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Avatar n tn At the same time I started having lots of liver pain which I have never had before (Have had this about 30 years, dx 3y.ago) Yiks. I didn;t know what to do, exercise or not. So, I still exercise and have talked with two different docs about it, but they didn't seem to think there was a relationship between exercise and raised alts,asts. I do. But, I feel so much better and the exercise keeps me from falling into a depression. Keep pumping the iron girl, we need to keep as strong as we can.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am 53 years old, have two sons, and am married. I have had Diabetes for the last 50 years, which has always been under very good control. Last year I went to the Joslin Clinic for a week long clinic. I have always been fine with my Diabetes, but just recently, I find myself saying, "why do I bother with the 4 or 5 fingersticks a day, adjusting insulin, exercise and diet. I have heard about Burnout, and think this is probably whats happening to me.
558059 tn?1288554544 Hi, These are both chronic conditions, but they can both be managed well and therefore with minimal impact on quality of life. I am also hypothyroid and diabetic (currently diet and exercise managed with a close eye kept on me by my endo). I don't consider myself ill at all. In fact I am way better now (healthier and more active) than when first diagnosed. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Including myself there were 7 diabetics in my extended family and two of these relatives died before age 60 from diabetic related diseases. Of the surviving 5, I am the only one that exercise regularly (1 hour a day, 5 days a week). All four of my remaining diabetic relatives have diabetic related medical complications. Although I still need to drop another 35 pounds my doctor said I was a reasonably healthy overweight 65 year old diabetic and keep on doing what I am doing.
Avatar n tn I have been pre diabetic diagnosed for 2 weeks but my BG is all over the place will it settle down soon ?
Avatar f tn If your diabetic from been over weight and you lose the weight you still have diabetes
Avatar f tn Your doctor should have suggested this first before putting you on medication. Even once you become diabetic...diet and exercise is very important. If your numbers are high on medication, I doubt they will improve when off the medication. I would find an Endocrinologist and start over with this, it can be determined thru blood tests if you can try to reverse this with diet and exercise, but I think your current doctor jumped the gun on giving you medication so quickly.
Avatar n tn My husband is a newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetic. He just got out of the hospital with ketoacidosis and had an HA1C of 12.1. His sugars ranged from 160 - 380. We had this checked 6 months ago and everything came out "normal." Anyway, he is now on insulin, but we are having a hard time figuring out the whole diet thing. He has been put on a 75 carb/meal diet. He is 6'3" and weighed 150 lbs at the hospital, so he actually needs to put on weight.
Avatar n tn Eventhough I have this problem I still have a lot of motivation (except not wanting to exercise) and a drive to be successful. But my problem is, I want to live a long life, with little or no complications with my diabets, as well as to one day overcome my substance abuse problem. My main question is what are the chances of a person in a similar situation as me to grow up with little or no complications with diabetes. i need help!!! p.s.
Avatar m tn I am an insulin dependent diabetic for the last forty years. My diet is healthy, I am active ( I exercise at least twice a week for more than an hour at a time), my eyesight is good (no laser treatment yet), test my blood sugar levels at least 7 times a day and take 4 shots every day. Basically I do what I am meant to do(most of the time).
Avatar n tn Hi I am new here and i hope i am not breaking any rules but my question ia about what effects smoking pot (marijuana) will have on my son (20yrs old) who is diabetic. I am not 100% sure that he is doing this but am sure he has tried it at least once and i want to be able to give him all the correct information about the dangers he is putting himself in before i speak with him about this.
Avatar n tn Where type 2 is most likely the result of poor eating habits and lack of exercise, type 1 is by birth. I have been a diabetic for 47 years. No complications and I try to watch everything I do to take care of myself. The only thing that makes me so angry in life is to hear someone say 'you caused this so deal with it".
Avatar n tn My daughter has felt low with all the symptoms after heavy periods of exercise, and she's been 90. She's also been as low as 54 and not noticed it, because it happened gradually. So the answer is that it depends. Q2: I don't know that you can lose your unawareness, I think you can mitigate it by preventing your BG from going low. You're on the right path. Q3: I don't believe so. You need someone else to give you the glucose that your body doesn't have.
