Fibromyalgia and chest pain

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Avatar f tn I was on the stress test for 5 minutes and they told me I was fine and released and sent home telling me I had acid reflux and stress. They gave me Protonix and Xanax. Two weeks later I was taken from the new cardio doc's office to the cath lab and the stent was placed. Of course later I had the test for acid reflux and I have been reassured I do not have this problem. Thanks for any help you can give.
Avatar f tn I'm glad you asked the question about chest pain. I get chest pain so extreme that the doctors thought I was having a heart attack. Thankfully no but they put me through hell to find out. I never want to go through all that again. I never thought of Fibro. being the cause. Have you heard anything more about it?
10222464 tn?1408718148 This doesn't really sound like fibromyalgia and if it's a chronic problem you need to see a specialist. You also need to have the chest pain evaluated. Your primary care doctor might be s gôod place to start.
Avatar m tn We have started acupuncture which has been quite good so far, his pain has reduced. He is now missing lots of school, originally due to fatigue and chest pain and last week due to nausea. Are the doctors correct in their diagnosis, can anyone suggest a way forward or shed any light on a similar experience?
Avatar f tn fibromyalgia. severe pain under left rib. I was cleaning my kitchen bin and felt a searing pain under mt left rib, at the side. I'm now bed bound, unable to move without screaming in pain. Pain meds, including morphine, don't help. I have slipped discs in my lower back as well. It hurts when I breath. What could be the cause of the extreme pain I'm in? Having slept on my right side last night, I now have extreme shoulder pain. I do have a memory foam mattress.
Avatar n tn I suffer from fibromyalgia and neurophy daily. When the pain is severe I can hardly stand it. Are there any new approaches to this condition. I am taking vicoden, cymbalta, pamelor and neurotyn?
Monster ### FIBROMYALGIA SYMPTOMS Pain — The primary symptom of fibromyalgia is widespread (diffuse), chronic, and persistent pain. The pain may be described as a deep muscular aching, soreness, stiffness, burning, or throbbing. Patients may also feel numbness, tingling, or unusual “crawling” sensations in the arms and legs.
Avatar n tn I have been having chest pain for quite some time now. For the past 2 weeks it comes & goes. It is worse sometimes (it varies from day to day) when I eat, when I exercise, when I get too stressed, when I get hot & when I lie down. It is like a sharp nagging pain in the middle of my rib cage sometimes lasting more than a few minutes. I have always also had problems with shortness of breath & dizziness. I am also tired all the time.
415098 tn?1214860436 and they did a ct scan of my spine and it didnt show any problems I have the rashes that are one of the symptoms,chest pain,chronic headaches,dizziness,anxiety,eye site problems,trouble breathing and i looked it up and there all symptoms of fybromialgia
Avatar n tn A bloodtest for Hpylori came back negative, they also did EKGs since my chest hurt.Again that was great. Then the pain almost went away again and now my sternum and my ribs and lumps are bothering me again. Can you please shed some insight on the matter? THANKS.
Avatar f tn neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips, chest, breast bone (especially to the sides of it), left arm, abdomen Muscles are tender when I touch them, especially arms and thighs Hypoglycemia Weight Gain I've had heart tests, stomach tests, blood tests. Nothing shows up. I'm getting very frustrated and discouraged! Does this sound like it could be fibromyalgia? My only "tender spots" that react for me are my elbows, hips and inner knees (not as painful as hips and elbows).
358486 tn?1294779988 I exercise 4 times a week no matter how bad I feel. I just push throug the pain. I do get the breast pain, chest wall soreness, rib soreness. Areas that are ALWAYS sore to touch are my neck, shoulder blades area, ribs, spine and upper back. My butt cheeks, extending down to hip area and outer thigh area. I have more but these are the pronounced areas. I hopes this helps with some insight as to what this condition is all about.
769745 tn?1345750012 In particular, fibromyalgia sufferers are apt to feel neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pack and pain in the waist, ribs, buttocks, and knees. A common example of one such symptom is pungent or strong-smelling urine. The patient may feel embarrassed to even bring up the topic with her physician. Genitourinary symptoms involve the private parts and it is never easy to discuss these details, even with medical professionals.
