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233488 tn?1310696703 a physician Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy that has been to medical school, medical-surgical residency and in many cases taken a special surgical fellowship. Ophthalmologists provide a complete range of medical and surgical services. Eye MDs must be distinguished from non-physician optometrists (OD) and opticians). This discussion is not meant to be encyclopedic nor to give you “the answer.” As stated previous “the correct” answer will be different for different people.
Avatar m tn I may or may not have similar condition. I have central serous retinopathy in one eye, but a series of smaller "spots" with same pathology - they appear when I blink fast, or look at computer screen then look away. Been to eye hospital and told nothing wrong after slit exam (though no flourscene scan). It's difficult to tell, but I reckon I have 8 to 10 of these small light sensetive areas.
Avatar f tn Pan retinal photocoagulation is usually done for diabetic proliferative retinopathy that has nothing to do with high myopia. Myopic macular degeneration of the "wet" kind is generally treated with Avastin or Lucentis that is injected into the eye or the cold visudyne light therapy. In any case you should be under the care of a retina Eye MD. If you are not comfortable get a second opinion.
Avatar n tn This is the interesting part. I have had no vision in my right eye since 1992 due to diabetic retinopathy. The vitreous was replaced by silicone oil to try to keep they newly reattached retina. Once the oil was removed, a saline based viscous liquid was introduced. The retina detached again in a couple of months, so no vision in that eye. The left eye has had so much laser that I have very little peripheral vision left and have a very small field of vision.