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Avatar f tn i am concerned about having diabetes, i was told this by my friend, who has a sister with diabetes. she told me to keep an eye one it, but im still not sure, im am not loosing weight i dont think, but i need help, and i dont know what it could be. also im tired all the time, and i have been urinating more then usual. i have also had a cold for the past four months, and i know it is not allergies because i have given it to practically my whole school. does any one know what it could be?
Avatar m tn Thank you. It was a nice relief. Sounds like a good plan! I just got the the test results in the mail today. AC1 does read 5.4 with the following comments: Healthy: 4.8 - 5.6% Increased risk for diabetes: 5.7 - 6.4% Diabetes: >6.4% They also ran my Glucose which showed 59 mg/dl - Though this was a NON-fasting, random test done mid-afternoon. Interesting how it is the opposite end of the scale. Thanks again.
Avatar f tn I started a new Job in October and ever since then I have had difficulty breathing and some days I lose my voice almost totally. I have been in and out of the Dr and now using Symbicort and taking prednisone. It is wierd this only happens during the week while I am at work. Weekends seen to be fine after a little time away. Is this Asthma or am I alergice to my workplace? Should I test the air quality?
Avatar f tn He is 56 years old, has a higher than optimal BMI, diabetes II, and probable cirrhosis. He started tx with a high viral load and platelets at about 75. It wasn't a very promising situation, but he needed to try tx before his liver progressed any further. He went to Dr Afdhal in Boston and saw a wonderful NP there- her name is Laurie and she really helped Rick hang in there.
773755 tn?1328123377 it seemed to improve a few weeks ago but maybe because that's just because i was resting my voice. add your story! it seems to be rare to lose your voice for more than 2 weeks in conventional conditions. so it is rare but not unheard of. people just wouldn't know where to start looking/ searching. frustrated with doctors. let down by god. feeling alone. i have hope but it seems to make me miserable. maybe hope without expectation is the way to go.
Avatar n tn My husband and I have agreed that if he notices I am behaving in a dazed fashion or that I have gone very quiet, he asks me in a firm voice to test my sugar levels. The reality is that our loved ones often can tell before WE can when sugar levels are off. After almost 30 years of marriage, I know that he is usually right, and if there is a question, rather than me insisting that I am OK, it makes more sense to test to make sure.
Avatar m tn No one knows you are hurting unless you reach out... I went many years even after I knew I had diabetes and hid my voice because I didn't want to believe it. The only one I hurt was me. Growing up in an abusive environment, I was use to feeling down on myself, but truth be told. I didn't see myself like the forest through the trees kind of thing. There is only one you! There will never be another. You are worth being, doing whatever you desire.
Avatar n tn He has been having a terrible time with being so down and hard on himself. I know he understands that diabetes is not his fault, but inside, I think he is blaming himself. He is saying things like "I hate myself", "why do these bad things always happen to me".
Avatar n tn Michalo, As you may know, we're not physicians here; we are volunteers with a lot experience related to diabetes. Pls check out what you read here with your son's pediatric endocrinologist. I'm glad you clarified that the pain is not associated with ketones. Sometimes there can be digestive issues -- not necessarily related to diabetes. Can you relate the pain to foods causing severe gas "in general" or perhaps foods that he's uniquely intolerant to?
Avatar f tn Our cat was diagnosed with diabetes Sunday, with a count of 450. We came home from vacation and found her unable to walk. She is 13, and is being treated for high blood pressure also. She has been at the vets since then, and they are trying to get her count stabilized, not much luck yet. Her walking is still very bad. I'm not sure how long to give her hoping for an improvement neurologically, and I'm wondering if anyone else has a cat with this problem, and did it improve.
Avatar n tn Hello Cesarme, Nice to hear your voice again. As you know we're volunteers here, so be sure to review your results and our suggestions to your endocrinologist. My "answer" won't directly answer your 3 specific questions, because I am not qualified to do so. I hope the information I provide is useful to you, nonetheless. Just with the simple aging process, our metabolism changes - whether one has diabetes or not, so it is not unusual that our response to foods changes over time.
Avatar n tn If you read that other thread and go to some diabetes forums with more people living with diabetes you will hear of many adults who have been dealing with diabetes since they were small children without any complications at all. (And again, that was before they have the technology and knowledge we have today). Having said all this, I know that depression is, unfortunately not uncommon with diabetes (or other chronic illnesses).
Avatar n tn Also many of the issues described by the poster occur in some people when they hit a certain age. Thyroid, Diabetes, Fybromiallgia, memory loss etc. etc. occur in the middle ages. The age when many of the Hep C folks are also treating. Did one cause the other, would you have had one without the other? There is no real way to know with any certainty.
Avatar f tn Just after he turned 9 in July 2009, we noticed the early signs of puberty. At the present time, it seems to be progressing kind of rapidly. His voice has deepened considerably in the past few months, he has quite a bit of pubic hair and leg hair but not underarm hair. He has a fuzzy upper lip, also. He actually has grown 1.5 inches in the past six months and gained five pounds, but he is still on the small side. (51 inches and 57 pounds).
