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Avatar n tn in winter my hands finger swellen and after some times they change into bristele and crack and realised blood please tell me what is the most suitable solution of it please tell me as soon as possible
Avatar f tn Nosebleeds can occur due to trauma, exposure to warm dry air more common in winter months, rhinitis, infections, vigorous blowing, foreign bodies and deviated nasal septum. Only a consultation with an ENT specialist can help diagnose. During an episode of nose bleeding: the patient must be made to sit upright, this reduces blood pressure in the veins of the nose. Further you should bend forward, this will avoid swallowing blood, which can irritate the stomach.
Avatar f tn I developed swelling in my fingers in both hands this winter. It is perfectly symmetrical and located in the fatty tissue before my knuckle where my finger meets my hand. They are reddish plaque looking areas. The doctor referred to them as red, erythematous swelling (I included a picture for you to see). The first time I saw my general practitioner he dismissed it as water retention and told me to change my diet.
Avatar n tn About 3 weeks ago this all started, where my right foot was swollen and my right hand was completely swelled up. My left hand had some finger swelling. This went down in 24-48 hours. Then a couple of days later my right knee became so stiff over a few hour period, it became extremely difficult to drive my manual car home from work. It was a nightmare pushing the clutch in. I have also had random episodes of both my bum cheeks feeling very hard at the top.
Avatar n tn I also have some numbness in my finger tips and my hand is very very weak. I had noticed over the last couple of weeks that I would have sporatic pain in my wirsts but I just brushed it off. I researched it a little on-line and I came up with the same answer... thyroid. Both of my sisters suffer from thyroid problems so I thought that it could be that.
Avatar n tn When I got up, the pinky finger was bent in towards the other finger next to it. I soaked my hand in cold water and ice, to reduce the swelling,.. and then "Buddy wrapped" my two fingers until I got to the urgent care office. Upon x-ray, the doc said "Yup!,..
Avatar n tn I thought that a spider bit me on Saturday morning but the redness has not subsided, nor the minor itching. It looks like a mosquito bite but I know it's not - it's winter after all and I went to bed and woke up with the two bites on my middle and ring fingers of my right hand. It's in the same spot on both fingers but it's freaking me out. I had a very risky 30 seconds of possible unprotected sex a month ago with a man (and I'm a man), so I'm paranoid regarding HIV and other stds.
Avatar n tn For those who don't remember me , i am 37years old male suffering from Hashimoto's for last 3 years and suffering from many symptoms, i must admit lot better then before but again not feeling same way as before . I have been dealing with muscles weakness and arm finger/foot joint pain, although for last 2 times my TSH level is 1.54/1.84 with FT4 1.44/1.52. Because of those muscles/joint pain and fatigue smyptoms , i am going through lot of anxiety which is effecting my daily life lot .
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning and swelling is much larger and very little mobility in the finger and throbbing in the finger comes and goes. Like others, I do not remember anything that I did to cause this injury. I do not remember being bit by any insects and have no idea what has caused this. I will follow the suggestion about the finger sleeve. Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
446156 tn?1275863176 I'm 18 weeks an 4 days an I'm swelling. I have had swelling in my left leg since 7 weeks. It never hurt nor gave me any problems. But in the past 2 days my hands have started swelling. My wedding ring will not even come off! They hurt too. Has any one else had this happen? Is this normal? When I get up in the morning I can't touch my fingers to the palm of my left hand. It takes a few hours of moving my hand before I can make a fist. Take the poll an leave comments.
Avatar n tn It doesn't hurt, but it can get quite uncomfortable at times as I cant were my shoes. Sometimes, if I poke at the swelling, the hole of my finger will stay in the foot for a few seconds, which is a sign of water buildup. If my ankle swells, the whole foot swells as well. Any ideas? I'm tired of doctors playing guessing games.
496771 tn?1209698358 I had same issue and have never had a problem with hair dye before. All this happened back in February. I even today still have swelling in my face it seems. Like someone mentioned above, I do believe that it will not subside until my hair has grown out. I did find a no PPD hair color and it is also gluten free. EcoColors hair color. Please do a allergy test before use. I have not had any complaints with their color. Here is their website: https://www.ecocolors.
Avatar n tn ” If you soak in water long enough, protective oils get depleted from your skin. Water can leak in to your skin after awhile. In warm water like in a bathtub or pool, the thick skin on your fingers and toes tends to absorb water and swell. But this swelling doesn’t happen uniformly. Instead, the regions of skin that are most heavily anchored from below will remain lower than the more softened and swollen regions. The result – those temporary wrinkles on your fingers and toes.
Avatar f tn I developed swelling in my fingers in both hands this winter. It is perfectly symmetrical and located in the fatty tissue before my knuckle where my finger meets my hand. They are reddish plaque looking areas. The doctor referred to them as red, erythematous swelling The first time I saw my general practitioner he dismissed it as water retention and told me to change my diet. The finger swelling persisted and a reddish mottled rash symmetrical radiated on both of my arms.
