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Avatar n tn But, on the other hand the herbs doesn't claim any type of side effects. It is estimated that 192,200 women and 1,500 men in the United States will be diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2001. Though rare in men, Breast cancer accounts for 31% of all cancer diagnosed in women. Breast cancer is a disease in which cancer cells are found in Breast tissue. Cancer that starts in the breast.
Avatar n tn Aches and pains are very common side effects with Arimidex. Mine can be awful and debilitating. Spent two days at Disney/Epcot recently and almost gave in for a wheelchair (no, it doesn't get you to the front of the lines!! LOL). I am also on Vytorin for cholesterol and a common side effect with that drug is guess what??? Aches and pains - so I have a double whammy.
Avatar f tn Unless you have experienced the full brunt of side effects from statins, you can not state "just stick it out". The side effects are unbearable. I finally asked my doctor if it was really healthier that i went from someone who worked out at the gym 5 days a week to someone gobbling pain medicine and laying on the couch. I had no life on the meds and so, I opted to take the risk.
Avatar n tn I experienced the side effects I was told could happen, worse cramps and heavier bleeding. I am fine with these because my choice for birth control is very limited because I get blood clots and cannot take the pill. However, I am wondering if anyone has experienced a decrease in thier sex drive becasue of it. I am only 29 years old, married to a very wonderful and attractive man, but honestly I could care less about sex.
Avatar n tn Has anyone experienced any bad side effects from the hcg shots? I am administering them myself and just want to know what to look out for.
Avatar f tn Supplementation with DHEA/DHEAS may be a preferred treatment in women due to its ability to raise androgen levels without significant side effects. Anecdotally, rotation from one opioid medication to another may also be effective. In summary, opioid treatment is intended to reduce patients’ pain, and to improve physical and social functioning.
Avatar n tn Since the beginning of my illness everything I read regarding the disease, when I stumbled across the stats of men getting it, I read through it. Dx is rare. specially on sub clinical Hypo or Hyper thyroidism in men. I believe this b/c men are less likely to see a doctor when they have symptoms. and if they do go and get Dx'd - most do not have the patience and stay on top of it.
Avatar n tn Is it like saying just taking longer birth control pills? What are the side effects? What are the benefits? Has FDA approved? Where i can search more about Yaz? Will it affect my future plan of having a healthy pregnancy? Also, i was told if i do want to get pregnant, i should wait 6 months after taking the birth control pills. is that true?
Avatar n tn (not this one) Okay, now, my concern is the effcts after STOPPING yasmin. I understand that all bc pills are different and so are we women as far as side effects go. I have read postings about women who stopped taking yasmin and have experienced the following: - anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations and fluttering - depression - excessive weight gain - hair loss *I already have a prob. with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, so I am currently on medication.
1160836 tn?1332333769 My doctor thought it was enviormental (exercise, stress...etc) as I just started to go do body pump right around that time. Every cycle before that was 30-31 days to the day!! So we will see.....
Avatar f tn yes it can , depession is a major side effect of weed which also can cause impotence.
Avatar n tn I have been tapering off effexor XR - from 150mg now to 37.5mg per day. I have had many side effects both while going on this med & while tapering (very slowly) off. While on effexor xr for 6.5 years I was able to wear my extended use contacts without any problems. I am 55 yrs old & have worn soft contacts since my early 20s without problems. My vision is poor- coke bottle lenses. While tapering effexor, I noticed vision changes. I can no longer wear my contacts for more than a day.
Avatar f tn He wants me to think about stopping it and he made me sign a waiver stating that he'd warned me of the side effects of it. My original plan had always been to wait until I was 50. I'm like you, I thought that it was a better idea than to go through menopause so early. My mom has osteoporosis, so I thought that being on the estrogen that I could delay any potential bone-thinning problems as well.
Avatar m tn Since then my physical sense has been a train wreck. Tons of side effects which I believe are from Synthroid. Muscle aches, joint pains, wierd tearing like pains, burning sensations, emotional stress (from not feeling well) and worst of all insomnia bouts. My "old self" had many hypo issues but my daily life did not appear to suffer as much. Yes I do think that men experience many of the same issues. Perhaps they tend to keep it inside rather than posting online.
Avatar f tn The unusual finding was that it occurred more in men than women. This was presumably due to the protective effects of estrogen in women. This study did not focus on other sites of fracture common with osteoporosis, including wrist or spinal compression fractures. It did not delve into how many individuals had developed bone loss - only fractures. Another study focused on 194 women who took the thyroid hormone for more than 20 years.