3202069 tn?1345408082 I also eat something light like oatmeal, cheerios or a couple of scrambled eggs and take my pain medication. then when that kicks in I stretch, pray and try to move around, My bladder bothers me too since I have Interstitial cystitis. I get up several times to go to the restroom. I have been having alot of pain in my bladder and back and going to the doctor Tuesday. It is so hard to get motivated when your in pain. You don't even want to move.
Avatar n tn i have had a burning pain in my back and chest pains under my left breast.
Avatar m tn If the condition improves,then it was costochondritis other wise other conditions like cardiac ,Gi or lung pathologies.Some other possibilities are anemia and thyroid diseases(hyperthyroidism),fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis and irritation of the nerves supplying the chest by buldging disc of cervical or thoracic vertebrae.These also have to be probed if the symptoms persist even after treatement for costochondritis. Hope it helps.
Avatar f tn All Fibro patients have an irregular heart beat, with a particular abnormal wave pattern on the ECG (24H Holter ECG is needed for this), indicating that the blood upflow from the left ventricle through the aorta is impaired, with physical scars and damage to the heart. So yes your chest pains are due to Fibromyalgia and they are real!!! Wish you well!
Avatar n tn I am not convinced by the diagnosis as my pains come from inside the chest cage and feel heart related to me. Problem for me is I pass the ECG and stress test no problem and don't get out of breath when exercising etc. I have recently developed sharp stabbing pains in my left arm and right leg which is adding to my concern. Does anyone have ideas as to any heart defects that don't show up on the normal scans?
Avatar f tn Another possibility that can explain the pain is pericarditis. It causes chest pain aggravated by laughing yawning and deep breathing and also causes radiation of pain to arms. Again an EKG, heat echo and chest X-ray is required. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn I have had Upper GI's (4 of them), Ultrasound, I finally had repositioning 8 weeks ago. The pain came back. So now I am having it removed on Monday 9/8/08. The doctor and I have agreed that either my IBS or my Fibromyalgia are what is causing this.
Avatar n tn Also do some stretching exercises before running and take healthy nutritious diet. If the symptoms persist then fibromyalgia and ruptured or herniated disc have to be ruled out.Pls consult an orthopedician in that case. Hope it helps.If you have any additional queries,then pls post us. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism may occur which include – Heart palpitations , Tachycardia, Heart attack , chest pain , Heart failure , difficulty breathing , Hypertension , Insomnia , anxiety , muscle weakness and a lot of other symptoms . So first of all you need to get the dose of Armour Thyroid adjusted .Please consult an endocrinologist for the same at the earliest because some of these symptoms are serious . .
1830047 tn?1321671393 I been having bad headaches and so sensitive to light and my eyes hurt so much, but it only last for a few days and also came with burning in my arms and pain in my neck, back and hands, I think is a flare up, normal for me especially when I am stress out, a lot a things going on with my life now, I have a breast lump biopsy coming up soon so I think is because of that.
Avatar n tn However, one needs to rule this out by a 12 lead EKG/ECG. In all probability, the pain is due to costochondrits, which causes pain and tenderness at points where your ribs attach to your breastbone. The inflammation around the joint area gives sharp pain on taking a breath. This can also cause tenderness on pressing the area which pains. An orthopedic doctor can diagnose this for you. Generally there is no cause. However it can be due to infection, blow, injury, or fibromyalgia.
489725 tn?1280056153 hello all new to this forum i have ibs for a few yrs now and was just wondering does it go hand in hand with fibromyalgia,my muscles lately are always tired esp around my shoulders and seem to get a lot of chest pain under arms comes and goes a lot at night time .even if i exercise and i do everyday my muscles ache and i am by no means over doing it.
Avatar n tn I had chest x rays,blood, urine and stool tests and everything came back fine. I was given propranolol for my chest pain and heart racings, I was given lasix to get rid of my severe water retention, cause I forgot to add, that I gained like 30 pounds in a matter of days. They put me on an anti-depressant, for my anxiety and sent me home, I was back the next day, because I was alittle better, but was getting new symptoms now, fatigue, muscle and joint aches etc.
Avatar m tn I have IBS, anxiety, asthma, neck issues, PVC, an enlarged left ventricle and fibro. I have be very careful when I have persistent chest pain and begin by addressing each of the above to see if I can stop or control the symptom which may be causing my chest pain. HOWEVER, If this is new to you plz go to the doctor ASAP.