Fainting during panic attack

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Avatar f tn Has anyone ever experienced fainting during an anxiety or panic attack? If so, did this happen out of the blue and was it the very first symptom/episode for anyone?
Avatar n tn So I am more inclined to believe it's some sort of panic attack... And I am just really stressing myself out here. Is it a panic attack? Anyone know? This has never happenned to me before even on binges of the stuff in my really wild days. I know the dangers involved and I really am being careful... Please if anyone knows what is going on could u tell me? Would help out a lot.
1304732 tn?1273112485 During this state, I usually have a panic attack. When ever I have stomach problems, these panic attacks cause the whole experience to be so much more horrible than they otherwise would be. I guess my question is; Is there anyone who has had experience with this, either personally or from a treatment standpoint? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Don't let people tell you it's a panic attack, if that isn't your experience! The ER doc also said that, if it isn't a panic attack, a cardiologist would have a hard time diagnosing it, as unexplained fainting is very hard to figure out. In the meantime, I'll just keep having to get it under control when it happens. Good luck, everyone!
1324650 tn?1274757488 What you describe sounds like a classic panic attack (minus the actual fainting)....especially in those kind of "crowd" situations...or situations where you have idle time to "wait". Those two scenarios are actually the worst for me as far as predisposing me to panic. Best of luck and please let us know how its going!!!
Avatar f tn EMMY, I have panic disorder, so I know what it is like, and as far as I can tell from the way you describe it, you did not have a panic attack. Panic attacks are similar to what you had, except it has this doom and gloom aspect, where you think the world is coming to an end and you may die. It is extremely intense, very scary, you come to a standstill with fear, and yet you cannot escape.
Avatar m tn This is the 3rd time I have feinted/loss consciousness, and the 2nd time I was trembling, etc during it, but this is the 1st time with severe chest pains. I am 19 years old, male, 6' and 82kg. Could this possibly be a heart attack? If not, what?
Avatar f tn I had the same thing happening to me.. Panic attack while driving because I feel like I will pass out and weird experiences in my head.. My doctor sent me to a neurologist and I had a lot of tests.. the solution was drinking a lot more water and eating more salt. I have pouts of very low blood pressure.. I have almost fainted many times while driving so I totally understand what you have written her.
Avatar n tn His parents both have medical histories of numerous things and his mother has had fainting episodes. His father recently had a panic attack from stress (I assume) and I'm afraid he might be going through the same things. My husband is also not willing to go to the doctor about something so "minor." What things should I be finding out? Or am I overreacting? Thank you for any info you can give.
994817 tn?1249741878 Can a heart attack go on for two days without fainting or dying? How long do they usually go on for untreated before you finally keel over?
Avatar f tn 3 months ago I started experiencing weekly episodes of near fainting/fainting. Usually before I have an episode become very spacy and objects seem to sway. I get a strange tingling in my lips, tongue, toes, and fingers. Then, suddenly it feels like all the blood drains from my head and I get close to blacking out, but before I blackout I get a jolt of adrenaline. I notice that somedays seem cloudy and my body has this uncomfortable aura. I just feel sick and drained.
1657205 tn?1309321047 Finally after like 30 minutes I calmed down, and went to sleep. That was my worst panic attack I've had, but I've had others that where bad too, and afterwords I feel horrible for a while. For a week now I've been waking up with my hands in pain, they're numb but if I touch something with them they hurt horribly. Then, it happened when I was at school too. I couldn't breath good, and I felt out of it. And my hands where is serious pain.
Avatar n tn The panic attacks become unbearable during the course of the migraines. I also have fears of fainting, loud snap-like sounds occurring in my head (only a fear, not an occurrance), and death during these panics as well. When I experience multiple panic attacks, I feel unable to drive or go anywhere outside my house with my parents, and it takes me a few weeks to get the courage to leave the house again. I have an extreme fear of driving, as I have lost 4 friends to driving accidents.
Avatar n tn I have random dizzy spells that sometime turn into be fainting. It has happened since high school and I am now 24. I can feel when they are coming on. I get all light headed and dizzy, sometimes I feel nauseous. I feel really "heavy", sometimes I hear a ringing in my ear, and other times it feels like I have my ears plugged. I have fainted a about 5 times in 6 years. I do completly black out, not for too long, when I come to I am shaky and sweaty and feel "heavy".
