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509215 tn?1363539423 My sister and I have both been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, bronchial-asthma, degenerative disc disease, carpal tunnel, scoliosis for myself and lordosis for her, I have arthritis as well, we both have sciatica problems, spurs on our feet, both have been told to wear orthotics inserts in our shoes, we both have all of the problems that come with fibromyalgia, as well as issues with migraines.
Avatar f tn I have an MS workout video that has a range of exercises based on mobility. I forgot the title but I will look at it and post it for you tomorrow.
Avatar n tn They can now do a movement x-ray and see how the spine works in motion and where passages for nerves are compromised in any way. This video-xray technology can achieve a clear diagnosis. The severity of my situation was not addressed until someone decided to position me in the different postures of "doing life".The spinal cord was being compressed. This was not revealed in regular xray or MRI. I endured by the grace of God.
Avatar n tn lets just say the docs increased and increased and I spent 8 days in the hospital, lost my license, and had 55 electrodes attached to my head with glue for those 8 days and was on video to determine if that is what was causing the focal seizures I started having. AVOID.-my vote b/c it was the cause.
Avatar n tn You may have already done these things, but I am trying to put myself in your shoes and tell you what I would do since we both have son's who have diabetes.
Avatar f tn GOP debate audience boos gay service member “My daughter came home all upset. It was supposed to be a time for her to grieve and have fun with her friends, and it turned into bullying even after he’s gone.’’ “I can’t grasp it in my mind,’’ said Tim Rodemeyer, Jamey’s father. “ I don’t know why anyone would do that. They have no heart, that’s basically what it comes down to.
Avatar m tn are you eating well, is age a factor, are you overweight, could you be diabetic, could you be dehydrated.....the list goes on. Keep a symptom journal and see what is going on when these things happen. Plus, if it is only happening in Church, maybe this is God's way of speaking to you. Good luck! Keep us all posted.
Avatar f tn 4 months ago I had an episode of all over tremble, legs shaking in my pants and shoes. I slowly get to the kitchen and find protein hoping it will stop the shake and also give me something to focus on besides "oh my gosh "there's an increase in MS Activity. Third all over tremor happened today. And as I said the hand tremor is there laying in wait for the just right way I hold my hand that starts this off. Anyone have this happen. Is there something yo do other than call the MD.
Avatar f tn I had to get diagnosed with other things - some correct, some not... As for the obesity the cause... I find that kind of a cop out IMHO as a patient. In my shoes, I saw the docs treat me as a secondary type of person, a liar and all sorts of stuff when I could not lose (I was on diet pills, supervised etc.) and my list of foods I ate suspect etc. My job was compliance, and I was utterly truthful, so I found being called a liar very galling!
Avatar f tn She has had an EEG to see if it is some sort of seizure or something but nothing came up. I want to video tape this but i am always so busy trying to protect myself and her from getting hurt while this is going on. Tantrum is not really a good word to describe what happens. She is so out of control that she is beating the crap out of me and her father and flailing her arms and legs and we have to just try to protect ourselves.
Avatar m tn There are certain internal diseases which can trigger vitreous floater like Posterior Vireous Detachment,Retina Tear,Retina Detachment,Diabetic Retinopathy,posterior Uveitis etc & these diseases may also be accompanied by blurring,sever eye pain,flashes in dark room etc so consultation with a ophthalmologist is required.if you experience these other symptoms along with floater. Floater's can also be caused by blunt trauma to eye so always wear protective glasses while outing.
551343 tn?1506834118 The only relief I get is to wear no socks, flip flops, so no closed in shoes, elevate your feet, and keep the room cool. Air conditioning in the bedroom or a fan should help. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I actually feel worse. The weight gain has put me borderline diabetic and I have now been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease stage III. I look back, I can remember my symptoms starting in 2005. My family has no hypo history, only hyperthyroidism. In 2005 I bought a new computer with a 17" CRT monitor. I use a computer alot. I noticed my eyes getting burnt. They would swell and the surrounding skin would be beet red and dry wrinkled.
Avatar f tn These are all risk factors and that's just off the top of my head. The Spears Fondation has come up with a 30 minute video talking about HCV to see the intro go to http://helpwithhepc.com/ and click on Through the Maze. I think the only way a HCV test will become routine is by people getting informed and maybe a lil scared and start demanding the test on a regular basis. Only we can change this cause it does not appear that anyone is going to do it for us.
