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Avatar n tn I am only 39 so I'm very concerned about having complications so young. Does everyone go blind eventually with diabetic retinopathy? I've been reading on the internet and it does not sound good. I go back in 6 months and I heard the Dr. tell the staff member to code me as high risk. Five years ago tomorrow I had melanoma removed. My Dr. at MD Anderson told me I needed to be more concerned about controlling my diabetes than the risk of my melanoma metastatizing.
Avatar m tn Too little details for such a complex problem. Avastin is used for many complications of diabetic retinopathy from bleeding from the retina, macular edema, and rubeotic vessels in the angle which can cause glaucoma. The standard treatment for proliferative diabetic retinopathy is pan retinal photocoagulation. Loss of vision is after laser is extremely rare. Is the elevated pressure in the eye being treated with glaucoma drops? Dr. O.
Avatar m tn Hello I am writing on behalf of my husband. He is a type 2 diabetic and has developed really bad rentinopathy in both eyes. He has had some treatment in the past and now needs to have further surgery. Because of some medical conditions he has been unable.to work for over a year, so we do not have money for the surgery. The doctor that he has been seeing in colorado won't do it because he still owes them money from before.
Avatar n tn He can just see a little silhoutte from the corner of his left eye. The eye doctor said he has diabetic retinopathy and has severe blood leakage.
Avatar n tn I am only 39 so I'm very concerned about having complications so young. Does everyone go blind eventually with diabetic retinopathy? I've been reading on the internet and it does not sound good. I go back in 6 months and I heard the Dr. tell the staff member to code me as high risk. Five years ago tomorrow I had melanoma removed. My Dr. at MD Anderson told me I needed to be more concerned about controlling my diabetes than the risk of my melanoma metastatizing.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if you could tell me about the kinds of treatments there are for optic nerve swelling and diabetic retinopathy. My brother is a diabetic of 16 yrs and is experiencing complications with his eyes. He was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and has been on and off of insulin in the past 16 years. He is currently on nph and regular to control his diabetes. He weighs appx 260 and he tries to exercise to control his blood sugars, as well as diet.
Avatar f tn 2) Eyes - Diabetic Retinopathy......eventually leading to Loss of vision. 3) Brain - Stroke , infarct.....leading to paralysis. 4) Heart - prone for heart attacks , atherosclerosis. 5) Joints - eventually leading to effusion , infections. 6) Bones - Weakness and aids osteoporosis. These are few of grave ill-effect i have mentioned. So please get diabetes treated and controlled.
Avatar n tn What is your father's best corrected vision in each eye? First of all diabetes is a leading cause of poor vision in the United States. Second there is no "minor diabetic retinopathy" that is treated with laser. Minor DR is just observed. Major diabetic retinopathy is treated with the laser for proliferative retinopathy, diabetic macular edema and lipid leakage encroaching on the macula. So to put it in perspective he has significant DR.
Avatar n tn I am 36 weeks pregnant and have developed retinopathy in my left eye. I would love to hear about other diabetic women and their pregnancy experiences since everyone I know has no idea what I am talking about. Please give me some advice, support, whatever I am kind of freaking out. My dr. says delivery could cause blindness.
Avatar n tn After 20 years virtually all type 1 and 2 diabetics have some diabetic complications. Life would be great (or at least not so suspenseful) if we knew 'what was around the corner'. Keep your A1C at 6 or less to minimize complications. 7 or more isn't good enough.
Avatar m tn In studies including a significant number of diabetic patients [5,7] diabetes mellitus has also been associated with retinopathy. Furthermore, improvement of retinopathy is delayed in hypertensive and diabetic patients after ending treatment [7]. This relationship emphasizes that IFN-induced retinopathy can result from physiopathological mechanisms in common with other retinopathies related to microvascular abnormalities.
Avatar n tn The moodswings are her continuous denial that she's a lifetime diabetic. I did it -- except when I was coming along the whole diabetes treatment plan was much different. Doctors can guide her, but she has to want and get better knowledge through research of what she's dealing with -- and take control. Otherwise, it's a slow suicide, with all the complications that manifest. And there are many -- some personal ones that WE don't even tell the health care professionals about. After 56.
Avatar n tn I have a beautiful healthy 5 year old daughter. I suffered some severe complications during my pregnancy eye complications ( left eye retinopathy) we have done several surgery) I can still see out of the eye but not very well all 3 of the doctors (endocrinologist , Ophthalmologist, and high risk Obstetrics all stated this could happen, even to myself who was very healthy and had great A1C for several years before coming pregnant to say the least I was under very tight control.
Avatar f tn what are the name of the "vessels" effected by these 2 complications? I was told recently that I have NPDR, the beginning stages of diabetic retinopathy and that the same "vessels" are effected in the kidneys so I am now required to have 3-6 month check ups with the Nephrologist as well. I am in the RN classes currently and we are studying the kidneys....the teacher asked me to find out and I can't seem to locate that info.