Avatar f tn It almost never happens in the winter. I have learned to raise the affected arm and put ice on it immediately. This keeps the finger or wrist from swelling but it still discolors for a few days. My friend who is a vascular surgeon said I had "fragile veins" and told me not to worry about it, I, too, was concered about strokes. I asked, "If it can happen in my fingers and wrist, what keeps it from happening in my brain?" He did not answer.
Avatar n tn I didn't injure it or hit it, but suddenly felt my pinkie finger swelling and going numb. It swelled so tight I thought it was going to burst. It was twice as fat as my other pinkie. I used ice, pressure, elevation. My whole finger turned purple. It is now 4 days since it happened and it is back to normal size but still discolored and tender. Since I work in medical, I will ask about it. Per web search, suspect conditions are high blood pressure and liver dysfunction...
192055 tn?1263559137 During these attack I feel that I can't get a breath in bcuz of the swelling in the pleural lining around. At times I feel like I can't I can't move well, it gives then sense that someone is stabbing in the chest. As the symptoms subsides I end with the constant phlegm, it is quite bothersome to be constantly clearing, my throat, somtimes my throat mucus doesnt drink or eat throut it's bothersome . My doc gives me for medoral dose pack, and prilosac which helps eliviate the sWelling.
Avatar m tn My symtons include excessive thin mucus in upper sinus, sometimes I can blow it our clear; in the middle way, I have crust accumulated in my nostril and sometimes I can pick and get it out (quiet a bit); and in my lower breath path or deep in my throat, I have thickened mucus and gel like tiny balls and hard to get them out. I have tried different things to reduce the mucus secreation. However none of them has been proven effective or without side effect. Lately I started to us SinusWars2.
Avatar n tn I had eczema as a baby behind my ears, and have dry skin in the winter, but other than that, no other serious issues. Stage 0 breast cancer with a lumpectomy a year and a half ago, and a hysterectomy and lumpectomy 2 weeks apart a year ago October. Could I have picked something up in the hospital and been carrying it around all of this time? I have had this intermittent rashes for a VERY long time, but for the past 3-4 months, it is incessant, and getting me very frustrated and depressed.
Avatar n tn Are you affected worse during weather changes or rainy or humid weather? Or in summer or winter or all the time? I ask because I live in a mild sub tropical climate and mine used to be worst at the start and during winter which is dry, but the last couple of years I'm affected really badly when it rains and in the humid stormy summers.
Avatar n tn no i have expeirenced lower back pain... tingly filling in my finger tips, dizzy head, dizzy everytime i get up, low grade fevers.. headaches.. pain in the bottom of my head.. just all these things and the doctors seem to not listen or care? Robb how many doctors have you gone through?
Avatar n tn The hair has not grown back fully (but has grown some), and now when I run my finger over it, it feels indented in the exact spot the hair is gone. I only have a indented line on my forehead going down to my eyebrows. This has been getting bigger over the last week. I have an appointment with my determologist again next week.
Avatar n tn I am wondering why I feel a vibration in my left leg. When it first started I thought it was my cell phone ringing but my phone was not in my pocket. I feel the vibration all day long and it has a pattern to it. It is a weired feeling and I can not figure out what causes this and why it will not go away. Can you tell me why I feel this?
Avatar n tn Do not worry, you will not die of it. Many people swim in icy water, even in winter time, Scandinavians, Japanese, and thereby strenghten their immune system. Icy water will contract your veins and vessels, stopping short hemoragia and reparing broken vessels. It will also strenghten them for when you will have sexual intercourse again. Do it for a period of two to three weeks.
Avatar n tn I have tingling and twitching nerves in my thumb, fore finger and middle finger and randomly the top of my ring finger! I have been told I just have to wait and see if it heals or if its permanent but the pain is unbearable at times and when I can just about cope with it, its extremely uncomfortable. I cannot drive at the moment and I am a teacher so carrying out my job is becoming increasingly difficult.
Avatar n tn I would also like to say I have been experiencing pain and numbness in my left hand during the night and also some pain in forearm. My middle finger is the worst. It always hurts and is numb until i get up and move around but remains swollen. I am woken up by this every night! Have not been to doc yet. Did try a wrist band--but no help on the finger. thanks for hearing me..52yr.
Avatar n tn About 48 hours ago, I noticed this heat sensation in my left shin. At first I thought I was standing too close to a heat vent in the floor at work! It is a warm, sort of tingly sensation that lasts 5 seconds and occurs, I don't know, 10 times throughout the day. I wonder if I slept on the leg funny?? Stress?? I am 43 and in reasonably good health but seem to be a hypochondriac (spelling?) at times.
Avatar f tn I've been reading a lot of posts about "smells" in the nose, but I haven't seen anything with my particular circumstance. Three weeks ago, I had sinus surgery. I had thickening in the frontal and maxillary sinuses, and a couple of polyps removed. Recovery was going fine until yesterday when I began to have this smell in my nose. I have a relative who has chronic bad breath. The only way I know to describe the smell is to say that it smells like my aunt's bad breath.