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Avatar n tn it sort of looks like poison ivy but i havent been around any of that and the rash isnt speading to any other fingers of anything it just keeps spreading on my ONE finger... can anyone help me figure out what it could be?
Avatar n tn i cut my finger 3 weeks ago by the hook on the side of kayaks. The surface has healed, but looks swollen and a little sore. Do i need to see a doc? thanks.
Avatar f tn I've got enough problems with hair falling out and scalp rash and real itchy riba rash which I can't seem to leave alone. OH back to injection---BTW someone wise here said, and it stuck. "NO pain/NO SX" and so when it hurts I pull it out and find another place untill I find a pain free site.
1295160 tn?1283139820 Has anyone experienced swelling in their fingers? I cannot put any of my rings on. Before tx I weighed 25lbs more, still in tx till next Nov. I would think with the weight loss, my rings should fit.
999891 tn?1407279676 I too get finger swelling joint pain but don't ever see the swelling. My NS says it has nothing to do with the recovery of surgery but my PT says different. She said until my neck shoulder and arm muscles regain strength I will continue have this. My hands feel heavy like I an walking with weights in hand all day and feels like the fingers are gonna pop off at the joints. I look forward to PT to get relief.
Avatar f tn The first time I saw my general practitioner he dismissed it as water retention and told me to change my diet. The finger swelling persisted and a reddish mottled rash symmetrical radiated on both of my arms. I began to get very nervous because my hands were freezing and tingling. (I have had always freezing cold hands and feet despite the temperature of the rest of my body).
Avatar n tn Have pulled 2 ticks off my dog recently, but they were not the small deer ticks. I had gone to the GP mainly for a red rash on my face -- nose, cheeks and above the eyebrows to a lesser degree. Much worse the week before, when I called for an app't. (Chiro thought it was from clearing the Claritin from by body after I stopped taking it.) I have had the rash for months, but not this bad. GP thought I had rosacea and prescribed a cream for it.
Avatar n tn About 3 weeks ago this all started, where my right foot was swollen and my right hand was completely swelled up. My left hand had some finger swelling. This went down in 24-48 hours. Then a couple of days later my right knee became so stiff over a few hour period, it became extremely difficult to drive my manual car home from work. It was a nightmare pushing the clutch in. I have also had random episodes of both my bum cheeks feeling very hard at the top.
Avatar f tn There is a spot on the side of the tip of my left index finger that has been itching more or less constantly for about 2 weeks now. There is no visible rash, skin discoloration, bumps, etc. It is not exceedingly dry, and lotion does not seem to make a significant difference. I went to a dermatologist who said that it looked fine, and that I probably had a "nerve that is misfiring". Is that a likely cause? If so, is there anything to do to relieve the itching?
Avatar n tn One and a half weeks ago, I (very uncharacteristically) pulled off a hangnail that was close to my nailbed and fairly deep. Now my finger has a pronounced purplish bump on it and is very hot to the touch. In the past week, it has gotten worse (bumpier, hotter, discolored) instead of better. Also it is painful when anything puts any pressure on that part of my finger. What's going on?
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a 12 year old female with sudden onset erythematous macular rash in right middle finger which spread in 3 days to involve both palms. She was out at a ranch prior to outbreak. No itching, fever, headache, muscle aches, joint pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, no noticeable tick bite. Rash is red and macular and tender to palpation. No hand numbness or swelling. Normal PMH, not on any meds. Could you please help with differential.
190559 tn?1280615967 The clinic doc said the rash did NOT look like an allergic reaction to him, but the swelling in her hands was worrisome. He ordered some blook tests that would look at possible autoimmune factors at work. I had my daughter get those blood tests this morning, and I went ahead with a pre-planned blook check for thyroid levels (yes, it is 3 weeks today since she started methimazole). And yes, the Endo.
Avatar n tn hello dr, about 3 months ago i had sex with someone i didnt know and i wore a condom. the next day i noticed what seemed to be glandular pimple in my pubic area abot to finger widths up from my scrotum and also this little red bump that seemd to be something like an ingrown hair. The pimple i squeezed and it went away in 2 days, the "ingrown hair" remained for 3-4 weeks, even after i pulled the hairs around it with tweezers (oil came out).
Avatar n tn Hi, My rash appeared 4 days ago after being ill. The rash appeared not long after I began taking Amoxicillin however I have always taken Amoxicillin with no problems at all (since Nov. I have throat flairups, the doctors are not sure what is causing it. My lymph nodes swell, tonsils are infected, fever, white on my tongue, etc however I always test negative for mono and strep). Just in case, I was taken off the Amoxicillin but the rash keeps increasing.
