Diabetic ketoacidosis and vomiting why

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Avatar n tn as an adult on-set diabetic and avid smoker {see the name] ALOT of your comments have to do with the fact that pot is illeagal{which is a topic for another discussion}. i've smoked since the age of 16 and been diabetic since 27 as some one mentioned earlier the only bad of smoking and being diabetic IS THE MUNCHIES and not having the suitable foods to go with this condition i find that nuts and mountain dew {diet of course} work really well for me or veggie mix and an lite dip.
Avatar n tn Of course, I'm not advocating that everyone who is diabetic go ahead and drink! As long as it's in moderation, it can be controlled. I'd think that would be safer for you than Ecstasy.
Avatar n tn When fat is used for energy, ketones-or fatty acids-are produced and enter the bloodstream, causing the chemical imbalance diabetic ketoacidosis. This is a life-threatening condition. Symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis are: Flushed, hot, dry skin. Loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and vomiting. A strong, fruity breath odor (similar to nail polish remover or acetone). Rapid, deep breathing. Restlessness, drowsiness, difficulty waking up, confusion, or coma.
Avatar f tn It may include Ketoacidosis, hyperosmolar non- ketotic acidosis, peripheral neuropathy, blurring of vision, gastropathy and other complications. As newly diagnosed, I experienced having ketoacidosis which I thought was the end of my life. It was sudden in nature and I did not really have any hints of developing such. I felt drowsy at that very moment, been vomiting everything I put in my mouth, and had been breathing so hard that I felt as though I had walked a mile.
Avatar f tn CDL under the control of a driver who is diabetic and too irresponsible and immature to obey the law regarding his illness. And provides nonsensical excuses to his wife about why he won't do this. He is tired and knows he shouldn't have a jelly donut, but the waitress is cute...and what the heck. A diabetic coma creeps up on you. It doesn't come all at once. And then we have three school buses full of grade school children happily singing as they convoy their way home.
Avatar n tn Just as a point of interest, my doctor also didn't test my daughter's blood for diabetes until after several days of going back and forth with him and his staff trying different possibilities of why my daughter was so ill. She had the classic symptoms of constant thirst, lethargy, & frequent urination. Misdiagnosis is pretty common from what I've heard from others. My daughter's blood glucose was 910 when they finally diagnosed her(the normal range is 80-120)!
Avatar m tn Renal failure, acute and chronic Increased magnesium load (especially in presence of renal insufficiency) Magnesium-containing laxatives, antacids, or enemas Treatment of eclampsia (mother and infant) Diabetic ketoacidosis Increased renal magnesium reabsorption Hyperparathyroidism Familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia Hypothyroidism Mineralocorticoid deficiency, adrenal insufficiency Symptoms and signs :Muscle and generalised weakness Decreased reflexes (Neuromuscular depression) Hypo
Avatar m tn People who have diabetes should take an ace inhibitor to prevent kidney problems because Diabetes has a tremendous affect on your kidneys over time and if you wait until experiencing kidney problems then it will be too late. I am also a diabetic and take victoza and once you become immune to the nausea it is not a bad medication and has helped with weight loss.
Avatar n tn with the adkins diet i know (my boss did this one) that once the body starts digesting itself ketoacidosis sets in and the odor is really bad. has anyone experienced this type of reaction from the hcg program?