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Avatar f tn In fact, you can check out YouTube and find examples of just about any exercise you might like to try. Zumba is another good one. In addition, you should try adding in some weight training, which is what builds muscles and muscles burn fat. Exercises using hand weights are good; if you don't have hand weights and can't afford to buy them, try using 16.9 oz bottles of water, or canned fruits/veggies that weigh approximately a pound.
9971658 tn?1407747583 But it's actually not that bad I am a ftm too and I am 35 wks now going on 36 soon and basically what there going to do is monitor to you closely there gonna give you a few things of what to eat and what not to eat and there going to tell you to stop looking at the labels of things and don't eat anything over 6-7 grams of sugar for examples instead of whole milk they want you to drink 2% milk and instead of whole bread eat whole wheat and my sugars weren't that high it was over by a couple poin
Avatar m tn The development of collaterals doesn't occur in everyone. During one of my many stays in hospital, I was talking to a man who had a 95% occlusion in his LAD but no collaterals were forming. His Cariologist told him that the collaterals don't seem to always form in people and this is why it is still believed by some experts to have a genetic element. Collaterals are good if they form in that they can keep heart tissue alive.
Avatar n tn So it is obvious to me that the gas I release smells. Not only that, my breath also stinks. regardless of how good I brush and how long I brush, my breath stinks. So people are thinking that I am a nasty guy who do not brush and fart always. I was emotionally forced to leave my job because of this problem, because whenever somebody comes to our office room, they complain that it smells like sewage and my colleagues stare at me suggesting that I am the reason.
Avatar n tn Take several breaks to drink sips (not gulps) of fluid as you jog around. Wear a hat to protect from the heat of the sun, and keep your head cool. If you breathe with your mouth open you may expect to dry out the bronchs and get a burning sensation in the chest as well. When you are exercising in an aerobic state, try breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.
363682 tn?1299492962 For around three or four years now, I have been suffering from headaches some two hours or more after the consumption of any amount of alcohol - although typically as few as two drinks upwards of any kind of alcohol. The headaches come on slowly but persistently and follow a line from the left side of my neck across the top of my head to just above the left eyebrow. They are not sharp pains but more of a constant 'throb' and can go on for hours.
Avatar n tn first of all if you have plants around where you are to then you should get rid of them, plants are one of the main places that Gnats/fruit flies are attracted to because of the moist soil from being watered. good luck keeby and let me know how it goes.
Avatar n tn I've been taking 500 mg/day of metformin. Just wondering if any of you have taken this, and if so, have you experienced any weight loss?
Avatar n tn showed me in his palm pilot that the #1 side effect of Lexipro (and Celexia) is WEIGHT GAIN. I took myself off of 225mg/day of Effexor and experienced HORRIBLE side effects, however I had no choice, my insurance ran out and we all know that's not cheap. At any rate, I've been back on the effexor for about 8 mos now, I'm 5'4 and weigh 188. For 1 month now I've been trying soo hard to do Atkins (no comments please) and have not lost 1 dam pound.
Avatar n tn I explained my findings to my Neurologist, and she still wanted me to go through all of the MS testing because of the evident neurological damage (my reflexes were fried). Yes, MS was ruled out, and the Neurologist did her studying on B6 toxicity, and I was FInally diagnosed properly. The Neurologist also told me that she also had another case that had just come to her with high levels of B6, and she was wondering what was going on with this!?!