Does cold eeze expire

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Avatar n tn Yes, formula does expire. They have an expiration date on the label.
Avatar n tn and yet both my doctor and clinic are aware I have gained some 30kgs, have been treated for insomnia and depression. I am also constantly cold and my blood pressure is still high. I have taken a drastic step to move to Pressure Eeze (Herbal suppliment) with Magnesium and Potassium suppliments and am also now following a strict pressure friendly diet. I only started this today!!! how long with it take to gain a normal heart rate back?
Avatar f tn When does Alprazolam expire? I noticed there is no expiration date printed on the prescription bottle. I've asked the pharmasist who filled the prescription on two separate occassions; but, recieved two different answers. The first answer was: ' One year after the perscription was filled'. The later answer was: 'Two years after the prescription was filled.' So that leaves me with not knowing which one to go by. The prescription was filled 10 and 1/2 months ago.
Avatar f tn i was given a car seat. A graco snugride Classic connect. The manufacturing date says December 12th 2009.... My question is, is it still good to use or has it expired? I don't know how long they last but I know they expire after so long. Please help. I have another car seat that's new I'm just wondering if this ones any good or not.
4850939 tn?1370543309 Thanks :)
3945899 tn?1414781215 My nexplanon is about to expire next month. I’ve had it for 3 years and it’s been GREAT. I did gain about 20-30 pounds with it so that’s the only reason I’m looking into the iud. What are y’all experience with the IUD?
Avatar f tn They expire 5 years after the date they were manufactured!
Avatar f tn No... stuff Like That doesn't really have an expiration date. But If u wanna be extra cautious about It it'll have one stamped on It If It does Just Like food does. Stocking up now Is a good idea.
Avatar f tn Just expires and then on to the next cycle. Im pretty sure they dont suspend it.
Avatar f tn Aquafina has always tasted nasty to me. Try evian, it might taste a little better, to me it has no taste. The other one i like is ice mountain, but i think that is more of a "midwest" (ish) special brand. You might just have to experiment with different brands.
1561668 tn?1347413863 was the test expired though because i think after they expire they are more prone to evap lines....
Avatar f tn The one we have now expires in 2015. My baby is due in January 2015. Does the carseat last through 2015 or expire in January?
Avatar f tn My long term boyfriend gets cold sores. He has all his life. After all the years of dating I have never gotten a cold sore from him. Then about two weeks ago my boyfriend had no signs of a cold sore but the next day after he had left he got one. A few days later I had health problms and went to the doctor after the exam the doctor told me that i have herpes ( which is located on my gential area). From what I've read online it's calld HSV2.
Avatar f tn Yes, car seats expire! I've got two that are used, but both babies they came from are just at a year old each. Explain to her that you would love to accept it, but since it does expire, you want to do what's best for baby, look up the expiration for the seat and show her.
1138687 tn?1548643978 Hi there - When you make the sticky, it gives you a place to set when it will expire. Make sure you change that, or it will expire at a certain time (can't remember the default time offhand).
Avatar m tn Again, I'm assuming this is to improve absorption, as absorbing minerals is slow and for fighting a virus it needs to be quick. But that's a lot of zinc for two months. I'd do some homework on this. Zinc helps do two things that most doctors don't usually know -- boosts the immune system so things heal more quickly (often used in veterinary medicine) and to fight viruses. But it would seem, if you're concerned about the taste, there are lots of alternatives.
688845 tn?1325182236 My ex-SIL worked as a medical transcriber and knew facts like that. So while something does expire it really just loses effectiveness over time. Since these are vitamins and not necessarily medications I would take them with OJ (helps the absorbency).
Avatar f tn Do strollers expire to? I know that car seats do but where do I check if they are expired?
Avatar f tn The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
Avatar f tn I have had literally a handful of sexual partners - never had any problems. My last two relationships were 5 years and then 4 years. 4 months ago I started seeing a guy who had been a friend of mine, he too has had long term relationships and I know believes he had no form of an STD. Six weeks ago I went to the doctors and they diagnosed genital herpes, it was horrific - so painful. I was so shocked when they said it definitely appeared to be Herpes an took a swab...
Avatar f tn I waited until 7 months to order it online and it took a couple weeks to come in. Car seats expire so if you're doing a travel system then you'll want to get it further along but not too close to due date because you want time to install it and be in the car in case you have to deliver early for any reason.