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Avatar n tn I live in Tucson Az and I have been trying to find an inpatient rehab for to go into but they all say they wont take anyone on more than 15 mg. I am at my witts end. I don't know what to do with her. She also takes vicodin and percocet when she can. I know she is in pain but this can't go on. Any suggestions on how someone taking that much can ever stop or where to get help?
Avatar n tn If you're curious, send me a PM and I can link you to a site with samples of my work. My current avatar is one of my characters. Interestingly the one that showed up in my SP episode. I guess it shouldn't be any wonder, considering he is one of my favorite characters and I tend to think a lot about him and try to get "inside his head" in my waking hours.