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1455892 tn?1285353218 I changed from levoxly to Armour because I too was having tremmors in my stomach really weird feeling, plus my feet were roasting and sweating or one foot and leg would be real cold and the other normal and and then I was haveing jerking leg, at night my leg would just twitch big time, . And the list goes on.
Avatar n tn I had a complete hysterectomy 10 years ago for endometriosis and I have been on estrogen since that time. At first I was on a combination estrogen/testosterone but after I had major hair loss I started with just pure estrogen. I take Estradial .5mg. My concern is the length of time I have been on this drug and it's effects on my body. I tried to stop 2 yrs ago, but had major problems with hot flashes, depression, lack of sleep & weight gain. So the dr. put me back on at this low dose.
Avatar n tn She has only one ovary (with a cyst on it) and it is still producing estrogen. Her estrogen level is elevated at 142. She has had this problem several times in the past 20 years and it has mysteriously gone away. This time it appears worse and has lasted over 6 months. She has visited a Gynecologist and was prescribed with hormonal cream. The problem again is that she could not take anything without the strong buzzing in her head. Even MRI and hospital tests causes this effect.
393685 tn?1425816122 Progesterone - Estrogen and Thyroid Function - It is all connected? Nov 15, 2008 05:11AM - 10 comments - (Public) I am seeing some light here. Recently I was found estrogen dominant- (This again is very controversial amongst doctors) I found taking "compounded" progesterone cream did absolute wonders for my over all being and wellness. There are many opinions titling "bio identical" hormones vs. "Synthetic" - I don't feel there is much difference.
Avatar m tn Testosterone effects receptors in your kidneys which make your body produce more blood. More blood causes a rise in blood pressure, thus making your heart work harder all the time. Many people end up on beta-blockers to control blood pressure as a result. Also, cardiac muscle is not immune to the effects of steroids and can reportedly "bulk up" with long-time use of exogenous testosterone in excess of what your body would produce.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with high blood pressure when i was 18yrs old (when iwas only 125lbs and a cross country runner) My doc monitored my BP for about 2 months, did an EKG and put me on an ace inhibitor. I never questioned it i just took the meds. I moved 3 yrs later and saw a new doc and he continued my current 26 i was switched to Aldomet 250 mg 2x day...due to the fact that i was to be married and start a family.
Avatar f tn I had preeclamplsia with my first so I'm high risk again this pregnancy. I'm 15wks and this week have started experiencing the hypertension again despite being on meds since 6wks. Whether it goes to preeclamplsia or not, with hypertension I wont be going full term because its just too dangerous for my body. Baby is doing great tho.
Avatar f tn I want the estrogen BC pills for my acne and to prevent pregnancy. I am 23 years old and I repeat, I have no clotting disorders or any of the other risk factors (I'm very active, healthy, have good blood pressure, etc). So, my question is, can I take estrogen BC if my only history is this previous incident?
Avatar f tn I am high risk for high blood pressure because I get high blood pressure on birth control with estrogen even though with out the birth control I am close to 110/65 average.
Avatar f tn Your FSH levels are consistent with premature menopause. If you were on the pill, the LH and FSH values would be low, not elevated as they are. Have you gained weight? Some of the estrogen could be from the fat cells. There could also be other sources. It does not seem your ovaries have "kicked back in" because the FSH and LH are still high. Thyroid and estrogen are related. The higher the estrogen, the lower the thyroid and visa versa.
Avatar n tn I have never had blood pressure problems until during labor with my daughters. Then the HBP continues for several months post pregnancy. Now I can't seem to get things back to normal and its been three years since my daughter was born. Is this a normal problem?
Avatar n tn They make me feel like I have to sit/lie down or I would pass out, make it difficult to breathe, and many times, my chest feels strange (like when you've overused a muscle and it gets that spongy ticklish feeling). My blood pressure is also becoming very resistant to being brought down. It is typically 180-200+ systolic. The diastolic is typically between 0 and 40. (The "0" has been verified by medical professionals.
Avatar f tn I have high blood pressure and a brian aneurysm and a pituitary brain tumor...had a hysterectomy 22years ago and was on HRT up til recently when this tumor started to mess with my question is I read the high doses of Vitamin E can help with hot flashes but there is a concern if you are on Blood pressure how much a day could I take without messing up my drugs?
Avatar m tn Just to let you know, anything above 130 takes 5 years of your life for on going blood pressure readings according to the papers on HBP. So don't ignore it and try and get it resolved, my issue has been going on 5 plus years so far, and I am 42.
Avatar n tn With a truly sudden elevation, I would be looking for something else in my life that changed around the same time or right before my blood pressure went up. If you are female, estrogen replacement therapy can make your blood pressure go up; estrogen acts like a salt. Which brings us to dietary changes, are you suddenly getting a lot more salt in your diet. Also, some herbs, like licorice, can trigger a rise in blood pressure. Stress, anxiety, or physical pain can do the same thing.