Avatar f tn I was checked for numerous things in the past couple months, including thyroid problems, diabetes, (Didn't check for strep throat though) - all neg. My white blood cell count was elevated for awhile but the last cbc showed everything was o.k. Why do I have all these symptoms then? I've had plenty of other symptoms not mentioned, including sore lower back, odd aches & pains, fatigue, etc. I don't have a fever.
Avatar n tn Since then I've felt like someone is choking me and then I start gagging. my voice is fine though. It seems to have gotten worse since I've been diagnosed with high blood sugar or type 2 diabetes. does anyone have any answers for me?
Avatar f tn Signs of diabetes are excessive thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision, mood changes, and feeling lethargic. I do think if you are worried or suspect diabetes you should make an appointment with the pediatrician and voice your concerns and let him know what has been going on with your sons eating habits. You don't mention if he is gaining a lot of weight with the food he is eating. Usually when a child is diagnosed with diabetes there is weight loss not weight gain.
Avatar f tn My 4 yr old daughter had never been sick (not even an ear infection), in nov she was diagnosed type-1 diabetic. March she got a weird voice "wobble", in april she had a seizure and was put on depekote but quickly switched to trileptal.In may her face started twitching and now the entire right side twitches.
Avatar f tn Your sister is probably suffering from complications of diabetes. She appears to be having uncontrolled diabetes. This may have resulted in peripheral neuropathies, and mini strokes. She may also have had a stroke at some point or likely to have. There may be associated hypothyroidism. Her kidney function should also be assessed. If she is not on insulin already, she may be benefit from insulin. Please look up in the local directories for an endocrine or a diabetes specialist.
Avatar n tn I am also type II diabetes with excellent control.The surgery threw my diabetes for a loop and I had to go back to the hospital after they dismissed me.It was quite a challenging event.I could not believe they sent home right after surgery in the first place.The ENT doctor told me he will not do that after the second surgery. I have good doctors. I see Dr.Failor now and I like him very much and he will follow me and my scans for the next two years.How long can it take to recover.
Avatar f tn Recently.. I've had very very strange neuro symptoms happening.. I'm hearing a voice from a reoccurring dream, I'm dreaming when I'm awake ,the voice is in a rhythm.. and when this happens I go into a rhythm myself, can't control it.. I have to move to the beat.. or speak to the beat or tap or count.. does any body know what this could be? I'm also smelling burning rubber a lot! ??????
Avatar n tn I am a 31 yr old female with a history of Type II diabetes on both sides of my family. Recently, my doctor administered a fasting insulin test based on some symptoms I was having which indicated insulin resistance (ie, I have not been diagnosed as diabetic). My fasting test read 9.2. My doctor says there's "nothing to worry about," but my own research indicates that a reading at this level should be taken seriously, as it arguably indicates pre-diabetes at the very least.
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Avatar f tn I have type 2 diabetes and am trying to loose the 40+ pounds I've put on since being diagnosed two years ago. I am eating very little but still gaining weight. I was exercising a lot but had to stop because of fatigue. Sometimes I sleep 12-14 hours and wake up feeling as if I hadn't slept at all. I feel cold all the time no matter the weather, my hair is thinning, my nails are breaking, and my voice has become deep and husky. Anyone know what's wrong with me?
Avatar m tn The tinnitus is mainly ringing in the left ear, but occurs in both ears. I also notice that I sometimes get a gravely voice in the afternoon. This does not happen every day. At first, I thought the thickening in my throat and gravely voice may be an allergy, but now I wonder if the neuropathy, the tinnitus, gravely voice and headaches are related. A good rest helps the condition as does limiting stress. I do take alpha limpoic acid, aloe juice, along with a good multivitamin.
Avatar f tn My doctor left me a voice mail saying I don't have diabetes because the result was a 6%, and anything under 7 was completely normal. I don't know if was a 6.0, or a 6.5, or what. I should be receiving a prescription in the mail this week for a glucose meter so that I can monitor my levels at home. What do you guys think? I have very little time before my insurance runs out, and don't know if I can get to another doctor for a second opinion.
Avatar m tn This is another comment part of my first comment. I forgot to mention that my voice has also weaken. Alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn he has congestive heart and high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes so he is on a lot of medicines so we would like to know could it be the medicine that causes the hiccups and acid reflux. he takes about 19 pills a day not all at once. he believes that it is the potassuim that he takes with the laxiz. he can't seem to relax and the hiccups keep him with a sore stomach. he doesn't smoke or eat fatty foods. his breath smells so he uses a mouth wash constantly.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've had a dry throat right at the back behind my tongue, kind of on the roof of my gum and around the adams apple part. My voice has been fine but it seems that when I wake up and after strenuous exercise it is at its worst in that i almost (although never actually have gagged) but whilst i'm outside or throughout the day when I'm out of the house I am absolutely fine.
Avatar n tn im sorry..how are you doing...going through some post a bit ago,it said you have diabetes????are you ok??how is everything from the surgery going..are you still in pain,or is it getting better...im sorry i havent been a very good friend the past few weeks...im truely sorry.....