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Avatar n tn I looked and only found the health page about preparing for your doctor visit - it has some very useful tips. I could swear there is a page somewhere about constructing your timeline. Here's my timeline that I took for my first neuro vist, as well as a list of my doctors, dates of health events and tests, and what drugs I am on. Maybe between Rena's and mine you can get inspired to think about what had led up to this point. Good luck.
1142230 tn?1268675666 I'm interested in preparing a timeline. Is there a thread about this somewhere? Thanks for any help!
Avatar n tn I'm trying to get a timeline ready for my new neuro appointment next week. My problem is that I can't remember what happened when from July 2006-early 2008. I had a horrible episode that started July 2006 and was in an out of ERs, dr's offices and on so much medication for so many things that I really can't remember when the episode ended, when the next one started, what symptoms appeared when and when I had what tests. It's all run together.
Avatar f tn Hi , i having been having sex with sex workers for the past 6 years with protected sex with condom all the time , around 50 times with different partners my lifetime , certain times received oral unprotected , no anal , no drugs. I am straight and have not contracted any STD's . I am recently planning to start a serious relationship and afraid to even have sex as i have yet to get tested . What are my chances of contracting hiv? Really worried and scared .
Avatar n tn Keep your appointment. It certainly won't hurt anything, after all. and you don't have to drive a long distance. I hope you've prepared a good timeline describing when each bout started and stopped. We've had many discussions of timelines here, but if you're confused about this, please. say so. It is absolutely normal in RRMS to start to feel better, especially considering how long the typical wait is to see an MS neuro.
1712993 tn?1308491982 After having a history of using meth and marijuana can someone develop seizure's? If presently smoking marijuana?
405614 tn?1329144114 I just spent hours working on a new timeline, including most of my medical history, as the chart notes from my neuro appointment made it clear that she missed quite a lot, and misunderstood some of what she had heard or read. It is pretty long, so if you need to get sleepy for a nap, jump right in! (big smile!) Would someone please read it and give their opinion, cut and paste, whatever works?
Avatar m tn As I continue to research more and more for a brief undergraduate class, and this forum has helped significantly, I was wondering, as I read so much online material (some not so up-to-date), what is classified as a significant ARS (Acute Retroviral Symptoms) timeline? Does anyone have legit info. or websites that deal with the timeline of the HIV/AIDS onset to diagnosis? I have seen that www.aidsmeds.com seems a legit source.
279234 tn?1363105249 Hi everybody! Quick question....Yes, I've never done a timeline. I thought it might be good to do one but I ran into a problem. How do you make one when you have 3 years of symptoms and events, but you also want to make a short one that is short and sweet? Any ideas on how I should shorten it up? My first attempt was 3 pages..too long. I also don't know if I should explain or include test results...& there is also an issue with a migraine or seizure problem.
Avatar n tn I have my appt on Monday the 22nd. What should I do to prepare for it? Write a timeline, bring medical records of all visits for symptoms, list of questions, MRI CD? Will they do nero exam or EP's? I'm happy to be a step closer to finding out what's going on but nervous all the same. :-) Help!
Avatar m tn When we say family history, which members of the family are included????
Avatar n tn If so, CPS does not have to get involved, Even if they do get involved, they alway look for relatives first, and the fathers come first, so, as long as you are clean and no criminal or cps history, you should have no problem. The most imprtant thing right now, is to get her away from the environment she is in now. If its meth, that can cause lots of health problems for your daughter. It depends on how high the levels are in her system.
Avatar m tn Your girlfriend - You did put her at a risk, the same testing timeline applies from the date of exposure for her if she needs to test independently. You could wait and get your test at the aforesaid timeline in order to avoid her getting tested provided, she is in a monogamous relationship with you.
Avatar f tn I believe the persistent cough may be related to a 14 year pack a day smoking history. I am not sure if I scared this guy to death or what but he took off running after I started mentioning my symptoms and the possible HIV connection. What should be next testing date? It has been 6 weeks since my last sexual encounter with this guy.
Avatar n tn 4) Symptoms never overrule tests or exposure history in determining whether or not someone has HIV, and anyway all symptoms from HIV are the same as the symptoms from common, minor, everyday health problems. Therefore, symptoms almost never make a difference in our replies. 5) Finally, when someone is worried about having HIV, s/he should be tested, even if there is no real risk.
Avatar f tn s improbable that I can keep loss of vision at bay forever. What is the timeline with this disease? I have dry type, but I don't know whether it's beginning, intermediate or advanced. From what I saw on the photos, I have round yellow drusen in both eyes (not the little pinprick kind). To my knowledge, this does not run in my family, nor am I a smoker. I have some weight to lose, but I am not obese. My BP is normal, but I'm not sure about my cholesterol. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Can being on antiviral drugs for herpes effect the early testing for HIV test ?
505521 tn?1211929241 What is this timeline thing you discuss? Is that like, Hey I had optic neuritis in April of 2000? Don't my records reflect this? Are you telling me to keep my own medical diary and copy it for the appropriate docs?