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Avatar m tn Again, I'm assuming this is to improve absorption, as absorbing minerals is slow and for fighting a virus it needs to be quick. But that's a lot of zinc for two months. I'd do some homework on this. Zinc helps do two things that most doctors don't usually know -- boosts the immune system so things heal more quickly (often used in veterinary medicine) and to fight viruses. But it would seem, if you're concerned about the taste, there are lots of alternatives.
Avatar n tn and yet both my doctor and clinic are aware I have gained some 30kgs, have been treated for insomnia and depression. I am also constantly cold and my blood pressure is still high. I have taken a drastic step to move to Pressure Eeze (Herbal suppliment) with Magnesium and Potassium suppliments and am also now following a strict pressure friendly diet. I only started this today!!! how long with it take to gain a normal heart rate back?
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Avatar f tn I am 7 weeks and have either a cold or allergies, not sure which. Is it safe to use cough drops?
628981 tn?1260555203 I'm a veteran with a severly broken back who has been on Hydo and morphine for over 6 years. I told the VA Doc that I was tired of taking all these meds..instead of slowly getting me off these he stopped my precrip. Now I'm in day one of cold turkey and at work...This will be the hardest thing I will ever do..harder than Ranger School.
Avatar f tn You have to get plain
Avatar n tn Both of these act like speed, at least to me they did, they made me very anxious, so, I avoid these two ingredients like the plague. So many cold remedies have these ingredients as they DO dry out your sines, but, they are not worth it, believe me.
1280088 tn?1432049934 it should serve very cold , than it will taste yummy lol .
268356 tn?1236002604 The active ingredients are acetaminphen (same as tylenol which I know is okay), pheniramine (antihistamine), and phenylephrine (nasal decongestant).
Avatar f tn s one of the ingredients for meth (lol). But u should call ur Dr to make sure. They will prescribe you something safe if u need it.
Avatar f tn Most commercial ice creams are full of all kinds of artificial ingredients as well as the natural ingredients you would expect. And, most are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Also, many people who are allergic to dairy products are unsuspectantly allergic to annatto. I did some research on annatto when I was researching information about a recipe. It turns out that a lot of people are allergic to annatto. Annatto is a natural seed used as a food dye.
Avatar f tn Hi, This could be a cold sore or a pimple. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus, and they're contagious. Signs and symptoms of cold sores include: -Small, painful, fluid-filled blisters on a raised, red, painful area of your skin -Pain or tingling, called the prodrome, often precedes the blisters by one to two days -Usual duration of seven to 10 days Cold sores usually appear on your lips. Occasionally, they occur on your nostrils, chin or fingers.
Avatar n tn 1 - Wheat flour 100 gm 2 - Gum(of tree) (gondh) 100 gm 3 - Barley 100 gm 4 - Black Seeds (kalunji) 100 gm Method of Preparation Put all the above ingredients in 5 cups of water. Boil it for 10 minutes and put off the fire. Allow it to cool down by itself. When it has become cold, filter out the seeds and preserve the water in a glass jug or bottle.
Avatar f tn I have just come down with a cold and I have also recently found out I am pregnant. I was wondering if it was safe to take Sudafed or something like that? My cold is mainly in my sinuses and I need some relief. What should I do? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
1830369 tn?1325622788 hello, thank you for your response, i drink syrup named Cosome cough syrup (for cough and cold 120 ml ) in a day, This syrup ingredients are such as Each 5ml contains : 1: Dextromethorphan hydrobromide USP............ 10mg 2: Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride USP.............. 30mg 3: chlorpheniramine maleate USP.......................
Avatar m tn Any cold medications with ingredients supposedly for congestion or cough have a high likelihood of causing these symptoms for many people. Some people even react that way to antihistamines that make most people drowsy. Some kids even abuse these medications for recreational purposes. I think those meds are pretty worthless. I just take Advil and get the best effect from that for viruses.
8793709 tn?1409594060 ve fallen sick and got yellow/green mucous-like stuff coming out my nose and vaginal discharge. caught a cold while exhausting myself in hot Italian weather. heading home to the UK today. what medicine is safe for me to take? Lemsip sachet which u dissolve with water contains active ingredients phenylephrine hydrochloride and paracetamol. any other I can take? I'm 16+3. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have had literally a handful of sexual partners - never had any problems. My last two relationships were 5 years and then 4 years. 4 months ago I started seeing a guy who had been a friend of mine, he too has had long term relationships and I know believes he had no form of an STD. Six weeks ago I went to the doctors and they diagnosed genital herpes, it was horrific - so painful. I was so shocked when they said it definitely appeared to be Herpes an took a swab...
Avatar n tn Recently, a group of friends (same age) and I who work out together began taking a supplement recommended to us by our fitness instructor - it is called Venom-HyperDrive. I contacted my physician before starting and communicated the ingredients - Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 200 mcg; and a unique proprietary mix of several ingredients of which the first few are cocamine 3.0, guarana extract, maximowizia chinensis, hoodia etc... He did not express any concern.