299260 tn?1304219705 I wish you to regulate your blood sugar with diet! No insulin, please Lord! As you know my DF is diabetic almost 20 years, he takes insulin 3 times per day. I will suggest to you to eat vegetables, yogurt, low calorie cow cheese, chicken, fish, I don't know word in English = the son of the cow - beef ???meet, fruits (but not all of them, no bananas but if you can't live without them you can eat half banana per day. No white bread/macaroni or any pasta, or pork meat.
Avatar n tn I try to walk about 4 miles a day, that or else I do a Tae Bo video. Maybe I somehow damaged my leg while exercising? Or maybe I just damaged the nerves in my leg? I don’t think I’m sitting in any chairs oddly—although I do sit cross legged on the floor when I meditate. I don’t know, but if anyone ever goes to see a doctor for this issue I’d love to know if the heat in my leg is anything that I should be worried about. Right now, it just feels weird, but I’m not sure what it means.
Avatar n tn I noticed I got them when I was walking around in the street for a couple hours, then coming home and noticing them when I took my socks off. [I was wearing shoes that day too.] I only noticed I had some on my hip a few hours later. I haven't gone to the doctor yet since it was only recent, so should I or will it just fade away overtime?
Avatar m tn I had no pain from the surgery - but the screw holes drove me nuts for a few days- so have on hand some good antibiotic cream (or ointment - it is greasy though) to clear that up quickly. Lip balm is a must. Slip on shoes (you cannot bend over for a while). Put things he will need above waist high so he can reach them. The surgeon will have a preference of no saline allowed or allowed - and a humidifier may help breathing. No straws.
Avatar f tn Ergonomics is very important, to reduce this use proper shoes, proper bed and proper positions while working, sitting and driving etc and continue your Orthopaedic consultancy. Take care!
Avatar n tn If only the medical profession could walk in our shoes then maybe somebody would believe this and do more about trying to find the cause. It is almost like your central nervous system is misfiring or is short circuited, but what has happened to cause that is still unknown. Good luck and hang in there, you aren't alone as you can see from all the postings, there are FAR TOO MANY OF US just trying to survive. Take care,.
Avatar f tn I am sorry for your pain because I couldn't imagine being in your shoes. I thought if I posted something on here about what happen to me that I can get some answers hopefully, and maybe write to someone on here just to help me get through some bad things because I really have no one that understands. I have severe aniexty and depreesion because I have been through some horrbile things myself.
Avatar n tn I will frequent this website everyday with my condition. I also vow to be here for all of those in my shoes once I have kicked this drug to show the support you all have shown me!!! Thank you!!!
Avatar n tn There is something in my body chemistry that apparently changed since this was not an issue a few years back- it's not a matter of anything external like lotions or the soap I use. Not diabetic- I do have acid reflux and coincidentally I think the issue may have been around about the same amount of time as the acid reflux although I don't believe that could be it or everyone with acid reflux would atract insects- but I could be wrong.
Avatar n tn When it passed he showed me the video of what it was doing. He said what was happening at night was post nasal drip would set off coughing and then my brain gave my vocal cords the wrong message to close. The answer was to relax the muscles in there. He gave me THREE BOTOX INJECTIONS through the outside of my throat into my vocal cords. He said it would take 2 days to a week to take effect. However, it worked right away. Last night I actually slept.
530191 tn?1214166411 Along with the hives I have angioedema in my face, hands and feet. Sometimes I can't find any shoes to fit except crocs or something like that. I was diagnosed with chronic autoimmune urticaria in January.
Avatar n tn some mornings i wake up feeling fine, then a few hours later i will be sitting at my desk and a wave comes over me, Almost feels like my sugar dropped drastically but i am not diabetic. i feel the need to pee, i tremble and just feel horrible. can't eat anything. thank goodness for my klonopin or there would be days i couldn't get to work. i have been to the ER many times in the past years with full blown panic attacks. This all started when i hit my 40's...
Avatar n tn Let them walk, or should I say wobble in our shoes for awhile then they will understand. I use to be sooo active now some days I am like a sloth. I am totally understanding of your situation--Be kind to yourself!
Avatar n tn I, too, have had this heat sensation in the right side of my calf (right leg) that started about a week ago and is becoming more frequent everyday. I am a diabetic who also had my thyroid removed about 15 years ago and taking Synthroid. I just went for my quarterly blood work today and will be seeing my endocronologist on Thursday. My father is a Chiropractor and seems to think that this results in too much blood flowing through the leg artery at once.