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1427077 tn?1282916807 I have a lump on the top joint of my index finger which has been there for about 2 months now. Sometimes its sore but now always & its starting to get bigger. Is it worth getting it checked out?
Avatar n tn My husband has a hard lump on his pointer finger near the joint,he said it is painless,but Im concerned. What is this lump?is it cancerous? will it go away? should he see a doctor right away?
Avatar m tn Not sure if this goes under skin growth or not, but on my left ring finger, at the top joint, is a small bluish/purple lump. It's painless and soft to the touch and doesn't really seem to be growing or moving anywhere. I've also had this for at least a month. I've had warts before and this definitely doesn't seem like one. My questions is, should I be worried? Also, could it be cancer? Thanks in advance for the help.
Avatar m tn I have developed a lump in the joint between my thumb and the finger next to it. It appears to be near the joint in the webbing of my thumb and is approx 1cm wide. My thumb is extremely painful if i accidently clip it against something or put any pressure on it. I occasionally get pins and needles in my hand and it may be disturbing the blood circulation. Any assistance is appreciated. It has similar symptons to a ganglion cyst but i am unsure if you can get them in this particular area.
Avatar n tn Alright, I'm only 16 (and am pretty sure I don't have Arthritis) but I recently noticed a growing "lump" on my index finger of my right hand (see attached). I do have a bad habit of cracking my knuckles/joints, but none of my other fingers have this problem (I should really stop). The reason I posted here is because you guys would know the most about joint problems. So my questions are, what is this? And what can I do remove/reduce it? Cheers!
Avatar m tn 19 as well and I actually have that same pea like lump in my middle finger, the joint right before my palm begins. I looked on multiple websites and talked to my mom, who has had the same thing. It could possibly be something called Sebacus cyst. The doctor can cut it out but they say chances are it will just come back. Although they're not something you should have to worry about too much, you should probably just talked to a doctor and see what he said.
Avatar f tn Hi-- I hit the outside edge between knuckle and first joint of my pinky finger against a hard object about a month ago. (I tried to vigorously shoo my dog out of the kitchen and whacked my hand on the tile counter) It was painful but never showed obvious (to me) sign of breakage. I had inflammation, pain, a small amount of bruising (I don't bruise easily) and it as been tender to the touch ever since.
1524304 tn?1326400574 For a while they were numb, but it passed when the pain subsided. The next day I noticed sensitiveness along the last joint (the on top) of my pointer. At start I thought there's something stabbed in but found nothing. The other thing I noticed that pointer and middle finger were swollen a bit and I think they still are bit bigger (fingertip area) than same ones on other hand. The sensitiveness comes and goes by the day.
Avatar n tn I have a lump just above the top joint of my index finger it's hard but does not hurt at all but now just next to it is another smaller lump forming
Avatar f tn on my right hand my pinky had two lumps on it one on the middle joint going towards my other fingers and the other on the top joint going the opposite way and it is sometimes sore to write my leg has a lump about my shin area i have been to the orthopedics but they can find anything and it has nearly been a year and a half and they keep saying take painkillers but they don't help and they are bad for your stomach and they are horrible to take.
Avatar m tn Hi Carmelinka, from both the symptoms you described where there is no pain, as well as opinion from doctor who ruled out the X-ray, it doesn't seem that there's any fracture. The lump you describe may be due to a soft tissue injury. In case of a knuckle joint, cartilage is present as one of the soft tissue. This is the same tissue that sometimes makes a popping sound when someone presses their fingers.
Avatar n tn i have noticed a lump in the middle of my middle finger, its sore and moves from side to side, then a day or two later i noticed another a bit higher up, just as painful, can u help?
Avatar m tn Hello, i have noticed a 2mm lump on my ring finger, on the palm side. It is just above DIP joint, but seems to be tethered to the skin as opposed to the bone, because i can move it. It doesnt cause any pain except when i press on it, otherwise i dont notice it is there. All the skin around it looks completely normal, and i have full range of movement in my finger, and since i first noticed it in august 2009, it doesnt seem to have changed in size.
Avatar f tn Around the first week of the injury I noticed a lump on the inside of the middle joint (facing the middle finger) which isn't visible to the eye only by touch), clicking type sound when I move the finger up and down, pins n' needles sensations in this area and radiating into the hand/wrist, pain when bending the finger. I did have physical therapy on this finger for four months. However I still have all the symptoms listed above and they haven't improved.
Avatar f tn Hi-- I hit the outside edge between knuckle and first joint of my pinky finger against a hard object about a month ago. (I tried to vigorously shoo my dog out of the kitchen and whacked my hand on the tile counter) It was painful but never showed obvious (to me) sign of breakage. I had inflammation, pain, a small amount of bruising (I don't bruise easily) and it as been tender to the touch ever since.
Avatar f tn A ball hit the palm side of this finger approximately mid joint. Two X-rays within two weeks of injury. I was told...Possibly cracked, yes cracked, not cracked. I developed a lump on the inside of the pip joint that faces anatomically towards middle finger not long after injury.This lump area is painful and clicks when bending finger. To this day I'm still have the lump and clicking. The pain has spread into the top of my hand in the region of little and ring finger.
Avatar m tn lumps appear overnight sometimes and has one also on finger joint. doc did blood tests and biopsy. tried to remove one from arm but too deep inside. he thought viral from blood tests but biopsy said otherwise. he's now going to send to dermatologist, within six months. I'm worried, any ideas?
Avatar m tn The exact location of the injury would be the middle pinkie joint that is right along side the ring finger. This happened two months ago, I haven't been to the hospital yet because this is a common injury in the trade. So far the swelling subsided barely, but there is a small lump on the inside of the pinky. It hurts (9/10) when any pressure is presented. I have decided to buddy tape the finger for the past 2 days. I have to admit there is a lot of discomfort and some pain(3/10).
Avatar m tn I'm 57 and developed arthritis in the last few months. My right pinkie finger has swollen to the point that it looks and feels like it's broken. It's the middle joint between the hand knuckle and the nail knuckle. There's now a lump or "knob" where it feels broken. I even have to be careful drying my hands because if I forget to "guard" the joint and bend or twist the finger accidentally, it's very painful.
Avatar n tn it is about 1cm long and protrudes from the inner portion of her pinky slightly above the main joint where the finger bents (not the joint by the nail). it is painless and i went online and searched and searched and i'm pretty sure it is a giant-cell tumor, which is supposed to be benign. my question is, do you think she should get it removed or just let it be. the problem is, it seems to be a pretty invasive procedure and my mom would rather just let it be if it is going to be benign.
915277 tn?1252576713 Just diagnosed with gastritis and Barrett esophagus, have arthritis of hands, knees, hips and back and degeneration in back, have that blister lump on index finger that Dr. Says is my joint blowing out and he wants to do surgery, feel like I hit 60 and started falling apart! I love life and want to live a long life. Any advice ?
Avatar f tn Followed up with family doctor in a week, another xray, he said yes cracked around middle joint (side of the middle joint that faces towards middle finger). However the next day he phoned and said no its not broken. About a month later went to physiotherapy which included ultrasound treatment and compressions stocking. This lasted about three to four months. In Spring of this year I had no improvement.
499577 tn?1210430393 Ibuprofen, ice and rest is what he has suggested. The lump as not gone down in size. I was having other joint pain, swelling, fever etc. as well. I saw a rheumatologist last week, she did x-rays and blood work. I've not heard about the results as of yet. She started me on an 8 day Prednisone Rx. I've had great relief in my hands & feet. It's hard to wait but maybe try ice, rest and Ibuprofen, if you have no issues against using Ibuprofen.