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Avatar m tn Again, I'm assuming this is to improve absorption, as absorbing minerals is slow and for fighting a virus it needs to be quick. But that's a lot of zinc for two months. I'd do some homework on this. Zinc helps do two things that most doctors don't usually know -- boosts the immune system so things heal more quickly (often used in veterinary medicine) and to fight viruses. But it would seem, if you're concerned about the taste, there are lots of alternatives.
Avatar m tn I'm having a hard time finding the zinc, phos, mag and copper supplement all together. Anyone have any suggestions on where to buy it? I've checked at the big name brand vitamin store (didn't know if I could post the name) and they have mag, zinc and copper together but nothing that has all 4. Help would be appreciated, my quit date is approaching fast and this is the last thing I need of the supplies. Thanks!!
1323278 tn?1298122488 My husband will pop a 25 mg every time he think he maybe coming down with a cold, and/or the cold has hit. The zinc seems to shorten the amount of time that he is sick. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I swear by zinc lozenges on the first onset of a sore throat. I'm only 5 Weeks pregnant and wouldn't you know it, I have the start of a sore throat. anyone know if it's ok to take the lozenges? I know, I know, I need to ask my OB but I don't even have one in place yet since I'm so early on.
4939681 tn?1361299299 Zinc Research has shown that both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism result in zinc deficiency. It also plays a role in the functioning of the immune system. Low zinc levels have been found in obese people. Zinc is needed to convert T4 into T3, so this mineral is a must.
Avatar n tn and yet both my doctor and clinic are aware I have gained some 30kgs, have been treated for insomnia and depression. I am also constantly cold and my blood pressure is still high. I have taken a drastic step to move to Pressure Eeze (Herbal suppliment) with Magnesium and Potassium suppliments and am also now following a strict pressure friendly diet. I only started this today!!! how long with it take to gain a normal heart rate back?
Avatar f tn Thanks Grace. I have oral herpes so suffer from large blisters around my mouth on a reoccurrant basis. I've been told that L-Lysine, Zinc and Vitamin B all help so i have started taking those to hopefully boost my immune system. Any other suggestions welcome.
Avatar n tn Usually, such toe symptoms are common in injury, circulatory problems, with certain medications, excessive cold temperature, whilst you are relaxed or resting, during or after exercise, or after sitting in an uncomfortable position. Most of the times, they are not related to any underlying disorder but needs checking out with a doctor to assess that your leg circulation and nerve supply are working appropriately.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern. Generally, pink fingers are common with circulatory problems, certain medications, excessive cold temperature, whilst you are relaxed or resting, during or after exercise.
Avatar n tn Gatorade for hydration and to replenish what comes out ;) A good multivitamin and B Complex. A magnesium and zinc supplement. Potassium, either a supplement or bananas help with restless legs/limbs. Personally I think you have come a long way to revert back to the meds. You also may want to check with your doctor to see if there is anything he or she can prescribe or recommend to help with the trembling. Good luck and keep posting! I believe you can do this!
Avatar m tn Take an omega 3 fish oil supplement instead for daily use. Zinc can be toxic, so take care with that one. For example, if you're taking a multi, which isn't a bad idea, or an immune system supplement as well, the zinc can add up. The B should be fine as long as it is properly balanced. If you just want a Vitamin D supplement, don't get in a cod liver oil supplement, just take the D separately. Make sure it's D3.
Avatar m tn With each ejaculation much of the zinc of our body is depleted and depending of how often you do it and of your diet, you may need some zinc supplement. Also, as a general rule, being in good shape and health helps also the sexual activity. So, in summary you would need exercise to increase your endurance, good and varied diet and probably a zinc supplement if you have frequent ejaculations.
Avatar m tn If your zinc was too high that would explain the copper deficiency, as too much zinc leaches copper out of the body. The solution is to decrease your zinc intake. If it was just high but normal, then that probably isn't the problem. But if it's too high, again, you don't need to supplement copper, you need to decrease wherever the excess zinc is coming from. This is why zinc always has a warning about not taking too much.
1388445 tn?1289267388 Because you are tired and sluggish it would also be a good idea to take vitamin C with a zinc supplement because without vit c the zinc will not be absorbed via your gastro-intestinal tract. I also use an essential oil called "myrrh" and add it to a carrier oil and massage it on my chest and neck to assist with drying up the catarrh.
Avatar n tn My 12 year-old son has been having the same problem. After the second visit to the dermatologist, she suggested adding zinc to his diet. I'm going to go through with it and see how it works! I know Zinc affects the stomach, so I'm going to give him his supplement at meal times.
Avatar m tn Taking them roughly 3 times a week and mostly just Vit D3, selenium and zinc. So I stop all herbs and turmeric supplement. Just eat natural and let the med do the work. Hopefully your ALT flys up in the first few injection. That would be a sign of a responder. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Hi All, Just wondering if any of you have any suggestions to relieve the skin crawling/cold sweats/skin burning (on the inside)...? Honestly, I can deal with anxiety, lack if sleep and straight up pain but those other feelings make me absolutely miserable! I take clonidine but it doesn't help much. Any suggestions much appreciated...although i have a sneaking suspicion I just have to ride it out.
Avatar m tn Callouses are common in older dogs and it is thought they are caused through a lack of zinc. Try a zinc supplement in his food and see if it helps prevent them forming. If you are giving your dog any additional calcium, it should be noted calcium absorbs zinc in the body, and therefore can cause callouses to form. Vitamin E in gel form can also be rubbed onto the callous and hard skin areas, and this helps heal the callous region and is soothing.
4850939 tn?1370543309 Thanks :)
Avatar m tn Thank you for your response, is it a macupapular rash?