Avatar f tn Yes its normal
Avatar n tn I pulled every muscle it felt like,since then i had worse rectal pain and pressure i have to go and cant,if i do its blood ,and i get anxiety attacks before i eat cuz i dread the pain,so i basically been living on slim fast,boost,jello,juice and water cuz im afraid to eat.This is driving me nuts and causing deep depression,is there any end to this?!?
86075 tn?1238118691 Rats that had their ovaries removed, thereby depleting their estrogen levels, had significantly higher blood pressure and gained twice as much weight as "control" rats with intact ovaries. "The increase in blood pressure seems to be related to the increase in body weight," Fortepiani told Reuters Health. Rats that had their ovaries removed also showed 70-percent higher levels of the fat hormone leptin and 35 percent higher blood sugar levels.
Avatar n tn when i dont take the medicine my blood pressure goes up more than normal and i get light chest discomfort/pains. I also feel very hot at times as if i had been in the sun for a while. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn In September I started to have spontanous blood discharging from the left breast and elevated blood pressure. After test after test, we found that the rectal bleeding and pain was from stage 4 endometriosis and severe PCO. I went in October for a total hysterectomy including removal of the ovaries. The endo not only wrapped my cervix and bladder together but was also in between it all like "mortar between bricks"-according the surgeon.
Avatar f tn At this point, since high levels of exercise does increase cardiac workload and stress raising blood pressure and heart rate during a workout, I would talk to a good cardiologist about exercising safely and keep them in the loop about how much you are exercising. There is an emotional and psychological effect here also, that you seem to instinctly recognize. It sounds like you really pay attention to what is going on with you. I don't know if your dr.
1036356 tn?1254958470 I've decreased the Darvocet to 3 per day. I take a beta-blocker blood pressure med in the morning, and now I think that it may be part of the problem, since I haven't been very active due to being depressed. I increased Lexapro from 20mg to 30mg and am starting to feel better but feel worse when I take the blood pressure med. I realized that this morning. The beta-blocker also helps with migraines which have been tormenting me for decades.
130737 tn?1214865065 * Headache * Vision loss, particularly loss of peripheral vision * Clear, watery nasal drainage * Nausea and vomiting * Seizures * Symptoms of pituitary hormone deficiency * Fatigue * Weakness * Cold intolerance * Constipation * Low blood pressure * Body hair loss * Sexual dysfunction * Unintended weight loss or gain
Avatar n tn I have noticed the last two weeks it has gotten less frequent although it was only after suffering for almost a week of horrible cramping with lots of blood and a horrible pain of pressure (as a women would have when giving birth-it felt like everything was pushing down trying to get out), after that the blood spotting and urine leakage was "less".
Avatar n tn old post-menopausal (5+ yrs.) woman having feelings of pressure on my bladder and the need to urinate which never goes away and becomes more acute after urinating. There is no pain or itching. This began suddenly about 10 days ago after week at beach. I was in water, sitting in wet bathing suit and in heat. Have had urinalysis, urine culture, pelvic ultrasound of ovaries and bladder - all normal. No blood, no sugar, no protein, etc.
Avatar f tn I want the estrogen BC pills for my acne and to prevent pregnancy. I am 23 years old and I repeat, I have no clotting disorders or any of the other risk factors (I'm very active, healthy, have good blood pressure, etc). So, my question is, can I take estrogen BC if my only history is this previous incident?
Avatar n tn i just had the Endometrial Ablation, Novasure done on thursday the 2nd, and I still have pain, pressure, and cramps. I barely bled afterwards. I was wondering if this was normal. i have alot of pain, pressure, and cramps. shouldn't i have more bleeding after this? i was told i would. Please can somebody help me? If someone can i would be so grateful.
Avatar f tn Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands and is a precursor to the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. Blood levels of DHEA peak in the 20's but decline dramatically with age. DHEA is frequently referred to as an anti aging hormone. DHEA deficiency is confirmed if levels drop below 180 ng/dL in men and 130 ng/dL in women.
Avatar n tn I'm on wellbutrin, xanax, and diovan for anxiety, stress and high blood pressure. I've lost some weight but i have alot to go. There are days all i want to do is stay in bed..even on the meds. I want to feel normal again...I'm 50 and scared about many more years of feeling like this.
Avatar f tn Some of my symptoms include night sweats even though I am HRT (diagnosed POF at age 17), sore muscles and very stiff hips, shaking hands and body, hair loss, anxiety, angry, trouble sleeping but tired all of the time, hives and itching all over my body, increased appitite and some weight gain, headaches, frequent sinus infections and high blood pressure. I could go on and on.