Avatar n tn LOL As you know, Oldstuff, this disease is so unpredictable and I am sure Logan has done so much growing and I am guessing that although insulin has been increased as he grows, you are still having this great fluctuation in BGs and I can understand as mother of a child living w/diabetes that this concerns you. Please talk to Logan's doctor and please feel free to ask any other questions. I am so sorry that I cannot shed light on this and give you a straight forward answer.
Avatar n tn 1 1/2 weeks ago my brother-in-law (43 year old diabetic) had a heart attack. The doctors attempted to do an angioplasty but it was not successful. He has 100% blockage in one artery (not a main one) and 2 other arteries are 40% and 30% blocked. He was told because of the location of the blocked artery that he wasn't a candidate for bypass surgery either. His ejection fracation was 35%. He was having trouble breathing while in the hospital and he was told his lung had partially collapsed.
Avatar f tn He is a Type 2, insulin dependent and on all kinds of medications - he's always been poorly managed diabetic but recently since being referred to an endocronoligist (FINALLY) counting carbs and fast acting insulin it is getting better. Anyway, the rash is little red bumps that sometimes itch. They ooze a bit and they are getting more and more spread out. Could this be the start of neuropathy? I read somewhere you can get a rash from poor circulations.
242516 tn?1368227505 http://www.livescience.com/health/081128-ap-oldest-person.html The oldest person in the world has passed away, at 115, and she had few points of wisdom to share. When asked she said her secret was "more education" although her own education finished with teaching school. Instead, she taught us by her own example: - she stayed active. She was seen pushing others around in her wheelchair in her nursing home. - she stayed with her family.
Avatar n tn Found out 2 weeks ago i was a diabetic and having some trouble with my kidney's.Last year i was hospitalized for congestive heart failure but i know with my age and by the help of the lord and with diet,exercise, and taking my meds i will make it.
1079902 tn?1256055503 My name is Ona, and I am a diabetic. I'm trying to loose weight so I can get off the medication. Lately before I eat my blood sugar has been high yesterday it was 229, today it was 242 I'm scared because I don't know how high it could get before I go into a diabetic comma. Please help!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Thats a pretty broad question, you diabetic? exercise Yes exercise helps your muscles to absorb BG also a toned muscle also uses more BG when at rest.
Avatar m tn The reason for this I chose to keep on living the way I wanted to instead of how I should. Being a diabetic can do all kinds of damage to all of your body including your organs. Sometimes diabetics end up with nerve damaage, and it can happen anywhere in your body including your stomach. Please don't jump to conclusions. The first thing you should do is eat right and exercise. Whatever you do don't stop living. It does not have to be the end of your life.
Avatar f tn You will shortly be getting additional advice from other participants in this forum--advice is fine but you have to commit yourself to living a healthy life style to control your chances of having diabetic related illnesses in the future.
Avatar n tn My wife became a type 1 diabetic at the age of 3 (1951); her 6 year older sister one year later became a type 1 diabetic (1952) - they both weren't suppose to live past the age of about 13. My wife passed at the age of 50. She could have taken better care of her self like her older sister as we just buried her this week at the age of 72. I don't know of any diabetic who has lived as long as her.
Avatar n tn It has been difficult to walk, sit or do any physical exercise. My life has been a living hell!!! I have tried everything to cure it and spent a great deal of time searching the web for solutions. HOWEVER, THE GOOD NEWS IS IT'S GONE!!!! Here's what I found out - it's caused by bacteria that shouldn't be where they are (!
Avatar m tn However i am still freaked out since I have been under a great deal of emotional stress and anxiety the last few months. I have been trying to get off anti-depressants and it has been a living hell. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn when i lived in china i was told by another expat living there a long time diabetic that it is ok for blood sugar levels to be between 5 and 10 but i find that if my sugar levels go below 6 then i get all shakes and if it does go higher than 12 i go blurry eyed.
Avatar n tn Just remember, that even tho' a diabetic might go for hours, days, weeks or months with 100% normal blood sugars (with a combination of diet, exercise, meds) -- that diabetic is STILL a diabetic -- unfortunately. Type 2s often face the challenge of being told, after many decades of certain ways of living, that they need to change their habits (foods, exercise, weight loss).