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Avatar m tn Suggest giving him a daily children's multi-vitamin due to his eating patterns. Suggest Boost, or milkshakes or smoothies with fruit {milk or yogurt, banana or strawberries (or any type fruit), ice cream blended} 1-2 times a day for additional calories for weight gain.
Avatar f tn ANyone take any special supplements such as vitamins or mineral or other supplements to relieve the CFS symptoms. I currently take amino acid herbs and vitamin d3.
2192208 tn?1346529432 I wish I could find a single or just a few supplements for thyroid support, as I really get tired of taking my handfuls of pills. There are some that I try never to skip, and when I'm neglectful I notice the difference. Have you been tested for Vit D and Vit B12 ? I was extremely deficient, in fact was diagnosed with pernicious anemia before I was diagnosed hypo, so I really notice if I skip those two, energy-wise.
Avatar f tn I do get fresh air, take vitamins and push myself to exercise. Any idea when the energy comes back? I get tired walking up a flight of stairs! Thanks again-- even though I do not post often, reading the posts helps alot!
Avatar f tn My VL is around 1/2 M and my ALT in the 120's. I have taken tons of supplements due to various issues such as pain, energy level, ect. It appears that some of those may have been related to my HC. Anyway, I went to a natural MD first so see what he might do because I was afraid of regular treatments. He was shocked at the amount of supplements I was taking and told me to stop them all immediately because he said I was way over-working my liver.
1508698 tn?1360219310 i find if have something to look forward to i can get out of bed easy, if i already know my day is going to be stressful i just wanna lay there, i also take a one a day vitamin and alot of B vitamins sometimes get those 5 hour energy, but i dont feel like they put on in the commercial lol
Avatar f tn Well, unfortunately some don't get energy back quickly at all. I didn't until about 2 months or more. It takes the brain a long time to heal from these pills, but trust me, you will get it back. Vicki is so right, you may have to push yourself to do things, and then you will find that you do have it. It just takes awhile to get it all back.
Avatar m tn Vitamin B12 - optimal: over 800pg/mL or 600pmol/L. Vitamin D - optimal: between 50 - 80ng/mL or 125 - 200nmol/L. *** Excerpt from the Vitamin D Council - Vitamin D Cofactors: "In order to receive the most health benefit from increased levels of vitamin D, the proper cofactors must be present in the body. Vitamin D has many cofactors, but the ones listed below are the most important. Magnesium should be considered the most important one of all.
1054484 tn?1255117167 Ive been told the energy comes back with time. And also that a combination of alittle moderate exercise and amino acids/and or vitamins help. Any suggestions would be greatfully appricated. Anything to give me a tiny little boost up would be fantastic!!!! Red bull isnt cutting it! And for the first day in a week Im actually hungry. Which is encouraging, since food is fuel and Ive dropped a few pounds.(is it normal to loose wieght like that?
Avatar f tn Hi, would anybody know if the energy pills you buy either in a store or on-line are worth anything? I know the theory of taking vitimin B and diet but I seem to need an extra boost. I've been thinking of buying a product called Xzing but do you think I'm throwing my money away? Thank you.
414333 tn?1226195093 amino up to 1000mgs 3x daily DLPA-- helps restore the function to the pain receptors working with the enporphins/enkephalins, can also help with pain if you are someone that suffers with some kind of legitamate pain.
487969 tn?1249316891 I have been reading posts on supplements such as selenium and magnesium, what does this do for the thyroid? If you are undiagnosed, like me, could a person get some relief of symptoms and do you know if it is safe?
Avatar n tn as you can see, some people just don't feel supplements are of any use at all...I'd go with a good nutritionist and/or maybe an integrative specialist doctor who is knowledgable...
4453126 tn?1354807962 How can I get my energy back? I am always so tired and need energy, what can I do?
Avatar n tn The body produces much of what it needs on its own, and otherwise extracts what it needs from food or supplements. And some of these things are very important -you'll die or get sick as hell without 'em -no kidding. But to look to supplements for some kind of cure is sort of in the same category as thinking a better grade of motor oil will restore a blown head gasket. Is oil essential to your car's health? You BET it is- can't get far without it.