Avatar n tn Also that this will solve my problem The contridictions of the opiods are the side effects, and the things that you cannot mix,here in Australia we have access to a book called MIMS which lists all the drugs avalible on the market here and their potential side effects. Reading up on all the drugs that I am on has just scared the DOO DOO out of me.
Avatar n tn The most common side effects include enlargement or tenderness of the breasts (both sexes), swelling of the ankles and legs, loss of appetite, weight changes, retention of water, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and feeling of bloatedness. The estrogen patch can cause skin rash, irritation, and redness at the patch site. Less common side effects are bleeding gums, breakthrough vaginal bleeding, vaginal spotting, changes in menstrual flow, painful menstruation.
Avatar m tn And, Ultimate Test Explosion uses they both given that theyPer centu2019re without having side effects to improve testosterone. But, they don%u2019t stop there. Tongkat Ali also helps cause you to be more energetic and provide you more stamina during a workout session. Then, Horny Goat Weed helps stabilize your entire hormones, so one doesn't dominate the rest. By way of example, low testosterone often leads to high estrogen.
Avatar n tn Hi, Tamoxifen is a medicine that blocks the effects of the estrogen hormone in the body. It is used to treat breast cancer in women or men. It does cause nausea and vomiting.But do continue to take the medicine. You can ask your doctor to help minimize the side effects. It is also known to cause indigestion in women. ref:http://www.mayoclinic.
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Avatar f tn This causes several unwanted and nasty side effects in the body. The adverse effects include development of breast in men (gynecomastia), some fat gain, and testicular shrinkage, loss of sex drive, and water retention which can increase blood pressure. Hence, it can affect the liver, reproductive system, cardiovascular and nervous system. It also decreases the effectiveness of the body’s immune system, causes hair loss and acne.
Avatar m tn Hi, Normally hot flashes and sweating in men are associated with low T level, but since you are on T replacement, you should not have had them. Did you look at the possible side effects of your blood pressure / cholesterol medications for these symptoms?, if not please look at that.
Avatar f tn I am in no way an expert- I could be wrong- but from the research I have done- you already have estrogen- taking more will NOT improve any of what you have said- however- there are some truths in what you have said- but not in females- men making the change to shemale can take high doses of estrogen to enhance their female body charactoristics- with the side effects of losing virality and loss of sex drive- but this works only because of low levels originally in males- woman already have es
Avatar n tn The reality is that there is no hard evidence -- although there is some -- supporting the efficacy of natural supplements to prevent estrogen dominance in men. There are prescription medications that are more effective, but have risk of fairly serious side-effects -- like all prescription medications. The truth is, the medical community, including most "alternative" communities such as LEF, don't really want you to be too healthy.
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Avatar m tn Enlarged breasts are one of the first and most noticeable side effects to appear in men when estrogen levels are elevated. This is known as gynecomastia and a few other names in the gym too. Other side effects include loss of muscle tone, a decrease in body hair, shrinking testes, depression, fatigue, lower energy levels, poor memory, low stress tolerance, an ncrease in fat around the mid-section (belly fat) and erectile dysfunction.
Avatar f tn Estrogen-injected cattle, birth control pill residue in our rivers and lakes, rare side effects of steroid treatments, pseudo-estrogen from soy products, pseudo-estrogen from BPA in baby bottles and cans - nothing will ever be proven but there sure is a hormonal mess out there...
Avatar f tn I am now 56 years and did not undergo HRT since my surgery. Upon reading estrogen deprivation in my body, I fear I won't live long due to side effects (CV disease, Parkinson's at risk, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, etc). Is it advisable in my condition to start HRT? I have sexual dysfunction and my partner is bothered. Can HRT help too? Thank you so much.
Avatar m tn the good old DHEA, but you better read up about it first as it can have some funny side effects with the odd person, you could also back it up with some Tirbulus, will do the same thing but without any side effects, they will both boost your testosterone, your libido and your energy levels, you can google Tribulus for any more info.
Avatar f tn However depot testosterone cypionate should not be used for muscle building as it has several long lasting side effects because it is metabolized in the body to the female hormone estrogen by the aromatize enzyme. The adverse effects include development of breast in men (gynecomastia), some fat gain, and testicular shrinkage, loss of sex drive, and water retention which can increase blood pressure. Hence, it can affect the liver, reproductive system, cardiovascular and nervous system.