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427258 tn?1266448842 I had a yeast infection very early on in pregnancy as well and my doctor prescribed a one dose treatment called Gynazole that worked quite effectively. It was expensive even with insurance but it worked really well for me. I would definitely call your doctor however before doing anything.
Avatar n tn so,i am worried,is my baby safe?is it dangerous to have a yeast infection in such an early pregnancy?
Avatar f tn im 31w pregnant and i just found out i have a yeast infection and i have to put the cream everytime i go to sleep my question is if its bad for my baby because i have to insert the tube all the way inside my vagina..
Avatar f tn it can however cause you to spot, as any vaginal infection during pregnancy can do that. But if your in early pregnancy your safest treatment is a 7 day treatment cream.I had one around 10 weeks and im now 15 weeks!
Avatar m tn I got this in my early weeks of pregnancy, before i found out, and i just tried using a regular otc application for a few days and it didnt seem to help, just more irritation, so i went to the dr and got on an antibiotic. I've always used otc stuff in the past but this time around it didnt work for me, however there are many types of yeast infections. I don't have a good answer but probabbly the best thing is going to the Dr.
384104 tn?1291128412 A couple weeks prior to this, I noticed the begining symptoms of a yeast infection that I thought was just vaginal dryness. I treated it with Vagisil and the symptoms went away. Did I possibly miss the symptoms of a yeast infection that could have caused my misscarriage? After the miscarriage happened, my husband and I did not wait for my first cycle and had intercourse. I went to the Dr. this past Friday and I had another yeast infection. I am treating it now with Monistat 7.
689528 tn?1364139441 Just can't use that one day treatment kind. It's mild so far and I remember my last pregnancy it was more of just the outside and opening that was itchy and inflamed. Bah!! HORMONES!!
1414887 tn?1287906964 The good news is I'm dilated and baby is head down and expected to be a little early. The bad news is I haves mild case of a yeast infection. I was told I need to stick this cream IN my vagina with like some plastic applicator. I don't have any yeast infection symptoms. Not even my discharge is bad. She didn't test me for this she just automatically said I have it. I don't like the idea of sticking anything with medicine up my vagina.
Avatar f tn So I during my check up last week my doctor informed me that I have a yeast infection. I was asymptomatic and had no clue I had one till he said so. He prescribed me an antifungal which is a class c drug. I didnt feel comfortable taking that so I did some research and found out that garlic has anti yeast properties and is natural. Since I didnt want to just be shoving garlic in my 'cooter' fearing infection etc.
Avatar f tn told me the treatment target excessive bacterias but sometimes overkill and result in yeast infection. I still feel the itch, but no discharge. Doesn't yeast infection have a distinction discharge? Did anyone experience this. Should I try some yeast infection cream? I have had yeast problem before. It's a bit frustrating, especially having to deal with the pain of my abnormally large ovarian cyst at the same time.
Avatar n tn Later that evening when we went to be we had regular intercourse. The next day I started getting a yeast infection. I've used the one day treatment, it didn't work. Now I'm using the 7 day. Someone, please tell me I'm crazy.
Avatar n tn Or.....your partner can have a yeast infection and you two keep passing it back and forth, have him checked too.
Avatar f tn I don't know if it is too early to take a home pregnancy test but I got this yeast infection out of nowhere. My boyfriend is happy about the thought of getting pregnant and doesn't seem surprised. We had sex last Monday and my symptoms started last night. I already took an over the counter treatment for my infection. How long do I need to wait before taking the home test? I tried making an appt. with my obgyn but it's 2 weeks out but still going though. Wanted to get any advice.
Avatar f tn when my doctor gave me medicine it was a one day pill i had relief for two days then it came back so i baught a three day treatment from walgreens and its worked for a week or so and now.
Avatar f tn I take the year probiotics when I feel like I'm getting a yeast infection. It is important to get it treated when you are pregnant - call your OBGYN. My favorite home remedy is to but a clove of garlic in your vagina over night, but I wouldn't try that while pregnant. DO NOT put yogurt up there either.
Avatar n tn Yeast infection! :) Monistat 7 day treatment and my yeast infection, my itchy, sore, small cuts on labia, white chunky discharge and discomfort on my vagine WENT AWAY!!. WOO HOO I'm so happy.!!! I got the yeast infection during pregnancy and during my first year postpartum. My case is hormonal and it might come back, but I don't have insurance and Monistat 7 day worked after the 2nd day so I don't mind depending on it. Good luck everyone...
Avatar n tn I had a rash very early in this pregnancy...it cleared up after my first trimester...not sure what it was..but it went away and everything's fine now.
Avatar n tn if your doctor said not to use over the counter products than I would listen to him. However I got a yeast infection during my pregnancy at around 12 weeks and my doctor said it was safe to take (plus it made me feel a lot better). I'm not sure you can take it in early early pregnancy. I would call a different doctor and get a second opinion if I was you.
Avatar m tn I freaked out when she got a yeast infection at the start of pregnancy, but learned quickly that it's common for pregnant women to have all sorts of funky things. So naturally, I am killing myself. I have at moments just wished I was dead cause I am such a pathetic person. Part of me wants to have HIV just to end it and come out about my sexual addictions.....I feel that I _deserve_ it, you know? But she does not, and that's the greatest thing that causes me to worry.
Avatar f tn I agree with Sally...sounds like you might have an infection. Also sounds like you might be in labour? Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn Children may grow slowly or be sick a lot. How is HIV infection diagnosed? Because early HIV infection often causes no symptoms, a doctor or other health care provider usually can diagnose it by testing a person's blood for the presence of antibodies (disease-fighting proteins) to HIV. HIV antibodies generally do not reach detectable levels in the blood for one to three months following infection.
Avatar f tn I have tried everything I can think of. Yeast infection creams are pretty much useless, A/D ointment and powder after every shower and at night seems to help a little, but doesnt clear it up. Since I have had post-pregnancy eczema on my legs, arms, and even a little on my face, I have decided to go that route and try to use what cured that, which was Cetaphyl lotion and by going back to only using Dove white unscented soap.
Avatar n tn At what point should I go back to the doctor's? Should I try to retreat what I think of as a yeast infection with Monistat before calling my doctor? Help! Thanks!
Avatar f tn I began to fear what can happen since I took this without knowing for sure I have a yeast infection. When I was pregnant before I had one and my doctor said I get get over the counter medication. I tried to look it up on-line on the effects however I could not find much info. I saw on Yahoo a gal posted a question on if you could still be pregnant after the insert of Monistat 1. She didn't have many answers, One answer said that it will get in your blood stream and hurt the fetus.
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