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Avatar f tn Positive pregnancy test 3 days before missed period
Avatar f tn Yes it might be too early for you to test. I kept getting negative test results up until my 6th week but had a confirmed pregnancy at 5 and a half weeks. Go to the doctor or er and get a blood test, they are more accurate. Also, be sure to test with the first morning urine.
893889 tn?1294280577 For example i you ovulated 7 days ago and it only took 3 days for the egg to implant, you may get a positive as the egg has been there for 4 days. However, testing this early is very likely to give misleading information. If you ovulated 7 days ago the egg could still be making its way to the womb (on average its 6-12 days to implant) So wouldnt get a result yet. The earliest HPT i know of is the First Response early one.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have any advice on the earliest I could take a pregnancy test? I'm still 10 days away from predicted period, is that too early?
Avatar n tn I am concerned about being pregnant and the implications of my thyroid disorder on the early pregnancy. I took a home test this morning that was negative, but I don't know how often I should re-test, or if I should call my doctor (everything I've read online says to get tested as early as possible once you are pregnant to avoid complications from the Hashimoto's)... what do I do? Wait, or call?
Avatar f tn hi i went to early pregnancy unit to today as im 5 weeks pregnant iv been getting lower pains right at bottom of my belly but no bleeding my HCGlevel was 700 is that bad as someone told if it drops i can lose baby what does it actually mean x
Avatar f tn The genetic test is done around 17 to 20 weeks I think is just a routine check up along with a level 2 ultrasound Why is the dr sending you so early in your pregnancy?
971074 tn?1362763366 You probably just watered down the HCG in your urine by drinking a lot of water. This early the HCG is low and that's why they recomend FMU when testing. I'm sure everything will be fine once you get your blood results. Good luck and Congrats!!
433702 tn?1232297835 Test for ovulating? Day 10-11 and continue until you get a postive OPK. Or are you testing for pregnancy? I would wait until day 14 or later.
Avatar f tn Did anyone else opt out of the early testing for down syndrome and other defects? If yes what was your outcome.
Avatar n tn But the absolute earliest I know of anyone getting a Positive is 7DPO and thats insane! 8 and 10DPO is pretty early too but it's happened! How many DPO are you?
Avatar f tn That's true mommy_daddy_2 I didn't mean she couldn't check before a missed period but y waste the money if you can test for a reason?? Just me though. I tested negative until my period was late by 1 day.
Avatar f tn I just found out today...I took the test early in the morning and didn't look until m boyfriend got home from work...you can imagine how anxious I was for him to come home lol. Well since I bought the first response brand it came with two so I think I want to just take I anyways so its not going to waste or just sittin there til it expires.
Avatar f tn i just thought maybe some mommys out there would know cause they do put people on them during your pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I ovulated late and got a really faint BFP 8 dpo. I've also had them 5 days before my period. They look more like a crease than a line though. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Undecided about getting the early genetic testing. I am 9 weeks now, 31 years old, 1st baby. We are worried it will cause unnecessary worry, but we have to decide by the beginning of next week. Any opinions?
Avatar f tn 1st Pregnancy- surprise pregnancy after only 2 months of having sex 2nd Pregnancy- my first baby was 9 months old (miscarried) 3rd Pregnancy- first try after miscarriage 4th Pregnancy- 13 months of trying (miscarried) 5th Pregnancy- pregnant right after miscarriage So 5 pregnancies in 5-6 years. Nuts? Maybe. LOL! Compared to what has happened in the past I don't know how long it will take this time. We shall see!
631676 tn?1333721803 You should not have to endure a 3rd miscarriage, before the doctor's do some specific testing to see if your hormone levels during pregnancy are too low to allow the pregnancy to continue. Since you talked about having a series of blood work done and all came back negative, I am wondering if they checked your levels for estrogen, progesterone, etc. Again, I am so sorry that you have been through this. This is heartbreaking. Best of luck to you.
10743983 tn?1440213810 When does the Doctor normal start testing for downsyndrom and such? I am 21weeks and will be 23weeks and 3days my next visit. Is it something we need to bring up or is it something the Doctor will mention? We haven't heard anything about it at our last couple visits, and being on here obviously nothing quite goes the same as the baby books say, but I am just curious if this test or any others should be brought up by us at our next visit?