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Avatar n tn and yet both my doctor and clinic are aware I have gained some 30kgs, have been treated for insomnia and depression. I am also constantly cold and my blood pressure is still high. I have taken a drastic step to move to Pressure Eeze (Herbal suppliment) with Magnesium and Potassium suppliments and am also now following a strict pressure friendly diet. I only started this today!!! how long with it take to gain a normal heart rate back?
Avatar f tn Hi Grace Sorry if this sounds silly but what do you mean by a 'work up'? I was diagnosed last year, but didn't get any ongoing support or advice from the STD clinic. My doctor was sympathetic but not that knowledgable. I am just trying to manage it as best I can with salt or tea tea oil baths as an when it arises. thanks for any advice you can give, Kate.
4850939 tn?1370543309 Thanks :)
Avatar m tn Again, I'm assuming this is to improve absorption, as absorbing minerals is slow and for fighting a virus it needs to be quick. But that's a lot of zinc for two months. I'd do some homework on this. Zinc helps do two things that most doctors don't usually know -- boosts the immune system so things heal more quickly (often used in veterinary medicine) and to fight viruses. But it would seem, if you're concerned about the taste, there are lots of alternatives.
Avatar f tn I have had literally a handful of sexual partners - never had any problems. My last two relationships were 5 years and then 4 years. 4 months ago I started seeing a guy who had been a friend of mine, he too has had long term relationships and I know believes he had no form of an STD. Six weeks ago I went to the doctors and they diagnosed genital herpes, it was horrific - so painful. I was so shocked when they said it definitely appeared to be Herpes an took a swab...
Avatar f tn A lot of employers won't even though they are suppose to , all u can do is try
Avatar f tn 13 months for me. My symptoms have been *better* for 3 months, though...not gone, but better, so I am hopeful that they will continue to resolve. This is such a scary disease because you can't really know how long it will last. Every time any of my lumps hurt or change, I am afraid that they will develop into a new abscess. Anyway, since my body is doing so much better, I am trying to think of new ways to give it a boost - I have been trying something similar to lymphatic massage.
487030 tn?1233079181 The anxiety was bad for me as well. I actually went on Lexparo and it really helped.. Bananas help with the RLS and stomach but not really anxiety. Look at the Amino acids pages. There are things there for anxiety.
519035 tn?1348275773 okay just checked it 98.6 another hasi i had 2 hop in the bath tub i was cold cold.
10816945 tn?1427208632 m quitting soon tho I work over night outside and this cold air seems not to be good for me or the baby.
Avatar m tn Oral antivirals work best when taken at the very first sign of a cold sore. If it's been more than 6 hours since it appeared they tend not to do a whole heck of a lot for them :( Get a prescription for one of the antivirals in the cold sore doses and keep it on hand so that the next time you get a cold sore you can start them at the first sign of a tingle.
Avatar f tn So my question is...How do relapses usually work? Does a new symptom have to show up with each new relapse and is it just one symptom or can you have a relapse that are are things that happened in the last relapse and be a bunch of random sympoms? I think I may possibly have MS (but not sure yet, getting the usual "nothing is wrong with you", "it's stress", "you're depress" even though I know I'm not :/).
Avatar f tn I get like that too . Especially now that its getting warmer I get shortness of breath feel super tired were i cant even stand being on my legs anymore but I take a shower with cold water & lay down just relax & I am 35 weeks pregnant .
Avatar m tn i know u told me to do elissa or hiv test i will surely do that , my problem is that yesterday i went out for some work and i spent about a day outside in sun and after coming home i am having cold and sore throat . can u tell me that is it really a symptoms of hiv .
Avatar n tn i've taken a prescription pain killer (percoset) after taking Aleve cold and sinus and i felt nothing from the pain killer. switched to tramadol and wondering if this will be blocked by the Aleve too?
Avatar n tn Do not eat any honey!!! But you can take Tylenol cold, but no dm or pm stuff to help you sleep. Peppermint helps with sinuses and lavender helps with headaches. But if your fever is above 101, go to the er!
Avatar f tn I have had bleeding since day 1 and partial placenta abruption at 17 weeks. I am only able to do desk stuff because of this but I think work helps me get through the stress and keeps my mind busy.
11374917 tn?1423238185 Im 25 weeks and i have a terrible cold.. my nose is runny and i have a very bad cough.. im coughing every 2 mins and its hurting my chest and stomach. I feel as tho im going to puke Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I have since switched to using oral Famciclovir 500mg 12 hrly and my symptoms almost disappeared for a week but began to return with increasing frequency until I tried Herp-eeze capsules which seemed to help for a while. A blood antibody test at 16 weeks was negative as was a bacterial & fungal culture from a swab. Still waiting on the results of a viral swab.
281565 tn?1295982683 Hi all, I've been off with a cold the last week so all I've really managed to do was read up on everyone from time to time. As some of you know, a week ago Monday I had my MRI and EP. Well on Wednesday the neuro called at home here but I was at work. Hubby tried to get her to call me there but she just said she would try later in the week. I called her when I got home but she was gone for the day and was told to call the next day.