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Avatar n tn I have swelling the area between my index finger and my thumb. I'm thinking it is the muscles & ligaments in this area. The area is hard and swollen and painful to hold and move those two fingers. Additionally, the range of movement for my thumbs have been reduced to 50% I cannot stretch my thumb back without serious pain and discomfort. This is the case in both hands and it just occured between last night while sleeping. What could have cause this. P.S.
Avatar f tn Doesn't your chest close up when sleeping on your back? if I sleep on my back, within minutes I'll get hot, sweaty and dizzy!
Avatar f tn ok i will.
Avatar m tn The following morning all swelling was gone. That evening I developed swelling in the genitals. Swelling lasted about 24 hours. I had a full day with no new symptons, and then my righ foot swelled up. The foot swelling was quite painful, but began subsiding after about 12 hours. Unfortunately my the swelling moved to my left foot. I also experienced some swelling in my left cheek during this same period.
Avatar n tn About 3 weeks ago this all started, where my right foot was swollen and my right hand was completely swelled up. My left hand had some finger swelling. This went down in 24-48 hours. Then a couple of days later my right knee became so stiff over a few hour period, it became extremely difficult to drive my manual car home from work. It was a nightmare pushing the clutch in. I have also had random episodes of both my bum cheeks feeling very hard at the top.
Avatar n tn At first I could easily popit by pulling the finger straight out, and now after sleeping all night I can pop it by pushing the top of my finger to the side.. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing numbness in my pinking and the finger right beside it lately, just on my left hand. Does this mean the baby is laying on a nerve or some kind of carpal tunnel. I never had this happen before. The cramping is still there today but not as bad as yesterday, I thought I was going into labor but a quick trip to the dr and he figures its just where he is laying. Babies born at 32 weeks have a fairly good chance do they not?
Avatar n tn I am a mid 30's female with moderate finger and wrist pain for over 1.5 years. My physician and Rheumatologist has R/O RA, Lupus, Lyme and other autoimmune illness. Family physician believes that I have Fibromyalgia but Rheumatologist disagrees. I have no typical tender points. I am being treated successfully for depression w/ Cymbalta. I also take Ambien daily due to recent sleeping difficulties. This pain is very frustrating and takes strong prescription medication to relieve.
Avatar f tn I have swelling in my thumb (not the tip, tip appears normal size and color) the rest of the thumb from below the nail bed and down is swollen, red, warm to the touch. The swelling extends into the area b/t the thumb and the pointer finger and down to the wrist. There was no trauma to the finger and there does not appear to be any bite marks from an insect.
Avatar m tn There was no pain on BM but swelling and pain an hour or so afterwards and this swelling continues for the rest of the day. Probiotics has helped the inside but the outside is still very aggravated. It is never normal but is much worse when sitting and walking, much better after sleeping. A colonoscopy revealed nothing. Steroidal creams do not seem to help. Over the last few days there is a blue swelling around my anus that comes and goes.
Avatar n tn Since springtime I've had a problem with my upper left eyelid swelling up. I've seen doctors twice for it and neither time could they give me a definitive answer what was causing it. Maybe an allergy, maybe a stye. An opthalmologist thought it might be a stye, but on the day of my appointment the swelling wasn't very evident. One doctor prescribed a cortisone ointment with the caveat that it is best not to use it very much as it will eventually deteriorate the skin of the eyelid. No thanks!
Avatar n tn I was able to create much more tension by myself. Now, 4+ months after surgery, I'm *still* having swelling of my finger joints in my pinkie and wake up with a lot of stiffness in the finger. I wasn't sure what the problem could be, until I realized last week that the surgery scar was actually still adhesed to the bone at the site where the pin had been placed. So for the past week I've been trying to get the scar tissue to release from the underlying bone.
Avatar n tn Not sure I am posting in the correct area. I have had a painful swelling in the upper right side of my labia minora. It is very swollen and painful. I have done a search, but the only thing I find is for a Bartholin gland cyst and my husband doesn't think it looks the same as my swelling is on the same part only on the upper portion of the labia minora. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn It began on my left thumb, then right pinky. Then right middle finger, right index finger, left middle finger, left index finger, and finally left pinky. The only 2 fingers unaffected are my ring fingers. I have seen a multitude of dermatologists and have tried steroid creams. Nothing seems to help. I have not met anyone else that has this condition and many doctors look at my fingers like they have never seen anything like it before.