Avatar m tn but this past few days I felt i have ran out of energy and I feel so tired all the time. I thought of taking supplements but do not know what is best for me. I am medium built, stands 5feet 11 inches and weighs 81 kilos. Can you please help me in choosing the right supplement for me? Thanks...
Avatar n tn Acai juice (made from the acai berry ) or acai supplements are a good source of anti-oxidants to give cells energy. Alpha Lipoic acid for energy along with Acetyl L-Carnitine. Vitamin D3 of at least 2,000 units a day (my personal preference) until you get your level in the blood checked. If the level is below 30, then you should increase it to about 4,000 units but check with your primary care doctor.
535882 tn?1396580285 , the one thing i was concerned about was the b complex/ gives you energy but taking it at 6 pm or later , don't know how that will effect me.
599170 tn?1300977493 it helps alot.....also am starting on Omega fish Oil supplement has anyone had success with that or have anything to comment on about vitamins...?
Avatar n tn In general, we recommend a daily vitamin, which should contain all the recommended daily requirements of most vitamins and minerals. Since megadosing or using herbal supplements has not been well researched, we tend not to encourage these products because we just don't know if it will help or if it could produce some undesireable effect. You should discuss this specifically with your doctor - as he/she may have an opinion on this.
Avatar f tn If your diet is poor then vitamin and/or mineral supplements can be useful, but if your diet is healthy supplements do not need to be taken. Also be careful in that some, Vitamin E for example can interfer with clotting which can be a major issue for heppers and heppers on treatment. Milk thistle has never been shown to be effective in anyway in protecting the liver. There is also the possibility that it can actually interfer with treatment. Your body can only use so much of anything.
90502 tn?1196367605 Hi, I started seeing a ND along with my MD when I was dx and he put me on pretty much all you are taking (Vitamins) along with V C, ticture of Vitamin K, and liquid folic acid. I appriciate my energy level and contribute it to my vitamins. I also drink 1t. of cod liver oil a day and that helps with the mental stuff. I don;t get Omegas any other way so it helps.
Avatar f tn Buy a good book on vitamins and supplements. The above info probably comes from something, but the best way to take vitamins is to spread them out during the day so you don't excrete them all out when you go to the bathroom. I don't know how many of us are disciplined to do that, but that's the best way. It very much depends on what you're taking. By the way, all vitamin supplements are "synthetic," not most.
Avatar n tn The scientific community has yet to find a connection between autism and heavy metals (including thimerisol, a mercury based preservative that used to be common in vaccines), casein or gluten in the diet, infections, vitamins, or Lyme's disease. Though there are physicians out there who believe there are connections, when these factors have been subjected to rigorous research, the results have not yet supported their theories.
Avatar n tn com, they should have everything you need. I take some of these products and they are awesome. One is, Spark, for energy with vitamins and has good taste/flavors. I started taking it in the morning and it replaced my coffee and I don't drag butt in the afternoons like I used to. These products are very natural and healthy. They have products for weight loss, for working out, muscle gain, etc. I hope this helps, good luck to you!
380558 tn?1309045987 D What types of vitamins are good for energy? I know Vit.B12 is, but not sure if it's the best.. I have hardly any energy- of course being up for a few hours (4-4:30am to Lord only knows when) could have alot to do with that! Thanks guys!
Avatar n tn The vitamin B family consists of 15 different B vitamins. B Vitamins help us use energy. Its like putting a sandwich up against your forehead. Not going to do you any good is it? All B vitamins are all required for different stages of the process whereby energy is released from the food we eat every day. Read more about all 15 B vitamins here @ <a href="
Avatar n tn A friend is trying to sell me a nutrition supplement called Reliv. She says drinking supplements help you retain more vitamins than pills and that Reliv products give you everything you would ever need - vitamin and mineral wise. I need to find out if this is actually a good product to use or not. And a recommendation for a good supplement if this is not. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Does anyone happen to know any herbal supplements that would give me some energy. I feel completely zapped 24 hours a day and it's really getting me down. Thank you in advance for your help.