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Avatar n tn I don't seem to have migraine or heart issues so that is a no.. I am leaning to fibromyalgia - thinking my muscles must be shortening thus all the cracking but this is just from reading various other posts. I am not in the extreme pain some people seem to have with this condition. But I still do not have an answer.
Avatar n tn There are many hear that have experienced exactly what you are about to go through. Lean on this forum for support. Your use, while high, was of a relatively short duration. This cuts in your favor. Best regards.
Avatar n tn Hello, There are certain times I am left alone. When I am tense - no action. When I am relaxed more stingy feelings. The scalp has some good size muscles, maybe it's from the muscle they make their way out of and then to or near the hair folicle to exit. I have had scalp sores in the past as well.