Fainting when standing up

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Avatar m tn I DO have discomfort in my chest, but only periodically, and only when staning up after sitting for quite a while. When i stand up quickly, i feel pressure in my chest and head, and my heart beats really, really hard. Not fast, but hard. It goes away after about ten seconds, but it is horribly uncomfortable when it happens. I know that I have orthostatic hypotenison. Could this be the cause of this?
Avatar n tn They and inplanted a reveal and will be monitoring me for a period of time. It seems fainting usually happens to people when they stand up not when they bend down. Any ideas?
492921 tn?1321293496 I know that getting light headed is common in pregnancy when you move from laying down to sitting or standing to fast. It just scared me that everything wen black and I almost fell.
403255 tn?1278816866 Not enough calories for extra energy I am using - Have got some slow release carb snacks for tomorrow to keep my blood sugar up like she said. I had just eaten my lunch about ten minutes before this happen thoguh. 2. Support belt tightening because lunch is in my tummy at that time so I'm bigger - it did not feel uncomfortable but I will loosen it after lunch tomorrow 3. Sitting down too much - Have been teaching off of my *** but walk regularly to loo and prep room a few doors down 4.
Avatar f tn The doc put me on iron pills. So ask your doc about that, also I find I feel faint more when I'm standing in 1 place for an amount of time.
Avatar n tn slept all night, when she got up to use the bathroom she crawled because standing brought on the dissiness. I had her stay home from school today thinking she'd feel better later...ran out to get some juice for her and returned to find her face down on the kitcken floor don't know for certain how long she was out....I was gone maybe 45mins. She came to right away blood pressure was 150/85 couldn't do her blood sugar.....gave her oj and some soup to eat....
Avatar m tn I have avoided actually fainting for over 20 years. In older people when their heart stops, they immediately fall down (no warning signs). This has happened to people in our family and the fall started their heart again. She should have her iron checked to make sure that she is not anemic. If she keeps fainting, it would be good to get her heart checked out just to be safe.
Avatar f tn try not to move to swiftly and take it slow when going from a sitting to standing just be careful abt being on the move while you have this problem try to have someone with you
Avatar m tn Lately, I've been having problems with balance when standing up after lieing down. I become faint and often have to steady myself before moving on. On several occassions, I have actually have actually blacked out,albeit briefly, but nevertheless fell and hit my head. I immediately got up and luckily have not hurt myself. Would you tell me what this is symptomatic of and what kind of physician I should be discussing this with.
Avatar n tn Your glucose might drop when you stand up quick I would have a glucose test. It could be your dehydrated or your blood pressure is dropping.....
Avatar f tn My problem is, when I stand in one position for too long, I become really dizzy, weak, lightheaded, I feel like fainting, my vision turns dark, and I hear buzzing. I have to keep moving when I am standing. This has been happening for awhile. This used to happen when I was younger, my mom thought I didn't have enough sugar, I don't think it's that though. I can't see a doctor till I get medicade.
Avatar n tn I heard him fall down in the bathroom. When I got there he thought I was waking him up for school. Two weeks ago he was being fitted for a suit and had been standing there awhile being pinned up and he just said he felt dizzy and he just dropped to the floor. He came to very shortly like 20 seconds and said he felt fine. Went to the er and they did an ekg with no abnormalities and looked in his eyes and checked reflexes.
Avatar f tn You never want to stand back up again soon after, as standing up, naturally can drop the blood pressure, so you don't want to stand up right after feeling light headed or fainting. Always sit down or lie down and keep your legs up. Good luck!
Avatar f tn 45am and I'm fine when I get up, but when I'm in the shower, I don't even have enough time to wash all the soap off when it starts to happen and I have to jump out and run to the bed and lay down. Within just a few minutes, I'm fine again. I always make sure the water's not too hot. Then,there are times when I'm standing at my med-cart at work and it will start to happen. And once again, if I sit down, the feeling goes away.
