went to an orthopedist and he wants to do surgery and put pins in her finger. Then they will put a hard cast on her arm for 4 to 5 weeks. He says whether we elect to do the surgery or not, he does not want her to play any sports for 4 to 5 weeks. Supposedly this is a non-displaced fracture, but the end of the bone is bent down.
Avatar m tn Aside from the most nasty scar in the world, I have so much stiffness in my pinky finger at the knuckle and swelling in the entire finger. How long should the stiffness and swelling last? Will it be permanent? I started occupational therapy and they seem to think it will get better but it will take months not weeks. I am skeptical about occupational therapy since just about everything they're doing, I could do at home for free.
Avatar m tn It became swollen, painful and unable to bend, a constant ache and stiffness, as well as a bruise on the inside of the second knuckle. Now I can bend it almost all of the way but still painful to do so, the swelling is down as well as the bruising but it is still stiff. Also when I lay my hand flat on the table and hold down my finger from the third to second knuckle the remainder of the finger 3nd knuckle and above can bend backwards while the uninjured finger can not.
Avatar m tn I experienced a good deal of swelling and stiffness in that finger (similar to when I have jammed it in the past). I assumed it was simply a jam and that the swelling would go away in time. It has now been over a month and there is still a little pain/swelling near the center of the finger... but most of the pain is gone. The strange thing is that I cannot bend my finger all the way to my palm now. When I try, it stiffens when it reaches a near-perfect right angle in all of its joints.
Avatar n tn For the past four weeks I've been suffering from this agonizing fingers pain in all finger tips on both hands. There's no swelling or stiffness just really bad pain that is sharp and constant. My nails are pink without any spots and discoloration.It hurts but not when touched. Don't know what I should do, My physician prescribed Nizoral cream.but after 2 weeks of topical use ... no help.I've called clinics and nurse lines and no one can seem to help me.