Fibromyalgia causes night sweats

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Avatar n tn Emphysema does not cause night sweats. Recurrent night sweats would actually suggest that you have another health problem, unrelated to emphysema, but possibly an infectious pulmonary disease, such as tuberculosis (TB). Diabetes can also cause night sweats as can a number of other diseases. Finally, it is not uncommon for a person to have night sweats, for no apparent cause, but that should not be your assumption. I suggest that you see your doctor, for evaluation of the night sweats.
Avatar f tn Hopefully some of you women can help ease my mind since it goes to the worst place possible... I been experiencing night sweats the past 3 nights now.. but this is new for me. My cycle usually starts about now. Im hoping its a change in Hormones? As soon as I google it the worst things come up so I cant help but worry myself to death.. Should I wait to start menstrating until I see my doctor to see if it goes away?
Avatar n tn Hello, Allergic rhinitis can be one of the causes of night sweats but many other causes are also there. Anxiety and stress are also important causes of night sweats. Infections like sinusitis, pharyngitis, or other upper respiratory infections are an important cause of night sweats. Other than that perimenopausal women often experience night sweats.
Avatar m tn i have the night sweats.. when i don't have the night sweats , my legs and hands swell, all my doctors says is. That is strange!
Avatar n tn Dear Kelley Night sweats can occur from several causes such as tuberculosis, thyroid problems, anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder etc. Eventhough night sweats can occur in anxiety disorders, I would recommend that you first consult your physician for a comprehensive evaluation to rule out any medical causes that may be contributing to the symptoms and then consult a psychiatrist for adequate treatment.
Avatar m tn after two years of 2 - 3 night sweats I now have them during the day. I'm 83, male, with stable CAD, one stent. The cardiac hospital has nothing to suggest For interventionist cardios if there's no pain in the chest there's nothing wrong with you. Any suggestins please? A neurologist perhaps?
Avatar n tn I'm 31 and have been having these night sweats for the last 3 years. I'm not sure from what it caused by. I know that I suffer from insomnia and RLS but when I do try to finally go to bed my lower section (genitalia area) gets extremely hot and causes my entire body to sweat from head to toe.
Avatar n tn Highlyanxious, I had night sweats for two weeks three weeks after my exposure, and they terrified me, but I tested negative at 3 months. Apparently there are a thousand different causes of night sweats, the main one being anxiety which I'm sure you're going through at the moment. The only way to know is to test, and if this was a once off exposure, all the experts will tell you it's highly unlikely you contracted HIV.
Avatar f tn It could be the Fibromyalgia. Fibro causes problems with your hypothalamus gland which controls your body temperature, sleep and a range of other things. I have had the symptoms you are describing. Your body could also be trying to fight an infection, so I would check your temp. when these symptoms occur for fever. Your symptoms don't sound hormone-related to me, although hormone problems make Fibromyalgia symptoms worse.
Avatar m tn I'm 19 years old. Lately, more specifically for the past month or so, I have been waking up in the middle of the night soaked in sweat, and i find myself having to change my shirt upon returning to bed. It has literally only been a month since I've started experiencing these night sweats! it has been occuring 3 or 4 times a week. Should I be concerned? I have heard from several people that nightsweats are quite common with people my age entering adulthood.
Avatar f tn t think a high VL necessarily causes them. There can be other causes of night sweats -- perhaps you should consult your doctor.
Avatar n tn can severe cases of hepatitis b cause night sweats and thrush tongue
Avatar n tn Night sweats are a non-specific finding an isolated night-sweats are not at all suggestive of HIV. Night sweats can be caused by any variety of things, many of which are not even infectious- reflux and heartburn are amongst the common causes. There is nothing you have mentioned that suggests you are specifically at risk for HIV. should you be concerned for other reasons, symptoms are a poor indicator of risk and testing is the best and most direct way to approach one's concerns.
Avatar n tn About a month ago, I started suffering with sever night sweats then chills, no fever accompanied with this, as well as wheezing in my chest, and coughing up mucus upon waking up daily. I have had blood test, MRI, CT Scans, TB Test, Chest X-Rays, and have even had a Heart Cath. Nothing is showing up. The night sweats wake me up with drenching cloths, linens, and have even woken my wife up. They do not happen nightly but about 4 times a week.
Avatar n tn This website has some good information on some of the causes for night sweats. While this medical article focuses on some very serious conditions, stress & nightmares can cause it, too ... Good luck. I hope you get some relief soon.
Avatar m tn I would like to know, Could night sweats due to ARS could occur without fever? Are they localized i.e. occur only around one's neck and upper chest? How many nights could they occur? As regards drenching, does it mean that you expect to change all the bedding's or just the only the thin bed sheet on the upper most?
1889242 tn?1321354938 I get night sweats too at times. I have noticed them since I was in my young 20's. I did mention it once to my doctor years ago but all she said was "your too young for night sweats" so I forgot about mentioning it again. I also have hyperhydrosis, though. Don't know if they are somehow related?
Avatar f tn Night sweats are a symptom of ars..
Avatar n tn I was recently diagnosed with FMS and I get the sweats all thoughout the day and night.....but soaking wet at whole case is severe and chronic. I am trying an low impact excercise and vitamen regemine to try to improve my health issues....also I am on a medical LOA....I hurt so much and am so tired all of the time...I used to be so energetic, constantly doing....but not now. I'll pray for I feel that is the only true answer.
Avatar f tn Thus you should look for another cause of your symptoms. Night sweats have many causes including non-sexually acquired viral infections, reflex of stomach material into the esophagus and other problems. Similarly, muscle aches could have many causes. In answer to your specific questions: 1. Are my 11 week test conclusive? Yes. 2. Should i be 100% confident that my symptoms not duo to hiv ? Yes 3. Could you please tell me if my night sweats duo to hiv or not ? see above 4.
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing severe and I mean severe night sweats. It is so bad that my hands literaly look like I spent too much time in the water. It does not matter how cold the room is I still sweat. I have to change the bedding and my clothes every night. This has been going on off and on for years but this time it is consistant for a least a month. I take Lexapro but have been for a long time so I'm not sure if that is the reason.
Avatar m tn I started getting night sweats after I came back from Iraq a few years ago. They have showed up off and on since then when I am under stress or anxiety. I usually would wake up in panic and so on. I am on Zoloft and I take an Ativan before bed because lately I have been having major panic attacks during the day, and my mind just races with thoughts I can't control.