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2192208 tn?1346525832 I wish I could find a single or just a few supplements for thyroid support, as I really get tired of taking my handfuls of pills. There are some that I try never to skip, and when I'm neglectful I notice the difference. Have you been tested for Vit D and Vit B12 ? I was extremely deficient, in fact was diagnosed with pernicious anemia before I was diagnosed hypo, so I really notice if I skip those two, energy-wise.
Avatar m tn s multi-vitamin due to his eating patterns. Suggest Boost, or milkshakes or smoothies with fruit {milk or yogurt, banana or strawberries (or any type fruit), ice cream blended} 1-2 times a day for additional calories for weight gain.
535882 tn?1396576685 , the one thing i was concerned about was the b complex/ gives you energy but taking it at 6 pm or later , don't know how that will effect me.
Avatar f tn I have Fibromyalgia, I would like to know which vitamins I should use for this desease and what would me help me get more energy. Fatigue is part of Fibro.
Avatar f tn ANyone take any special supplements such as vitamins or mineral or other supplements to relieve the CFS symptoms. I currently take amino acid herbs and vitamin d3.
Avatar f tn I do get fresh air, take vitamins and push myself to exercise. Any idea when the energy comes back? I get tired walking up a flight of stairs! Thanks again-- even though I do not post often, reading the posts helps alot!
599170 tn?1300973893 I've taken a multi vitamin daily since I was 13. I sometimes take extra B vitamins as well. I think when things are so hectic we sometimes don't get as well or as much as we should and any bit helps.
Avatar f tn Your situation is somewhat similar to mine. I also have had hep C 1b since 69 and was just diagnosed 2 years ago. I never had a bx so don't know what stage my liver is in. My VL is around 1/2 M and my ALT in the 120's. I have taken tons of supplements due to various issues such as pain, energy level, ect. It appears that some of those may have been related to my HC. Anyway, I went to a natural MD first so see what he might do because I was afraid of regular treatments.
Avatar f tn Vitamin B12. Trust me, I almost fell asleep driving!
1508698 tn?1360215710 i find if have something to look forward to i can get out of bed easy, if i already know my day is going to be stressful i just wanna lay there, i also take a one a day vitamin and alot of B vitamins sometimes get those 5 hour energy, but i dont feel like they put on in the commercial lol
Avatar f tn Buy a good book on vitamins and supplements. The above info probably comes from something, but the best way to take vitamins is to spread them out during the day so you don't excrete them all out when you go to the bathroom. I don't know how many of us are disciplined to do that, but that's the best way. It very much depends on what you're taking. By the way, all vitamin supplements are "synthetic," not most.
Avatar f tn Hi, would anybody know if the energy pills you buy either in a store or on-line are worth anything? I know the theory of taking vitimin B and diet but I seem to need an extra boost. I've been thinking of buying a product called Xzing but do you think I'm throwing my money away? Thank you.
492869 tn?1285018933 Are you currently taking any vitamins and/or supplements to treat your Dysautonomia symptoms? Elaborate, or discuss your response below if you will like.
Avatar f tn What other supplements/vitamins are you ladies taking or suggest to take besides prenatals? !
Avatar f tn hello. Well, unfortunately some don't get energy back quickly at all. I didn't until about 2 months or more. It takes the brain a long time to heal from these pills, but trust me, you will get it back. Vicki is so right, you may have to push yourself to do things, and then you will find that you do have it. It just takes awhile to get it all back.
Avatar f tn Has anyone tried any natural supplements or vitamins to help with the diarrhea and constant bathroom trips.
1054484 tn?1255113567 Ive been told the energy comes back with time. And also that a combination of alittle moderate exercise and amino acids/and or vitamins help. Any suggestions would be greatfully appricated. Anything to give me a tiny little boost up would be fantastic!!!! Red bull isnt cutting it! And for the first day in a week Im actually hungry. Which is encouraging, since food is fuel and Ive dropped a few pounds.(is it normal to loose wieght like that?
Avatar f tn Are you taking any vitamins? I found that drinking lots of water and taking vitamins helped. What is your Hgb? If that gets too low, you won't have much energy no matter what you do. I hope you feel better soon!
Avatar m tn I am trying to find vitamins/supplements other than what I take with Lithium. I take Centrum Multi-Vitamin, Omega Fish Oil 3000 MG, Choline (new to me), and Super-B Complex. What other vitamins/supplements work best with you all that take Lithium? What about Echinacea, Chromium Polynicotinate, Selenium, Calcium (which one), Taurine, and Potassium Gluconate? I pulled these vitamin/supplement names off of a patient's chart from another mood tracking website.
Avatar f tn Well the baby feeds off of your energy. When I don't take my prenatal vitamins I feel like I'm dying all day and I feel like I have no energy since everything is going towards my baby. Please take your vitamins.
487969 tn?1249313291 I have been reading posts on supplements such as selenium and magnesium, what does this do for the thyroid? If you are undiagnosed, like me, could a person get some relief of symptoms and do you know if it is safe?
Avatar f tn It depends on what you're taking. Many people call supplements vitamins that aren't vitamins but something else. As Gym mentions above, it depends on the supplement as to whether it's best taken with food or not, and the form of the vitamin has a lot to do with how well it's absorbed as well -- for example, the above mentions B12, which comes in different forms and some are better absorbed than others even if they're sublingual.