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1532937 tn?1357203993 This went on for another 9 weeks and I'd resigned myself to the fact that this is the way my pregnancy was going to be, and I would have gladly kept things that way as long as my baby was alright. Unfortunately that was not the case, now I feel that the doctors could have done more for me, maybe run a few more tests, a few more scans, I know it won't change what happened but surely they could have done something!
315794 tn?1205628717 I have taken 3 or 4 pregnancy test and they all says negative is it too early? but i have symptoms of being pregnant: sore nipples , mood swings, excessive urinating, eating alot, headaches, sleeping all the time, could i be pregnant or am i reading into my symptoms too indepth?
Avatar n tn This is an update and some more questions. I went in today to the ER for spotting red blood. They did a pelvic and told me my cervix was closed and only a small amount of blood. A vaginal ultrasound showed me to be 5w1d and the HCG count came out to 7008. I have been instructed to come back in a week for another ultrasound. I am now cramping some more (of course this has been a rough day and it could be from the pelvic, the prodding and pushing, or the vaginal ultrasound).
3997020 tn?1349022931 Cramping, tired, closed cervix, headaches, craving sweets (I've never liked sweets), and nausea. I'm on a 21 day cycle and I took a pregnancy test on Wednesday negative and another today negative... I am thinking I need to wait until I would technically be 6 Weeks pregnant to go to the doctor, is that a good idea? I'm craving sex which for me is out of the ordinary, I'm feeling a lot more sensitive emotionally..
510679 tn?1265671867 Well needless to say, I have had my tubes tied since April 2000 and have been tested for pregnancy and blood work to make sure I am not having a tubal, all negative. I have been having alot of spotting on and off thru Dec and then on Jan 10. I experienced severe gushing of blood then it stopped after like 1 hr then spotted some the rest of the day. Then the next morning..same thing but this time bleeding didnt seem to quit and having some low back pain and lower abdominal pain on right side.
Avatar f tn We had sex Wednesday night and the next day I bled a bit and was sore. I noticed I had discharge and slight burning like my yeast infection was back. I also was very dry. By Friday I noticed I had a cut on the side of my clitoris. It looked like someone took their nail and cut into me. It was painless and over the weekend closed up without scabbing. I've been using monistat again. Is this herpes related or yeast related??
Avatar f tn intercourse really hurts too. i am sorry for posting so many questions, but i need help. any answers and opinions will help me at this time. thank you. my biopsy appointment is in four hours . i will be checking for some answers every like two minutes until then. thank you guys soooo much.
Avatar f tn And i agree, i see the same questions on here. And i wanna tell them to scroll down a couple questions and im sure they will find the same one.. i know being a ftm is scary, but i see the same questions, allll the time. Thank you for this list! And everyone commenting other common questions.
Avatar n tn However I had no vaginal bleeding, no grapelike tissues, a normal amount of morning sickness, and a hcg level of 35,000. A partial molar pregnancy is extremely rare and I am being told by my gynecologist that it is probably not likely. What would cause the fetus to stop developing at under nine weeks? The ultrasound showed a large placenta with leakages into it, leakages of probably blood, Ive been told. It looked snowy on the ultrasound but didnt look grapelike.
Avatar n tn Yes, I believe you can get lower backache in early pregnancy, and while menstruating, sitting too long at a computer... Is a sissy la la like a silly noo noo?
Avatar f tn Hi i don't really know anything about this so i just wanted to tell you there are questions just like yours on this site that could help you just go to search and put in pregnant but no baby in ultrasound you'll find answers and women to talk to who went through the same thing i hope this helps you
Avatar n tn hey I never had the S thingy but the brown discharge during early pregnancy is normal it scared the poop out of me and my mom told me it was normal. so maybe thats all it is.
1454858 tn?1306787978 Enjoy your pregnancy and try not to worry. If something does go wrong, you don't want to look back on it and only remember worry and fear.
