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315318 tn?1353255400 I think in my heading I should have said combination of Statin and fenofibrate. The user guide on Triplix does advocate combination. I have been using statins for more than nine years and this is the first time I am seeing a significant drop in my blood sugars with everything else remaining the same.. I must say I was reluctant and so was my former cardiologist in recommending the combination because of possible side effects.
315318 tn?1353255400 There are some issues when using a fibrate along with a statin but the side effect incidence when combining a fenofibrate and statin are extremely low. Being a diabetic is also an issue with the use of a fenofibrate as the combined therapy does not appear to be any more effective than a statin alone. You may want to ask your doctor about a less powerful statin than Crestor to use along with a fenofibrate, perhaps a generic Zocor (simvastatin) at the same dosage.
Avatar m tn I'm also in a wheelchair and on oxygen. I can't exercise due to bad back and multiple other medical problems.I also have idiopathic anaphylaxis and am scared to death to take a new drug.Has anyone had an allergic reaction to these drugs? Are the side effects worth the risks? I also have digestive problems and this is another side effect..
Avatar m tn I often have red wine after dinner, that is a tradition my wife and have enjoyed for 49 years, and certainly my liver is feeling just fine, and blood tests confirm that. Take the statin and let the blood tests sort out the liver issue. I refused taking statins until aggressive CAD caused all my stents. Since taking a statin since 2007, I've had no problems.
Avatar f tn Can anyone suggest a Non Statin drug that has helped lower their cholesterol without any side effects? Doctor wants to try yet another statin, I say No...I do eat right and exercise, but high cholesterol is all thru the genetics...
Avatar m tn My gut feel is the side effects are telling me that the medicine is working and I am hoping that they will subside after a while. Am I fooling my self? Should I just switch to a statin and see how that works?
Avatar n tn Fenofibrate in combination with a Statin drug can cause severe Rhabdomyolysis. I know because I have gone through it. My muscle pain got so severe that I couldn't even move my arms and I wound up in the ER with kidney (also a muscle) pain so severe, I was climbing the walls.
Avatar n tn You can google the warnings and side effects of that one. I also take Tricor for my hyperlipidemia. But that is a fenofibrate, not a statin. Have you ever tried the grandfather of statins, Lipitor? Talk to your doctor and get the straight answers.
Avatar n tn Your LDL is very good at 93, although this may be while you were on the statin. Management of lipids can be very complicated and has to be done in the context of your risk factor profile. I hope this response helps.
Avatar n tn why can't his HDL and LDL be calculated?
Avatar m tn I have not seen data published on aortic plaque. Talk to your doctor about a statin medication and dietary charges are always a good idea. 4. will it get worse and how is it treated? It can progress with time. Diet, exercise, and statins can help to slow or stop progression, as mentioned above some studies suggest there might be a subtle regression with atorvastatin. 5. How can one increase HDL? Moderate alcohol can increase HDL, statins, Niacin and fenofibrate can also increase HDL.
Avatar n tn That was November 2003 and I'm doing well. Just got my most recent stress/echo report and EF is 60% and leaky valve is stable.
Avatar n tn pdf and that is current (and FDA approved). It seems that the main problem was with fenofibrate and pravastatin. The level was pravastatin was greatly increased. But newer info with other statins shows no danger. Atorvastatin serum levels were actually decreased. Jack is very correct that any individual's response can vary a lot from the norm. > Any other natural suggestions on lowering [TG]? I've seen studies that low carb works best, but low Glycemic Index is not that far behind.
Avatar n tn anger and irritability all the time and severe cognitive issues with memory, reasoning and being able to focus. After stopping each statin, it has taken me longer to get back to normal mentally. It is amazing how much better I feel now that I have been off of them for 4 mos. My energy level is back and my mental status is great. My latest numbers are T-343, Tri-171, DLDL-212, Direct HDL- 104. I do not have HBP, diabetes and do not smoke or drink alcohol. My diet is good but I do not exercise.
Avatar n tn I would imagine the fact that you suffer with cluster headaches only couples with this. I too have to take a statin and fenofibrate becasue my triglycerides are extremely high. But I can't say I have any side effects from these. If you think about the benefits of taking statins it may make it easier mentally. I wish I had a real answer for you.
Avatar n tn i am 44 yrs old female. my height is 5.6 inches and weight 87 kgs. under menopause from 1 year.recently i have gone threw all medical tests. my lipid frofile results are cholesterol : 251.0mg/dl TGL :264mg/dl HIGH hdl :62.0mg/dl ldl :136.20 mg/dl vldl :52.80 mg/dl are the levels are normal? high TGLs are due to family history.any medication necessary ?any suggestions ? iam not on medication except calcium.needs your valuable suggestions for a HEALTHY HEART. regards!