Avatar f tn so they started looking for possible causes and found diabetes(also a heredity blood clotting factor). I already have diabetic retinopathy and nerve damage in my feet.. How long does it take for this kind of damage to develop? In other words, how long have I been diabetic? Ballpark. I don't guess there's any way to determine this exactly. Testing has shown that my heart, liver, and kidneys are undamaged. Thanks for any enlightenment.
Avatar n tn my dad has type 1 diabetes and he has been diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy, he is 50 years old with high blood pressure. he is thinking about having a vitrectomy surgery on his right eye, I am worried about him having to use anesthsia in his surgery and dont want him to have any complications especially with his heart by having a seizure. the surgery is going to be done under local anesthesia probably also with sedetive medication.
Avatar n tn At least you will have a few hours of happiness before you die of kidney failure or go blind from diabetic retinopathy becuase most of the time it is inevbitable no matter how well you look after yourself!
Avatar n tn IMTKO, We're all volunteers here and not medical professionals, so do keep working with your doctors. We have lots of experience with diabetes and have been "in your shoes." Markie is right that, given today's resources, and your terrific start to take good care of yourself, you don't need to expect complications. I was dx'd a teen and am now 50, which means I went thru some of HS, all of college & grad school with this disease. I am healthy, married, and a college professor.
Avatar n tn Even though i have had my eyes lasered for diabetic retinopathy, I see better than most of my friends and I had virtually no complications in my pregnancy. I work full time and have never missed a day of work because of diabetes. If you were toask my husband what the impact of my diabetes has been on his life, he would say that.. he eats better than he would otherwise have and that occasionally I might ask him to bring me something fro a low blood sugar attack.
Avatar m tn I am a diabetic male aged 45. Currently diagnosed with the following: Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease (No treatment as yet) High Blood Pressure (Treated with tablets) High Cholesterol (Can NOT take Statins, Fibrates etc... or any other meds...these effect my muscles and cause pain. Diet INEFFFECTIVE and not able to exercise very much). Neuropathy (Legs, Arms, Stomach...some relief from Gabapentin...
Avatar m tn This drug is in stage III clinical trials and it is not even clear if it will become FDA approved. It is claimed to reduced diabetic retinopathy complications by allowing the vitreous to separate from the retina. I don't have any personal special knowledge of the product or its chances of approval.
Avatar f tn Patients with pre-existing ophthalmologic disorders (e.g., diabetic or hypertensive retinopathy) should receive periodic ophthalmologic exams during combination therapy with alpha interferon treatment. Any patient who develops ocular symptoms should receive a prompt and complete eye examination. Combination therapy with alpha interferons should be discontinued in patients who develop new or worsening ophthalmologic disorders." Good luck.
Avatar m tn just spent 3weeks in hospital with diabetic complications with my kidney function. been discharged but they stopped my diabetic medication in hospital because they said I was ok without it I had a few hypos while in hospital and episodes of very low blood pressure. .I cant understand why they say that but consultant says my own doctor will see if I need it. surely with all the complications ie kidney failure - retinopathy - neuropathy why stop my tablets. does anyone know why.
Avatar f tn My sister is a Type I diabetic and has diabetic retinopathy. I saw an article on Nepretin but it was written by Nutrient Synergy who I believes has a vested interest in this product, therefore biased. Her site is severly impaired and she has to go twice a month to an ophthamalogist to have both eyes cauterized. This drug claims to be highly beneficial and can either stop further complications or actual reverse damage. Can there be any harm trying it?
Avatar f tn Hello Dear, It seems your symptoms are due to the effect of diabetes on your eyes.Symptoms of diabetic retinopathy and its complications may include:Blurred or distorted vision or difficulty reading.,floaters in your vision.,partial or total loss of vision or a shadow or veil across your field of vision. ,pain in the eye. You should maintain your blood glucose levels,and consult a diabetologist.Daily exercise and warm up will help increase insulin sensitivity and maintain your blood glucose.
Avatar f tn any suggestion would help. just a brief run down of my history.
Avatar n tn According to what I've read, you are strongly urged to consult an opthalmologist to make sure you don't have diabetic retinopathy. It might very well be nothing at all, but why take chances? Good luck.
1073484 tn?1257162512 Realistically,we can only hope to delay the onset of the myriad complications first of which is, eye problems, most notably retinopathy. Some people manage it for decades, and some only years. I just hope we can manage this condition long enough for my daughter to live a fuller, and normal life ahead. Thanks for your support.
Avatar m tn that's good so WHY can I not walk more than 10mins before I am exhausted cannot do buttons on my clothes am having lucentis injections for diabetic retinopathy .have frequent bouts of diarrhoea and have terrible itching skin that I am seeing a dermatologist for. I FEEL AS THOUGH I HAVE LOST ALL THE JOY IN LIFE. He added that it could just be a chronic illness. what does that mean.
Avatar f tn --If a diabetic is on metformin or similar pills to control blood sugar, drinking alcohol increases the risk of hypoglycemia and lactic acidosis (both serious and potentially fatal) --Any diabetic with vision problems (retinopathy or recently decreased vision) should not consume alcohol as it worsens the symptoms and can cause more damage to vision --Any diabetic with peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage...