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Avatar f tn ) and need help with nutritional issues for the mentioned problems as well as Stage IV Kidney Failure, Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Disease, Non- Alcololic Steatosis Hepititus, Dermatitus Herpetiformis, GERD, Large intestons completely removed, Thyriod issues, Neuropathy, pelvic Floor Dysfunction,Diabetic Retinopathy, Hypertension, 2 mild heart attacks, Mood Disorder, Fibromalgia, Fibrocytic Breast Disease, Chronic Severe Rhinitis and Sinusitis, Chronic Anemia, Degererative Disc Disease, Seve
Avatar n tn In the UK people who suffer from diabetes have an annual review to ensure that their diabetes is under control and also get their eyes checked every year because of the potential of getting diabetic retinopathy. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Best wishes.
Avatar m tn High untreated blood glucose [sugar] levels is related to many long term health problems which include the kidneys, eyes and vision [retinopathy], risk of heart disease and stroke in men. Another dangerous side effect is diabetic neurothapy. Left untreated it can lead to amputation. Diabetes also increases the risk of having a heart attack as much as smoking does.
Avatar n tn Now, whether he is getting the proper nutrition from his low-carb diet is another issue entirely, and you may have better success talking to him from the nutrition aspect rather than from the diabetes aspect. It IS very important for any diabetic to keep his or her weight under control, so if he needs to lose weight, maybe you would do better to offer him some suggestions about the healthiest way to do that.
Avatar f tn It can cause damage to the back of the eye leading to diabetic retinopathy that can result in blindness. It can disrupt circulation to limbs which could lead to amputations. I did know of a 2 young ladies that had their legs amputated, lost their eye sight and eventually died because of uncontrolled diabetes. Damage can also happen way before diabetes shows up in any blood tests. I know, it happened to me!
Avatar f tn The chances he could require an amputation or become blind from diabetic retinopathy depends to a large extent on blood sugar control. Some people, sadly, do everything possible to exert such control and still wind up with these terrible conditions. You can find much more comprehensive and detailed information at the web site of the American Diabetic Association at www.diabetes.org. Educate yourself and your husband. There is a great deal to learn to manage diabetes well.
Avatar n tn I think one of the tricks to living with a "Diabetic Diet" is drop the "diabetic" part, and don't think of the way that you eat as being on a "diet". I've had Type I for 41 years, and I eat a healthy. I don't eat much Fast Food, and I keep sweet to an occasional treat - just the way anyone that wants to be healthy and happy should eat. :-) You might want to check out the "Diabetes Food Pyramid".
728239 tn?1265140927 Learn to eat healthy by proper nutrition. 3. If Type 1, eat small portions often and throughout the day to keep your glucose from falling below normal. 4. Watch your carb intake. Understand your good carbs vs bad carbs. Google search to find out. 5. Don’t eat junk foods 6. Understand and learn the Glycemic Index 7. Coordinate your foods with your medication. Too little food may cause your blood sugar to go low and create a hypoglycemic condition.
170654 tn?1330082729 She's been a diabetic since she was 7 and now at 30, she very well versed in nutrition. She's taught me things about eating right I never knew before. God bless her, she's an angle and took very good care of me after coming home from the hospital. I had the chance to return the favor this last week as she had eye surgery (Vitrectomy) and couldn't see for a while. She has diabetic retenopothy and hemorrhages in the eyes.
26471 tn?1211940121 About 1 in 10 individuals with impaired glucose tolerance shows signs of diabetic retinopathy (damage to blood vessels in the retina that may affect vision), and 5 percent to 10 percent of prediabetic individuals are estimated to have peripheral neuropathy (blood vessel damage in extremities). A drug to treat impaired glucose tolerance and prevent further decline is therefore of great importance. "Prediabetes, I believe, is really diabetes," Dr. DeFronzo said.
Avatar m tn I may or may not have similar condition. I have central serous retinopathy in one eye, but a series of smaller "spots" with same pathology - they appear when I blink fast, or look at computer screen then look away. Been to eye hospital and told nothing wrong after slit exam (though no flourscene scan). It's difficult to tell, but I reckon I have 8 to 10 of these small light sensetive areas.
Avatar m tn Some preliminary evidence indicates that anthocyanosides, the bioflavonoid complex common to bilberrry and blueberry may help people with diabetes, particularly if they have damage to the retina (retinopathy). Nature's Answer organic alcohol extracts are produced using water, alcohol and coconut glycerin, utilizing their cold Bio-chelated proprietary extraction process, yielding a holistically balanced, standardzied extract.