Fainting and dizzy spells

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Avatar n tn lately going out in the heat i find it hard to breathe and i get dizzy and almost feel like im going to pass out. This also happens when im taking a shower, i get real light headed and harder and harder to breathe.
118074 tn?1228332603 try sitting down to get ready and avoid standing for long periods at a time. when you have dizzy spells try to put your hand between your knees, i know it's hard when pg. if your too far along to get your head down that far, try sitting on a chair and leaning towards your knees as far a possible (this was what my dr suggested and it helped me). good luck and i hope you are feeling better soon.
Avatar f tn Ok ladies here's the deal, I just turned 14 weeks today and lately I been having fainting spells, It started last week and I spoke to my dr about it and she said that it was normal in pregnancy but I'm really worried and scared now, Today I went to audition for americas got talent and we had to stand in the line and it was really long and nobody came to get me since I was pregnant and I fainted twice on the concrete, The first time my husband caught me and the second time I collapsed and didnt e
364288 tn?1300148106 fainting. I've had a few spells on and off nothing to the point where I actually faint but I start feeling like I'm going to pass out. I get sweaty and I feel sick to my stomach. I talked to my Dr. about this and she didn't seem concerned. She said sometimes your blood pressure gets low and it you start feeling that way. Just wondering if anyone has felt like this before? It *****!!
Avatar f tn I am 17 years old female. I have been having dizzy spells, which cause me to fall. It has been going on for over 1 year. Lately I have been fainting and falling alot (very embarrising since I am in High School). Just recently I have also been getting severe leg and back cramps/spasms. I am having a hard time sleeping at night getting only about 3 to 4 hours of sleep. This has also been going on for over 1 year.
Avatar f tn I'm fifteen weeks pregnant and have been having dizzy spells and built up pressure in my head which leads to me fainting. Very worried and can't get in to the doctors for a few weeks.
Avatar m tn Drink water and eat something small. It could be low blood sugar or dehydration. I had dizzy spells, my whole body would get hot and I would almost pass out if I didn't lay down quick. My dr told me it was probably dehydration. It stopped happening once I hit the 2nd trimester.
Avatar f tn Anyone else suffering with dizzy spells and a vertigo type feeling? It's awful. Making me really worry.
Avatar n tn Does anyone get dizzy spells? I periodically get them and today is a doozy, its just now starting to feel a little better but my head really spins. Just curious.
Avatar f tn Well I'm checking my BP regularly too and it's been normal. The reason I checked my sugar is because I'm diabetic and when my sugar dropd I get dizzy too. I have an appt next week. I'll tell my Dr and see what he says.
8582080 tn?1436386774 So this morning I woke up and I was felt dizzy I never felt like this before I am 8 weeks .. Its 7:00 and I still feel this way I took a nap thinking it will go away but nothing and I'm not able to keep anything down ..
Avatar f tn I have been having these dizzy spells, with sweaty palms and ears poping and ringing and on the verge of fainting until I get a cold towel and place on my had. I have been to the er twice for this. The first time they thought it was the antibiotic cipro for sinus infection. But it wasn't that because this time I wasn't taking anything. I feel dizzy and nausea all of the time. Dr did ct scan on my head, stomach and chest xray. Only said I had kidney stones. Please help.
Avatar n tn as of now my health is just showing near faint,dizzy,shortness of breath and heart cramps...will the cardiologist find an answer or what you people think it could be and what can I do to fix it?
Avatar n tn I am an 23 year old, single, first time soon-to-be mommy from Arkansas. I suffer from PTSD amongst other things. My problem is: I keep passing out and having black-out spells when I lest expect it. I've been seen by too many doctors and ER staffs to not have any answers, whatsoever. One lady told me it might be coming from my disorder, but wasn't sure.
4545793 tn?1394596144 I haven't fainted at all, I wouldn't worry about it, stay very hydrated and sit down if you feel dizzy, keep snacks on you like peanut butter cups or crackers and if you feel dizzy drink some water, eat a cracker and sit down, you'll be fine! :) Most women don't faint while pregnant but if you do it's not a huge deal.
Avatar f tn I have always been prone to fainting due to being anemic so easily.. When I got pregnant it got worse and I fainted more.. I started taking iron capsules and pre natals with iron..
Avatar f tn I get the dizzy spells but thankfully haven't actually fainted yet. Was told to eat regular and take my time going between positions, jumping outta bed running to the loo is something I have to watch wen im sleepy.
Avatar f tn What normally happens is I will be doing some ordinary task either sitting down or standing up with no sudden movements and I will start to get very tired, then I will get hot, dizzy and I will go completely pale. Anyone who looks at me in this state can tell there is something seriously wrong. If I am not able to "rest", I will faint. Usually, I will only faint if I am standing up, but it has happened once when I was sitting down. It has happened both before and after eating.
403255 tn?1278816866 I ate cereal bars and dried fruit all day Thursday and Friday and was fine, no fainting so it must have been low blood sugar. Also I have noticed I have not gained any weight in the last week so my calorie intake is down.
Avatar f tn I have ADHd, Bipolar, Depression, PTSD, OCD,anxiety and panic disorder and Social anxiety disorder. I also get frequent dizzy and fainting spells, and have had problems managing my sugar and salt intake for a while.It's like my body is use to a certain level of sugar, and when it goes too long without that amount, my body crashes. I am 6 months pregnant, and this is my second child. I had 9 miscarriages before I was able to hold my first daughter.
Avatar f tn It's your blood pressure! When pregnant your blood pressure is lowered which can make you feel dizzy and faint! Try stand up slowly etc and make sure you drink lots an keep blood sugar up!
Avatar f tn Does anyone else have severe dizzy spells. Im 17 weeks and 2 days and since about 14 weeks ive had some odd dizzy spells. Its almost like my blood pressure bottoms outs. My vision gets blurred and my head feels like its going to explode. Sounds are muffled like its coming through water. I get short of breath. It usually happens when im standing. Not all the time though sometimes when im setting. Makes me worry if maybe its my sugar or blood pressure or if its going to hurt the baby.
Avatar n tn my 13 year old daughter get dizzy and looses her vision before. I took her to a Cardialogist, Neurologist and pedicatrician. what can i do next? She had done a Cat-Scan, Blood work, EEG, EKG, Please help?