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182493 tn?1348056515 Patients need to exercise extra caution in order to reduce this risk, and fortunately, there are some amazingly effective things you can do to stop a cold and prevent a relapse. Hand-to-Hand Combat It is helpful to be aware of a very important fact: The cold you catch will almost certainly come via the person you least suspect - you. Research has shown that cold viruses are usually spread by touching something that an infected person has recently touched.
Avatar m tn One that is found in drugstores -- I don't use it because it has a lot of sugar -- is Cold Eeze, which you've seen advertised on TV probably without knowing it. I prefer health food store brands because they use better sweeteners and fewer artificial ingredients and use the best form of zinc for absorption. But the dosage is very low. I suppose you could ask about her taking a lot of them a day, assuming it's safe.
Avatar f tn Hi Grace Sorry if this sounds silly but what do you mean by a 'work up'? I was diagnosed last year, but didn't get any ongoing support or advice from the STD clinic. My doctor was sympathetic but not that knowledgable. I am just trying to manage it as best I can with salt or tea tea oil baths as an when it arises. thanks for any advice you can give, Kate.
Avatar n tn When I feel like I am getting a canker sore or cold I use Cold-Eeze zinc lozenges right away. Let it dissolve in your mouth, don't suck on it like candy. If the canker sore or cold do break thru it is alot less severe and only lasts a few days.
Avatar f tn I have been drinking those cold eeze packets. They're just like a vitamin mixture with vitamin C, etc. that is supposed to boost the immune system. My chiropractor suggested this, and I figured it couldn't hurt. I went to Whole Foods yesterday and got tone of greens and healthy food. I have a bad habit of eating really healthy foods half the time, and then really unhealthy foods the other I'm going to work on that. Which are the best "healthy habits" that you guys have?
Avatar f tn Sometimes I sit and I really think I'm about to lose it. The insomnia meds don't work. I take Klonopin 100 times a day just to stay sane and keep from going off on my coworkers. I just don't know what else to do. I'm lucky I have a supportive husband but I've basically given up on my friends b/c they'll never understand. HELP!!!
Avatar f tn The ingredient list was there when I first visited the site a while ago. You might want to take back your earlier statements...or at least that would be the honorable thing to do considering they were a bit harsh. It's up to you though. Again, why not do both together (the supplement and 12 step program) if need be...the product is clearly marketed for withdrawal/detox not ongoing addiction recovery. And if there's a product out there that helps why not?
Avatar f tn My husband is taking my son which I am so glad about. It will be cold and I do not like cold weather. Never have and never will. Talk to you soon.
Avatar n tn About a week into my flu (which I know wasn't food poisoning, because 2 other members of my family had it before I did--I didn't take anything for it except cold-eeze), I started feeling pressure behind my right ribs. kind of like trapped gas. it hurt, but not terribly. I felt the urge to burp, but that made it worse. My right tonsil felt infected and puss-covered. The doctor prescribed antibiotics, which I took faithfully, and I tested negative for strep.