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198187 tn?1190637930 maybe some chick flicks that your husband doesn't like to watch anyways, good books/magazines, stack of cards to mail out to friends or family to say hello, ingredients for lots of 'company cake' (see thyca.org cookbook for recipe), tea, candles, bubble bath, anything that you are normally deprived of as a wife and mother. Enjoy this time for yourself. Most of all, try to relax. Be insistant that your doctors check your levels now and frequently. Don't take no for an answer.
Avatar m tn So even if you eat a burger for lunch and a couple of pork chops for dinner, you’re still coming up short in the protein department. To help you reach your fitness and weight-loss goals, the researchers behind Zero Belly Cookbook uncovered and ranked these 30 best high-protein foods for metabolism. Wheatgrass Powder, 2 grams per 1.25 Tbsp 30 calories, Even a tiny dose like this packs fiber, protein, tons of vitamin A and K, folic acid, manganese, iodine, and chlorophyll, to name a few.
Avatar f tn My doctor wants to put me on the hcg diet as I am diabetic and 40 pouns. My biggest problem is that I am a vegetarian and the fish, veal, chicken, etc. is nt a possibility for me. Are any of you out there a vegetarian. Can anyone give me some help.
Avatar m tn It makes every day living difficult to enjoy things and always worrying that this will come on. If anyone had any definite explanation it would be helpful.
Avatar n tn one of the diets i am on is really freat and the food is fantastic is the biggest looser cookbook its like 15 dollars at barnes and noble the recipes are great and affordable i am married and we live on a 100 dollar a month food buget and we seem to feat at every meal. If you are like me i always had cravings for doughnuts and icecream and energy drinks and soda i also have a portion control problem.
Avatar n tn He also states that it can be 100% cured with changing of our eating habits as well as other daily living factors. Funny that I now have this book because I was saying to ALL my dr's that I felt my body was highly toxic and the only way my body could relieve itself with my liver n kidneys over loaded, was through my skin, hence the pustular blisters.
Avatar n tn The very first symptoms I had were back in '90 (an isolated event), but I have felt sick since '94 after a viral infection and have been purusing a dx ever since then. I spent 13 years in a living hell trying to convince doctors/neurologists/my PCP that I was sick, so the GP dx was a big turning point for me. To make a long story short, I got sent up to Mayo Clinic last December and again in March and was diagnosed with autoimmune autonomic neuropathy.
Avatar n tn She told us that she felt great and was living life to its fullest. She looked perfectly healthy, as did the other nice gay guy we were speaking with. Having HIV, both Charlotte and I were silently glad we weren't in their unfortunate shoes (us just having "mere" cases of HCV). We politely smiled and congratulated her on her good health and positive attitude.
Avatar n tn For those of you who don't know what to eat now: I've been following the elimination outlined in the book, "Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook" by Alissa Segersten. We're talking lifesaver. It has all gluten free recipes. Their website "The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen" has even more recipes. Lifesaver!
Avatar n tn so i dont know what to do . i am diabetic and i feel much better with the shoot moore energy and less eating .
604197 tn?1292308636 The Military Hospital only kept me overnight,primarily to make sure that I didn't go into a comma, then released me with 10 days bedrest to recover in my living quarters. I can't blame the US Military, as those young men loosing arms and legs and lives certainly needed the bed space more than I did. It seemed that I had a partial sense of smell and taste for a few days after the fall/head trauma, and then after that I seemed to have lost everything.
Avatar n tn i am 37 . i too have gains weight. i weighed 135 a month and a half ago...today i weigh 173....for a total of 38 lbs!i weigh more now than when i gave birth , all 3 times! i don't understand. tho possible peri-menopause ? i also have had some night sweats . some woke me up w/ horrible electric heat in my back . sometimes i wake up on cold wet sheets.. i am getting pimples , unsightly hair ,and my boobs LITERALLY feel like huge heavy bowling balls.