Avatar f tn The skin beneath my cuticles (nail folds) was swollen that day also, so I took a photo of my finger pointing to the rash. Does anyone know why my nail folds swell up and get red, too?
Avatar n tn I was tested for arthritis as well as gout and both came back negative. The pain has subsided significantly but the swelling is still there as well as tingling sensations in my hands and arms. My finger with the exception of my thumbs and first fingers are numb. They ruled out carpal tunnel. I work as a phlebotomist where I come in contact with people who have or have had 5ths disease and am wondering could this be what I might possibly have?
Avatar m tn I first noticed this after I used soap and I believe it got stuck inside overnight and I awoke with the rash or swelling. Recently had a urine test and found out I had a Urinary Tract Infection would this explain the swelling or no. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.
Avatar n tn Physio said it was tendon and ligament damage but I'm not responding to treatment as I should. Vimovo helps. Last night I suddenly felt pain and swelling in my worst finger, it quickly spread to my arm, both knees, and shoulder on the opposite side. Still very painful today - shoulder hurts like I overused the muscles, knees hurt to bend, worse with weight but even just to move them. Figers are swollen and sore. What happened?
Avatar m tn I'm assuming this may be a minor problem. About five days ago, my right index finger felt very slightly odd near the bottom of the tip joint/middle bone area (the "palm side" of my finger). I can't describe it any more than that; I just knew something wasn't right. Then I noticed that it was slightly swollen. I would never have noticed this if it didn't feel slightly weird. (The weird feeling is also rarely noticed, or is gone entirely.
Avatar f tn My symptom first appeared 10 days before, the whole mess started off by rash and hives on my elbow and arm, and anal itch. The next day one finger is swollen. During the follow days I've experienced whole hand swelling, more itch on the bottom, lip, tongue, throat swelling. Rash and hives are getting more and more frequent and strong on my beck, chest, face, arm, abdomen. And when I yang, the deepest point causes a chest pain.
Avatar m tn Its okay when the penis is not erect and its not causing me any trouble however when its erect I could see the swelling and when I feel it with my finger its very sensitve to the touch.. I'm really worried coz its definitely affecting my sexual life.
Avatar f tn After visiting the prostitute, I fingered her with the finger rash I had. I don't know or remember if they (rash) were open or bleeding. They could have and could have not. After 23 days, I developed three tiny lumps on my scrotum. I popped one of them and all three of them moved like "hair follicles" would move. There was a twin tiny head (lump) and another one had tiny hair on top of it. I also seem to have pearly penile papules on the rim of my forehead.
Avatar n tn about a year ago i got a swelling on my hand it went away a month later i got a swelling of my tonge and so on every time it went away in about three hrs. The last month it has been more freq two or three spots at once  now today i have three spors on my arms and one finger  swelled up the spots itch like hell. the bottom of my foot swelled up last week at the same time my thump was swelled up.  this only lasted about three hrs.
Avatar n tn when the swelling/redness/mild pain persisted and spread to the wrist he was treated with cephalexin and prednisone for 7 and 5 days respectively. the rash seemed to fade and pain/swelling dimished but not entirely. 3 days later the red rash is stronger on his elbow with another red rash ring around his sholder and another around shoulder toward chest with continuing complaints of pain in hand and arm.
Avatar n tn I too have had rashes on my joints for years. I have mentioned it to doctors at times and they never have any idea. I guess that is usually what happens to me when I go to the doctor, I am always a mystery. I get bumps on my knuckles, elbows and sometimes my knees or wrists. It have just learned to live with it and generally doesn't bother me to much but I have always wondered why just my joints. Let me know if you ever find anything out.
Avatar f tn I was messing around with my new garage key on my keychain and within 5 minutes i noticed 3 callused bumps on the side of my finger and on my middle finger of my next hand. They only hurt when i pressed on them, felt like dry hard skin. and itched every now and then. i kept applying creams and miracle oil onto it and within 24 hours they decreased in size. they never cause my pain, no redness, no swelling.
Avatar m tn After a recent hair cut I noticed a rash in the follicles of my left eyebrow. It appeared about 3 days afterwards and I am relating it to this event since the lady cutting my hair also cuts my eyebrows which are rather pronounced ( Spock from Star Trek anyone?) If I recall correctly she went a little deep on the left side and seems to have scraped the skin. It became very itchy, crusty and had a slight yellowish liquid coating for the first few days.