Avatar m tn He sort of just fell and he did not put his arms out so i know he fainted while standing up, he hit his head on the ground hard and he was "sleeping" for about 30 seconds to a minute. My dad rolled him on his side and tried waking him up and he got up eventually. He does not know what happened or how he got in his bed, where he walked to about five minutes after he got up. So if anyone knows what this is or what is causing this it would help me out a ton thanks.
Avatar f tn I couldn't move or get up for a while (I do not know how long, but I estimate 10-15 minutes). Once I was standing up, once I was seated in a kitchen chair. The doc ruled out: 1. Anemia, 2. Diabetes, 3. Pregnancy, 4. Epilepsy, 5. Thyroid disease/disorder. Can anyone out there help me? Has anyone ever experienced this? Does anyone know if the culprit behind by life being turned inside out even has a name?
118074 tn?1228332603 I have read that your blood pressure tends to go down a bit in the 2nd trimester and this will cause you to sometimes feel light headed and dizzy. Try not to get up to fast and move slowly when you can. HTH.
Avatar n tn I've never had problems with fainting. I completely blacked out for a minute. I went to the ER, and they did a basic work up, ekg, some blood and urine tests, Ct scan,Cutarad Duplex ultrasound and chest xray Everything looked normal. One week later, it suddenly hit me again. This time my eating and drinking were normal. I was standing on a deck and it started spinning. For several days after that, I would have close calls. Went back to work, and thought it was all better.
Avatar n tn I had the same problem but I was diagnosed with something called Neurocardiosyncope but I was faitning when standing for long periods of time (at least 15 minutes). Fainting usually occurs to those that have low blood pressure. I was recommended that when I felt dizzy, to drink something with caffeine or take something salty in order to increase your blood pressure. Also to up your excercise to help your circulation as well. Has she seen a neurologist or cardiologist?
666921 tn?1254994218 I have to move slowly when I move positions, like from laying down to sitting up and sitting up to standing. I have always had low blood pressure and I am worried it is even lower now with lyme?
492869 tn?1285022533 I use it around the house mainly when transitioning to and from the bathroom (for various reasons a high-risk time for syncope for me), when washing up at the sink to sit instead of standing still for that extended period of time, in public anywhere where there may be situations where I will need to stand in line or be on my feet for prolonged periods of time, etc.
364288 tn?1300148106 I would literally feel my heart take a nose dive. Sometimes I would get it standing up. My doctor also said it was low blood pressure but it never made any sense to me because my blood pressure, which is normally very low was always Higher during pregnancy. Regardless, Fainting and feeling dizzy is usually normal but trust your instincts, if you think it is something more stress your concern and talk to your doc again.
Avatar f tn I dont know why but for the last 3 years i have been fainting or blacking out for no reason. When it first started, i just thought that it was just because i was getting out of bed way too fast ( i used to fall in my room a lot! and in the hall way. one time i fell into my closet and couldn't get up for some reason.) But then it got all weird because it would happen out of the blue. i would be feeling fine and walking and then i would just pass out right there.
2013201 tn?1330152475 It could just be blood pressure changes during the day and this is a real thing because I lost about 60 lbs in a year without the doctor checking my blood pressure much and come to find out my blood pressure went from 120/80 to 98/58, it's a little low and that being said was the reason I had these episodes of fainting without fainting ...
Avatar f tn I had a few weeks where I got dizzy (due to a chiropractor). I ended up in emergency cause I knew I was going to faint again. They did blood tests on me.... they thought the machine was broken until another lady had blood tests and hers came back fine. I had very little potassium - so low they thought the machine was broken. I was put on potassium pills for a few days and was back to normal again.
Avatar n tn I explained the fainting in my sleep to the doctor. It sounded foreign to him. I read up on Magnezium defficiency - it explained most of my symptoms (panic, shortness of breath, extreme weakness) but it didn't say anything about sleep fainting. The magnezium has helped me a little but I'm sill not quite back to my self. You sould think about magnezium.
Avatar n tn Part of my problem is that I naturally have lower blood pressure which can increase this issue if I get up to quickly. Another thing that I usually consider when it gets really bad or frequent is water intake. Water allows blood to flow quicker and easier, so can sometimes reduce my light headedness!