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870040 tn?1252618719 I really wished we would have pushed for more specific reasoning as to why the secondary debulking was not recommended. My Mom is overweight, diabetic, and our gynonc doctor seemed to make it more about those types of body habitus factors than the actual procedure. We felt like she was saying we didn't 'deserve' a second shot because of Mom's weight and other conditions, and that the disease would kill her anyways, so why try?
Avatar n tn please back to hep c stage 4 gino typ 1 others out ther if your diabetic and your having blood sugar problems from your liver flare ups eny ideas on dealing with it im on novolin r, lantus,and glipizide also [byetta]-lizzerd spit..........
976897 tn?1379171202 I feel great this week, but I feel I am living a crap shoot. I never know how I will feel the next week. Oh well, I have so much going on all the time I don't have time to think about it. It would drive me crazy. Well, so are you still having chest pain or any other symptoms currently? Did you get the patch, and if so, how did that work for you?
Avatar m tn Having been to primary care doc many many times with no answers as of yet (he did not test for diabetes), I really have no idea what to do to get out of this living hell I have been in for so long. Does anyone know if what I am experiencing could be related to hypoglycemia and/or diabetes? Some days it seems no matter how much sleep I get I am always feeling like I have not slept in days. Please if you can provide me with any info it would be GREATLY appreciated.
885961 tn?1249583403 I have really gotten my diabetes under control these last 2 months. It was very hard but I am finding that I dont miss the carbohydrates as much. I never thought I could eat a meal without having bread. I also never thought I could stop eating Pasta at least 1-2 times a week but I have really got this under control. I just need to keep it up. My last visit at the doctor was great, she was very impressed with my number for my A1C.
Avatar n tn I am now 27 and recently they discovered I have diabetic retinopathy. They have been doing scatted laser surgery on my eyes which is incredibly painful. I guess I just need to hear from others that may have been in the same place. I have celiac which got diagnosed at age 16, and I also have gastroparesis. I'm trying to live life fully and normally I am a really positive person, but noone in my life seems to understand emotionally what I am going through.
1666434 tn?1325265950 I thought it might be helpful if we made a thread that shared some of your favorite diabetic safe recipes. This can just be something you make yourself all the time or a recipe you converted to be safe.
Avatar n tn Hi I am new here and i hope i am not breaking any rules but my question ia about what effects smoking pot (marijuana) will have on my son (20yrs old) who is diabetic. I am not 100% sure that he is doing this but am sure he has tried it at least once and i want to be able to give him all the correct information about the dangers he is putting himself in before i speak with him about this.
Avatar n tn Hi, It's really great to hear of all these long living diabetic people. I'm 50 and was diagnosed type 1 when I was 17. So far I have nearly always worked full time - earlier as a nurse and more recently as a primary teacher. I have one beautiful daughter now 19 and I suppose that's why I asked the question of life expectancy. She is at uni and plans to be a Lawyer so lots more years before grand children.
Avatar n tn I have about died from the lows on several occasions, if it was not for my wife being there to call 911 and have the firemen give me glucose, I would not be here today to write this. This is very dangerous. It is always better to be on the high side and die a few years younger than have that one LOW that will KILL you today. YES, you can and will die if you are too low and you are in trouble and can't help yourself. If no one is there to help you, you will die of the LOW.
Avatar n tn 1 1/2 weeks ago my brother-in-law (43 year old diabetic) had a heart attack. The doctors attempted to do an angioplasty but it was not successful. He has 100% blockage in one artery (not a main one) and 2 other arteries are 40% and 30% blocked. He was told because of the location of the blocked artery that he wasn't a candidate for bypass surgery either. His ejection fracation was 35%. He was having trouble breathing while in the hospital and he was told his lung had partially collapsed.
365714 tn?1292202708 Oh to look after a diabetic cat requires alot of love and commitment you are both very dedicated ppl. I'm sorry I can't offer any suggestions MJ, I'm happy you have a good Vet that has treated this before and knows what to advise...I do wish Waldo all our love and wishes that he may soon feel so much better once again... I did find this website that has Q&A on diabetic cats....perhaps it will give you both some info. www.yourdiabeticcat.
229344 tn?1189759437 I had the courage to do so today. I couldnt say I was going thru kemo and not say anything else-that wouldnt fly around here- had to tell truth-since we are such a small company--------I think it went well. They said they felt very bad with regard to what i will have to endure. Also I work with An Egyptiam guy and he said many of his friends have hepc and would NEVER consider tx no matter what. I replied we all have to do what is right for us. Choooooo........glad thats over with.
12773 tn?1328916786 But YOU have finished after the last shot and a week of riba!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch those feet closely, as a diabetic you know how important it is to take care of them. Riding the bicycle will help, I'm sure.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have any advice on a lens choice for cataract surgery in a patient whose medical history is complicated? I am a long-time type 1 diabetic with severe retinopathy. There is no functional vision in my right eye (peripheral vision, limited to "counting fingers" only), vitrectomies in both eyes, and laser surgery and panretinal photocoagulation in the left eye.