746058 tn?1248348265 My regular Dr has called for a CT scan of my brain, and maybe a tilt table test after that. I had an attack during the picture portion of the stress test and my heart rate went over 146! I was just laying there on the table when it happened. I felt strange when i had to put my hands above my head for the test.
Avatar n tn Is there any way I can have epilepsy with these signs? My fainting only comes after smoking high quantities of weed and not eating properly. I am a healthy individual otherwise and have never experienced anything of this sort outside being stoned. When the fainting comes my vision changes, the colours turn different, i loose coordination, and i feel very weak and light headed. Please if anyone has information, I am a little scared of being diagnosed with epilepsy.
255722 tn?1452550141 Also--does anyone happen to know whether or not a panic attack can trigger a vasovagal response--not from hyperventilation, but from the rebound effect from the adrenaline surge?
Avatar m tn But when I saw that it was a heart attack symptom my heart sank and I had a panic attack and felt like I was going to die. After I calmed myself down and walked home and told my mum about it. She said that i should I should wait a few days until I go to the doctor. During these days I developed very very minor chest pains, that was when I knew I needed to see a doctor. The doctor did a ECG and a blood test on me the next day and all was fine. this helped me relax.
Avatar n tn Everyone's heart rate goes off the walls when your having a panic attack, its completely normal for your heart rate to be extreamly high during a panic attack, you should not be worried because a panic attack will not harm you, its just anxiety, and remember anxiety does not lead to anything worse.
Avatar n tn I've been to ER 4 times and they say panic attack or migraine variant...whatever that means. I've had and Echo, EKG, CT scan, tons of blood work...and they all came back normal. I get a dull pain on left side of my chest...and burning, tight sensation in center...I also have heart palpatations. I've been put on Zoloft and Xanax for Anxiety/Panic disorder and told that I have a healthy heart...but it sure is hard to believe them. My reg doctor won't send me to a cardiologist...
1348086 tn?1370786785 (don't do it anymore, the puffer I mean) At that time I was desperate if you never had a panic attack you don't know what it's like. I feel for you, hope you find something to help you.
737515 tn?1252556023 I seem to be having panic attacks in my sleep. I wake up suddenly about 2 hours after I fall asleep in a complete panic. My face is numb and tingly and it is hard to breathe. My first thought is "oh my god this is it im dying.. and nobody is going to find me im all alone in this apt!"--- obviously a panic reaction.. My question is.. is this normal of someone who has suffered anxiety there whole lives to just now suddenly start to develop these kinds of panic attacks at night??
Avatar f tn Then I have a buzzing sound in my ears and I have to go to the bathroom for a severe pain/diarrhea attack. Sometimes it starts with regular stool, then diarrhea and sometimes extreme diarrhea to start with. I am extremely thirsty and after several minutes (the longest was 45 minutes) I am very weak and start to chill. I am then helped back to bed where I turn on my electric blanket because my teeth are chattering. The next day I'm washed out. ANY SUGGESTIONS???
Avatar n tn its a viscous cycle that is in fact the exact definition of what a panic attack is.
177505 tn?1220445858 I had my first lightheaded,dizzy 'dying' panic attack last weekend. Sitting here at the screen. I had been on the town and had far too much beer and chain smoking ciggies,for four hours (8pints) got a kebab and tried to sleep. Couldn't and felt clammy. Got up and sat here fiddling on the net. Then whoaa, head started feeling I was on something,I suppose like vertigo,out of control of myself and breathing fast but I wasn't seeming to get any air.
Avatar n tn I do get diarrhea with bad cramps maybe 4 or 5 times a month, but not to the extent of fainting. Both times the fainting/diarrhea attack happened to me, I had just finished eating. The diarrhea lasted about 3-4 days, with some minor rectal bleeding. Also, I've noticed that when I get the "milder" diarrhea attacks, they're usually in the morning, anywhere from 5 min. to an hour after drinking my morning cup of coffee, or after eating lunch.
2102085 tn?1350870245 Hi Kelly, You are seeing that you are not alone and i hope that makes you feel better already, because this is such a horrible problem isn't it? I have PTSD, amplified now by anxiety and panic attacks, so bad now that I am fainting in public and afraid of making a spectacle of myself in public. I landed by ambulance at the hospital after being pulled from a city bus!
452191 tn?1208758463 and my last question is, how can i know whether or not i know that its a panic attack and not heart condition? i'm sick of going to the ER and i'm pretty sure they are sick of me. I want to stop the adderall but I really do need it for school and stuff.