Avatar n tn I suggest you see your physician to have a pelvic exam and a pregnancy test in the office (urine and/or blood). Also, remember, some answers come with time. Be patient and this will all sort itself out. Best regards, Dr.
Avatar n tn I'm seriously having on and off cramping, and it's scaring me to death. No, it isn't any more than normal AF cramping. Is this really okay? When does morning sickness generally start? When can the sex of the baby be determined? I think I've read 12 weeks, but I don't know if that is 12 weeks from last period, or when the fetus is actually 12 weeks... Thanks for your help!
Avatar f tn just wanted to say this was an old post from may so i'm not sure if you will get alot of response , you should open a new post and hopefully you will get some answers to your questions xx good luck xx
Avatar f tn Ive been referred for a follow up on tuesday at the early pregnany care at the hospital. Im so confused, scared and stressed, i have some many questions i would like answered but no one at the ime could answer me. Has anyone else had this or simlar? Do you know what a hemorage is caused from? what happens if i dont loose any of the blood? is my baby at risk the further the pregnany continues? Any answers would be good....
Avatar f tn how long do early pregnancy cramps last and when do you start to get them? i have more questions but ill wait till i get answers to this one.
7702223 tn?1394322654 I'm a FTM and I feel bad when I have a question similar to one someone already posted but I can't find that post to read the answers. Lol this is great all the questions and answers together! Love it!
159354 tn?1286371288 All the doctor said was that in such an early stage of the pregnancy, everything is possible and even the HB is not a guarantee that I'll carry to term. 2.Ask for extra blood work. You can never know if everything is fine until you check it!! Ask for genetic and chromosome testing, testing for blood cloting disorder and LPD and everything possible... I did it and was diagnosed with some kind of blood cloting disorder, which could cause a m/c. 3. I believe you had 3.
Avatar f tn No need to thank me. I know what it's like wanting answers and not knowing if you will ever get them. It's times like this everyone needs support. Best wishes to you. Let me know what happens...
148691 tn?1260198503 I went for a 16 week checkup today and I had a lot of stupid questions and my doc. sat there so patiently and explained and answered everything to a "T"! I think doctors who are insensitive are in it for the wrong reasons! Good luck and sorry the doc. is making you feel that way!
Avatar n tn What you're feeling is normal with pregnancy. I had my first heartburn 2 weeks ago. I never had it with my first one. Just make sure your have meds for it. I use Prilosec and it works great for heartburns. If it gets really worse, let ypur OB know and you might have to have a prescribed medication for heartburns. You will notice that you start craving for foods that you normally avoid or don't like. It's ok yo be constantly on your feet when you're pregnant.
222234 tn?1216343635 my question is do you feel that your lower part of tummy is sore early in pregnancy, we are ttc, and i am not sure about my cycle lenght, if i was 30 days long, i was suppose to start yesterday, but if it is more i am suppose to start any day. i was using opk and had BD before and on and after O. my cycle is not stable since i delivered my baby, it varies between a monthand 39/40 days?
1723823 tn?1317429562 I've been eating more and my boobs hurt for a couple days, I know, as others have said, I should actually wait for my period to start but i just need some answers. I am bloated a bit and it hasnt really gone down for a couple days. I dont know if thats just because i've been eating more or because im about to start my period. I just want some answers, advice and some reasurance.
Avatar f tn You read it correctly today I feel like helping others (if I can) I see so many ladies upset that no one sees or answers their questions so I will do my best to answer anq questions you have if I know the answer...
Avatar n tn I had an ultrasound on the 19th and the ER doctor came in that evening and told me the pregnancy was blighted. They scheduled me for a DNC the next morning and was released that same day. I went to the hospital yesterday to pick up the MRI report and with it was the ultrasound report. I read it and it states "A single untrauterine gestational sac is seen with an average length of 16.4 mm corresponding to a proximal gestation age of six wks duration. A yolk sac is seen.