1334998 tn?1300678456 I'm just now getting use to all this I still have my bad days and worst dayssometimes ok days.JUST not today. So it is your opinion your struggle with days living with lupus that I seek !! Tahnks so much for taking the time with me !!
242516 tn?1368227505 http://www.livescience.com/health/081128-ap-oldest-person.html The oldest person in the world has passed away, at 115, and she had few points of wisdom to share. When asked she said her secret was "more education" although her own education finished with teaching school. Instead, she taught us by her own example: - she stayed active. She was seen pushing others around in her wheelchair in her nursing home. - she stayed with her family.
Avatar f tn I was thrilled today to find out I wasnt diabetic! I'm severely anemic and have heart issues this pregnancy, but I'll take those over living over a toilet and counting carbs! I'm living proof every pregnancy is truly different!
1079902 tn?1256055503 My name is Ona, and I am a diabetic. I'm trying to loose weight so I can get off the medication. Lately before I eat my blood sugar has been high yesterday it was 229, today it was 242 I'm scared because I don't know how high it could get before I go into a diabetic comma. Please help!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn You will shortly be getting additional advice from other participants in this forum--advice is fine but you have to commit yourself to living a healthy life style to control your chances of having diabetic related illnesses in the future.
Avatar f tn You are not damaged goods because you are diabetic, in fact diabetes has helped me to be the person I am today. Of course I wish I were not diabetic, but I don't want to look at it that way. I like to think I am more compassionate, smarter, more organized, better at thinking outside the box, have a great sense of humor and the list goes on, because I am diabetic. My whole point is please don't blame yourself or look down on yourself because you have diabetes.
Avatar f tn He advised me to see my eye dr asap. Today I had an appointment. They dialated my eyes, put me up to a machine, and took computerized pictues of my eyes. After the exam, my eye dr told me yes she could see the hole. She did not tell me what Stage it is. She wants to do follow-up exams every two months, unless I have an emergency sooner. She said I may need referral to a Retinologist in the future for surgery. Is this the proper approach to take?
1809109 tn?1331807377 I know she's strong but I worry every day that she would be tempted to use again. I don't want to loose her again to drugs; those years were a living hell. I can't be there for my munchkin, my poor baby niece isn't handling this well. And I mean who blames her, this is a violent death to see for a 12 year old. My grandpa, god. I love him but he can be a real idiot sometimes; he refuses to accept she's dying. She's in chronic pain, loosing weight left and right and not in any good way.
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome Tramadol Warriors! We ... turned .... 40 ... LOL Welcome and I hope you will make yourself at home. Snuggle down, get comfy. There's a lot of information and experience here with getting off Tramadol. It's not impossible, lots of peeps here now living Tram Free Lives! Love & Healing!
Avatar n tn Studies HAVE shown that tight control DOES protect the diabetic from complications, no matter whether the diabetic person is one of the genetically "lucky" people or not. So while we cannot PROMISE a life without complications if a person maintains tight control, the odds are definitely much better if they keep the sugar levels in the normal ranges. The fact is that the damages are all caused by elevated glucose levels that damage tiny blood vessels nourishing nerves and organs.
607502 tn?1288251140 How do I feel today? An attentive mind will note that I only posted yesterdays journal an hour ago, mainly because I did not have a working mac last night and partly because I was too tired to do anything much. Nothing makes sense. I truly mean that. This is all so hard to do now, my marriage, my relationships, everything is so hard. Just writing this diary is hard, I made a commitment to do a diary every day but I cant understand why. Who actually wants to read this? Went to the doctor.
Avatar n tn I have a 15 year old Boston Terrier she is diabetic and gets vetsulin twice a day. She is blind and deaf. On Sunday she had a seizure several in fact took her to er vet and he stabilized her and sent her home with us within 20 minutes of being home she had 2 more seizures we rushed her back this time they kept her and she made it thru the night. On Monday we moved to her regular vet and she is still there.
Avatar m tn P was 230 yesterday with 70 units morn. and 70u in ev. today I took 150 units in morn. but P.P was again 230.Has insulin stopped working ? food was nearly same quantity. Any suggessions?
158939 tn?1274918797 Any advice would be appreciated. My mother is diabetic (Type II), I am diabetic (Type II), two of my sisters are Type II. Yesterday my son (a tall, slender 15-year old) looked a bit grey and clammy. I checked his blood sugar level (hadn't eaten for a few hours) and it was 166. Later last night he had a sip (small sip) of Mountain Dew and some pizza. He checked his blood sugar (he's watched me do it so he's not afraid of it) and it was 266.
Avatar f tn My 60 year old, type 2 diabetic brother was found unconscious this wk. Nobody knows how long. Best guess is 8 hrs. His blood glucose level was at 120 when he was halo flown to the hospital he is at now. I don't know what it was when they found him but given his history, I imagine it was much lower. His dr. asked me today if a medical emergency happened with him would I want him kept alive on life support. Well, I don't know!! What are his chances for recovery?