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Avatar f tn (in one spot,not walking) i start to get hot n dizzy.i went to white waters today n we were standing in line n all the sudden i got real hot n dizzy.my eats felt real wierd n my vision got blurry for a couple seconds n i felt nauses.it really concerned me because i have never felt that before.i felt like i was going to pass out.
Avatar n tn My 16 year old daughter has experienced 4 fainting spells this week, 2 within 20 minutes of each other and the second one resembling a small seizure(she went stiff, eyes wide and blank, laughing hysterically but eerie like and then cried and then "came to". She was admitted overnight for observation. Yesterday morning, the school called to say she had fainted again while sitting at her desk. This morning she fainted again while in her bed.
Avatar f tn Is anyone else having problems feeling really dizzy or fainting? I passed out last week in the middle of cosco and almost again in Wal-Mart anyone else having or had this problem??
Avatar n tn I was sitting for about a half hour prior to the event when I started to feel funny- like maybe I was going to vomit and it came on very fast. I fainted while still sitting and vomited while still out. Emergency medical techs were called out to the scene and after continuing to vomit after waking they said that my vitals were normal and I declined a vist to the ER. A few months later a similar thing happened without actually fainting.
Avatar n tn what is fainting disease, my son has fell down while standing. He has fell down 4-5 times in last 18 months.while morning school prayer. some dark shadows comes in his eyes & immediately after that he fell down. after felldown he remain unconcious for 30-40 seconds only. Today I consulted with a Neuro Doctor Puneet Syal (MD- Medicine) He told that my son may have chances 95 % of Fainting or 5% chances of Epilepsy desease and he advised MRI, EEG, ECHO & ECG TESTS.
Avatar f tn I couldn't move or get up for a while (I do not know how long, but I estimate 10-15 minutes). Once I was standing up, once I was seated in a kitchen chair. The doc ruled out: 1. Anemia, 2. Diabetes, 3. Pregnancy, 4. Epilepsy, 5. Thyroid disease/disorder. Can anyone out there help me? Has anyone ever experienced this? Does anyone know if the culprit behind by life being turned inside out even has a name?
Avatar m tn He sort of just fell and he did not put his arms out so i know he fainted while standing up, he hit his head on the ground hard and he was "sleeping" for about 30 seconds to a minute. My dad rolled him on his side and tried waking him up and he got up eventually. He does not know what happened or how he got in his bed, where he walked to about five minutes after he got up. So if anyone knows what this is or what is causing this it would help me out a ton thanks.
Avatar f tn First time was during studying I was standing and answering questions. The second time was when a friend of mine was putting makeup on me, once again I was standing, but I kept moving my legs so I wouldn't lock them. The third time I was in college and I was sitting at a picnic table with some friends and I fainted. I am not sure what caused the fainting either time. All three were completely different and the length was different as well.
Avatar m tn My mother has had bouts of fainting and light headedness. Sometimes they come weekly and other times not for 2 months. This has been going on since 2007. She has been admitted to hospital on a number of occasions but each time they have not come to any conclusions as to a diagnosis. These attacks of light headedness last 2-5 minutes. She slurs her speech, gets pins and needles in her arms, and sometimes but not always faints.
492869 tn?1285022533 At the store though, I often resolve to sitting on the floor while waiting in a line. Like you I have less of a problem walking, but standing still is just about impossible. When I stand up again though, I'm usually lightheaded and disoriented. (Supplemental oxygen is something I'd recommend by the way.) Thank you for adding to the list!
Avatar f tn I dont know why but for the last 3 years i have been fainting or blacking out for no reason. When it first started, i just thought that it was just because i was getting out of bed way too fast ( i used to fall in my room a lot! and in the hall way. one time i fell into my closet and couldn't get up for some reason.) But then it got all weird because it would happen out of the blue. i would be feeling fine and walking and then i would just pass out right there.
2013201 tn?1330152475 That being said it does not necessarily mean you will have to take medications. The big problem is having an episode while driving or standing near the edge of a railway platform. You need a proper neurological evaluation at a teaching hospital. If the event takes place again go immediately to an ER via 911 ambulance.
Avatar n tn I recently began to feel the symptoms you explained. Fainting in my sleep. Last weekend it happened to me while I was awake and I was taken to the ER. After extensive tests the only thing the doctors could come up with was Magnezium defficiency. I explained the fainting in my sleep to the doctor. It sounded foreign to him. I read up on Magnezium defficiency - it explained most of my symptoms (panic, shortness of breath, extreme weakness) but it didn't say anything about sleep fainting.
Avatar n tn It could be a condition called orthostatic hypotension which is basically abnormally low blood pressure that occurs when an individual suddenly assumes the standing posture. It can produce dizziness and fainting. Also called postural hypotension. While I am unsure as how a doctor would go about monitoring this, it is a suggestion that you could take to your next doctor.
