Early pregnancy bleeding with clots

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Avatar f tn It won't be implantation bleeding - that is usually only light bleeding/spotting, not with clots or anything heavy. Could just be a chemical pregnancy, this happened to me and that;s what it was. Have you already tested for pregnancy? Could also be that your period is just early (this can happen for no reason at all sometimes). Hormone changes and many other things can make a period early/late or lighter or heavier. Keep an eye on the bleeding, if it continues then see a doctor.
Avatar m tn Hi! Since there was bright red bleeding with clots, chances of miscarriage are high. You need to get blood HCG estimation 24 hours apart to see if the levels are falling. Also a scan may be scheduled to check if the baby is fine or there is a miscarriage. Bleeding can be due to simple causes such as cervicitis (infection/inflammation of cervix), vaginitis (infection/inflammation of vagina), or it can also be due to a part of uterine lining sloughing or due to threatened abortion.
Avatar f tn Also praying for you mama!
Avatar f tn i am about three weeks (i think) i am bleeding heavily, my period isnt due for another week. i dont have any cramping of clots. with my last pregnancy i bleed from 8 weeks till i was about 7-8 months. could this be a miscarriage or something else? could i take a test to find out if i am pregnant?
873692 tn?1337279333 Bleeding is not always an indication of impending miscarriage. If the bleeding turns bright red with clots and is accompanied by intense cramping then definitely make the hour trip to the doctor to make sure. You can keep having your HCG levels checked to see if they're progressing. Also, you could ask to be put on progesterone supplements to see if that helps your pregnancy progress. You'd only have to take them until week 10-12.
Avatar n tn Based on the last time I had sex I would have to be at least 3 wks. Has anyone bled with clotting early on and still had a good pregnancy? I am 27 and this is my first pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Bleeding early in pregnancy along with cramping should be examined closely by a doctor. If your heading back in then make sure you get some answers! If it is a miscarriage nothing can be done to stop it unfortunately and your not alone MANY of us have experienced one! i wish you the best!.. My concern lies with the "fight" you had with dh, you mentioned you fell back on the chair, i hope it wasnt a "physical fight" cause that opens up a whole new topic good luck to you!
Avatar f tn ok thanks nat x i really think its bad news as im sat here in tears with bad period pain and bleeding red x no clots tho x iv had cramping for about a week but no bleeding til today x this is the second time now x 2 times in a row and i really dont want to go through it again and its putting me off ttc now xxx
Avatar n tn have also bled twice (1st time just for 3 days light bleeding brown-pink color, started yesterday again, same thing. Now I know that bleeding early in pregnancy especially around the same time as your period is normal cause this could be implantation bleeding (when the fertilized egg is attaching itself to the uterus lining) color should be brown-pink. And is sounds like a lot of you are having that. I suggest waiting one more wk and test again.
Avatar n tn THe results won't be back until Tuesday and I am still bleeding with some small clots. Is there any hope left? Has anyone had this and gone on to a normal pregnancy?
Avatar n tn My question is for anyone who has had early bleeding in their pregnancy. On Sat I had a single episode of bright red blood that was maybe the amount of a 1/2 dollar. After that I spotted brown and today it is there only when I wipe, but vitually non-existent. No cramping involved, but the bright red freaked me out. I went for a beta today and have not heard back. I am 16 DPO (4 weeks). The lab tech said something that didn't sound right. She said by now my numbers should be 500 and up.
Avatar f tn They did a pelvic exam,blood tests,regular and vaginal ultrasound. I was told all the tests came back perfect for early pregnancy but the ultrasound only showed a sac no fetus seen and no heartbeat. All the doctor told us was either I'm not as far along as I thought and its too early to see or the pregnancy is not viable and I will miscarry soon and sent us on our way. I am highly concerned I have to wait a few days and get another ultrasound.
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks, once i started bleeding with clots i went to the hospital and they did a number of tests (bloods,ultrasound ect), the pains/cramps started the next day
Avatar f tn is it possible for a pregnant woman to have a bleeding and pass a small clots and still continue with the pregnancy? please i need an enlightenment.
Avatar f tn i spoted from weeks 5-almost 10! some days were very heavy bleeding with clots!!!! it is so scary. does anyone know exactly how big their hematomas are? my started at 15 mm and now it's 17 mm. just take it easy and pray! it works------- i'll be 16 weeks friday!