Avatar m tn hello doc again yesterday i woke up feeling a little pain in my right index finger. it was more like a joint pain and sometimes the pain would radiate through my palm and other fingers as well. well today i woke up and now the finger is kind of swollen and it kind of feels weird to type with it or use the mouse. it feels dry and it also hurts but not the point that its stopping me from using the keyboard or the mouse. what could this possibly be?
Avatar n tn This got significantly worse over time and is now so bad that I can't find a comfortable sleeping position except for sleeping on my back. That is not ideal for me because: (1) I can usually fall aslepp only if I am sleeping on either side, and (2) I know my mid-back pain will start a few hours after I fall asleep on my back.
Avatar n tn “Compression at the elbow, known as cubital tunnel syndrome, causes numbness in the small finger, half of the ring finger, and the back half of the hand over the small finger. Initially, the numbness is transient and usually occurs in the middle of the night or in the morning. Most cases will be minor and tend to come and go with time. Common causes are sleeping with the arm folded up, so the hand is at the person's neck and the elbow is sharply bent.
Avatar n tn And i do use earphones while sleeping so is it just a swelling caused by the ear phones. Please do reply. Anything I could do other than a doctor's appointment.
496771 tn?1209698358 It helped with the itching and burning but the swelling got worse. The swelling moved to my face and eyes. Day 3, I couldn't open my eyes which got better after couple of hours. Stopped taking Atarax after I read the side effects and allergic reaction that could happen are itching and swelling in the face. I am not sure if the swelling in my face was from this medicine or hair color.
Avatar n tn I experience severe pain and numbness in my arms (especially my elbows) and hands when sleeping. Sleeping is difficult as a result. I can sleep as little as 15 minutes before the pain wakes me or sometimes a couple of hours... (this is when the pain is the worst). I usually just change positions and feel relief after a minute or two allowing me to return to sleep. This happens repeatedly all night... every night. This has been happening for several years. I am 44 yr.
Avatar n tn In warm water like in a bathtub or pool, the thick skin on your fingers and toes tends to absorb water and swell. But this swelling doesn’t happen uniformly. Instead, the regions of skin that are most heavily anchored from below will remain lower than the more softened and swollen regions. The result – those temporary wrinkles on your fingers and toes.
Avatar n tn I don't know much about the swelling, but as for the sleeping, I was like that during my first pregnancy, also. I found a body pillow to be VERY helpful. I had been in a car accident 5 years prior, and had some pinched nerve problems in my neck, which caused pain in my arms. I found a good massage therapist who worked wonders for me. Maybe that would help. And if it doesn't help, can a hour for yourself with someone massaging you really HURT?
Avatar n tn This autoimmune disease started for me 2 months into pregnancy (pregnancy is known to trigger a lot of autoimmune diseases). My initial symptoms began with ankle swelling and toe numbness, swelling of the fingers, and little "pimples" on my cheek bone areas which later turned out to be diagnosed as telangiectasias. Years later things got worse, and during that the arm numbness problem began.I experience this falling asleep of my arms up to 5 times a night.
Avatar f tn About a month after Mayo my progress stopped and pain is increasing. While googling Levothyroxine and finger swelling I come across a forum of 25 women who have what I have. It is an old thread so don't get to ask questions. So I skip my Levothyroxine dose the next morning and by that afternoon pain is down and foot sweating stops.. Skip another dose and by that afternoon I am able to hold a paintbrush and did a little painting on a canvas. Stop taking Levothyroxine for good.
Avatar f tn My swelling started to go down between 1 and 2 months and that is when I started to be able to feel the gap and the screws. the swelling is likely normal. Sleeping with your head elevated can help keep some of the swelling down, as can making sure you are taking it easy and not overdoing it. At 1 month out, I was still very limited in what I could do.
Avatar m tn A month ago I encountered a hawthorne bush and one of the thorns evidently entered the top of my finger leaving the thorn inside. The following day there was much pain and swelling and my doctor x-rayed the finger which failed to reveal any sign of a broken thorn inside. Finally after a month of discomfort, I squeezed a half-inch thorn which had been lodged in the flesh for more than three weeks. My question is, how might the x-ray have overlooked something this large inside my finger.
Avatar n tn I finished chemo in June. About a month ago my knees and ankles began swelling. I can hardly bend down Also my muscles feel like I've been working out.. And I've developed carpal tunnel syndrome(diagnosed) but I only get it when I'm sleeping. I was wondering if anyone else has gotten these symptoms since finishing chemo.
Avatar f tn The whole area in general is swelling now, what should I do? It is 35 miles to the nearest ER, and I have two small children sleeping now. I dont know what to do about it. Should I wait for the ER tomorrow, or go now, or do I even need to go period. It really hurts.