Avatar m tn It is more likely that you have a strong nerve reflex response to standing up -- it is not uncommon to have feeling of palpitations, especially with standing vertical after prolong sitting or lying. Often this is related to fluid status inside your vascular system (i.e. dehydration); occasionally this could be related to issues of the autonomic nervous system.
Avatar m tn Well last week, I came home from work and was standing in the doorway having a conversation with my mother-in-law when I all of sudden got a feeling of standing up to fast (but I had been standing there for at least 5 to 10 mins) Everything went black and I woke up laying on the ground and she was standing over me yelling my name, She said I looked very confused, and I couldnt answer her for a few mins.
126762 tn?1325265405 my sister, age 22, and 13 weeks pregnant, this morning was at work, while standing she felt faint, then walked out of the room, everything went black (she described it as thinking she went blind), then leaned against a wall... and fainted and woke up on the floor, she was sweating and shaking right before that. When she woke up, she went to the bathroom and threw up, and was shaky afterwards... this afternoon she had what she says was very little spotting (5 or 6 hours later).
Avatar n tn This morning, my fiance and I were "messing around" while standing up. We were not having intercourse, which we've never done. When I climaxed, I instantly got nauseated and felt like I was going to throw up. Then I felt dizzy and my face and ears went numb and everything sounded like I was under water. I sat down and after a few minutes it went away, but it was really terrifying. I don't know what caused this...
Avatar n tn This summer I fainted about 1/2 hour after take off from Canada. Definitely adequately hydrated. Fainting feeling occurred while seated. Fainted once in the seat, and once standing up. Usual blood pressure is 110/60 or 70.
Avatar f tn Did they do tests for iron and bloodpressure ? I know when my iron is too low i get dizzy and fainted once in my last pregnancy and a couple times straight after delivery. That was all my iron. But i know blood pressure can do thesame.
2033435 tn?1329947108 ) last Wednesday, 3 days ago. Is it usual to faint in my situation? I've been having dizziness while standing for months now but never got to the point of fainting. Doctor said it's perfectly fine to have a really low TSH, did not seem concerned about it. Labs blood from April 13: (LO indicates it's lower than range, HI indicates it's higher - both are indicated "abnormal") Test Reference Units TSH 0.153 LO (0.270-4.200) uIU/mL T3 UPTAKE (T3U) 35.8 (24.3-39.
Avatar n tn An episode occurs while standing, occasionally sitting and almost never lying down. Patients often describe feeling very warm and sweaty before blacking out. Nausea can come before an episode. People witnessing the event sometimes describe the patient as pale (“white as a sheet”). The patient is usually “out” (fainted) for under a minute. Although there may be some twitching while "out", the patient seldom shakes violently, bites their tongue or loses control of their bladder.
Avatar f tn It turned out my blood pressure was always low Like 100/65. If I stayed hydrated and ate something salty every once in a while it happened less. Make sure mention it tomorrow.
Avatar f tn I am a 19 years old female and I have migraines with aura, and I've had them since I was 14 years old. Recently I've started having fainting spells with black outs, loss of hearing, shortness of breath, tunnel vision and severe SEVERE dizziness. The first time i fainted, i couldn't hear anything and my vision got blurry, hit my head hard on the desk as I fell while getting out of bed to get some water. Two days later, I had a migraine episode, the worst ever.
Avatar n tn His parents both have medical histories of numerous things and his mother has had fainting episodes. His father recently had a panic attack from stress (I assume) and I'm afraid he might be going through the same things. My husband is also not willing to go to the doctor about something so "minor." What things should I be finding out? Or am I overreacting? Thank you for any info you can give.
Avatar f tn It seems to me, from reading the posts, that everyone has the dizziness/fainting issue. I do not, and wonder it there are others w/o that symptom. Are there cases that just don't have that, or could it be something that just hasn't hit me yet. I have a horrible laundry list of symptoms, but that is not one. Just wondering!
Avatar n tn So long story short, the other day I was outside with my boyfriend and his father, not for long, maybe 45 minutes but all of a sudden I got really dizzy and couldn't see anything and passed out. Luckily, I was standing right next to his Dad and he caught me so I didn't fall or anything. I called the doctor and he said that it must've been the heat, or could be my blood pressure. He didn't seem too worried which put my mind at ease.
18266184 tn?1463690662 Hi all! New here, been a bit of a lurker before this :) My question is has anyone had a fainting type reaction to their copaxone injection? I have been on it about 3.5 months & aside from knots pretty much everywhere, I haven't had too much trouble. This past Friday we injected in my right thigh (legs are admittedly the hardest for me), and I felt good about it, went in easily & felt ok. However it did bleed a bit, more than the dot or two of blood I'll occasionally get.