315318 tn?1353255400 I am also confused about your cholesterol drugs, are you now on both fenofibrate and a statin? I wouldn't think so because fenofibrate is not supposed to be mixed with statins. Blood thinners can also react to fenofibrate. If your GP is having trouble controlling your cholesterol levels, maybe he should attack it from both sides instead of just one. My cholesterol was very high due to familia hypercholesterolemia.
822804 tn?1298229902 Have they suggested taking a statin? My trigs are actually over 2100. I take Tricor to keep these down.
Avatar f tn There is no problem with taking a fenofibrate and a statin, it is perfectly safe, I take them both myself. There are possible side effects when taking a fibrate and a statin, you should ask you doctor to be sure.
Avatar m tn To add to Ed's list, with Hypercholesterolemia is treated with Niacin and Fenofibrates to lower the trigylcerides. I have this problem and take a fenofibrate (Tricor) and a statin.
2085202 tn?1373203340 The kind of muscle degneration you are talking about happens in 1 out of 53 million prescriptions so it is very, very rare and doubt yours has anything to do with the Simvastatin. When a statin causes this kind of muscle damage it is very easy to detect on blood tests or even a biopsy. It is easy to spot and I'm sure your doctor would not miss it if he was looking for it. In addition, muscle damage from statins is easily reversed by stopping it's use.
Avatar f tn 300mg fenofibrate 200mg lisinopril 5mg twice a day and this was 7/11 I express muscle pain I have already been having from other meds he said it is a side affect but will f/u in 10/11 so i went for blood work and f/u with the Dr he said my numbers ha not came down much so we will go to 80mg of the lipitor I expressed my concerns about the high dose and I have been have muscle pain more often we headaches and he says the blood work doesn't show any problems with the liver so lets try, and I will
Avatar n tn Also, your numbers are high enough that you really should discuss a statin for your Cholesterol and a fenofibrate for your serum TGLs as life style changes may not be enough. I would try that first and retest on 3- 6 months and see if it had any impact. If not, I would consider the meds. Your profile does not give an age or gender, but if you are young now is the time to get a handle on it.
1143283 tn?1408906905 I do know that diets high in sugars and fats without benefit of exercise tend to result in high levels. Statin drugs can be exceedingly effective with very low risk in lowering both cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and also taking 2000 of a good quality fish oil can help. As a former commercial fisherman, I'd recommend a fish oil such as herring, mackerel or tuna, or oil from wild-caught salmon.
237039 tn?1264261657 I am familiar with this study and it has a few flaws, the largest one being the size of the control group. There were only 301 participants and of those there were 89 cardiac events. The study (RACED) was designed to follow a sub-set of another study (VADT) which was designed to find the link between intensive glycemic control and vascular disease. These participants were all diabetics with advanced CAD.
Avatar m tn Your numbers are not really all that bad, everything looks good except your TGLs unless you have other risks for heart disease and a statin such as Tonact TG does not usually help lower TGLs. As you most likely know, your TGLs should be under 150. Normally a doctor will prescribe a fenofibrate like Tricor for TGLs, but I'm sure your doctor has weighed the risks and benefits for you in making his choice, but it may be worth asking him.
8012558 tn?1399312257 His mom (my grandmother) died when she was 52 from diabetes. My doctor put me on Fenofibrate 160 mg and Lipitor 40 mg. Is that going to help? I know my choice of food is my main issue, but I have very hard time to stop. If these numbers above are not enough for me to realize this is a serious situation, I don't know what is going to take for me to wake up. If anyone was in similar situation what did motivate you? I need help :( Thank you for reading.
Avatar m tn I took lipitor for twenty years without problems until menopause and the dose was raised from ten to twenty mg. I have gone off and on all statin drugs and recently have been trying generic liptor. I have muscle aches again and headaches this time. Is there anything esle besides statins I can try? I have lost twenty-five pounds and my cholesterol has gone from338 to 228. I think that the lipitor is making me very uncomfortable and that I really can not tolerate it.
159619 tn?1499916784 I have controlled by diet and included at least 1,000 mg of EPA and DHA from Omega III's from Krill Oil and Fish Oil from deep water Salmon and I am on a low dose statin and fenofibrate. One nice side effect of this lifestyle was a significant drop in my BP which is now averaging 108/67 with a resting heart rate in the upper 50s and a heart recovery rate of over 40 beats in the first minute after peak exercise.
Avatar f tn Also, the additional med that your doctor was talking about is most likely a fenofibrate like Tricor which is commonly added to a statin med. I am on both and they have worked very well for me with no side effects.