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Avatar m tn High my worry is that i went to doctors for a check up and was told that my Diabetes has gone up to 18points and that my liver ALT levers have risen to 800 and i am very concerned and need advice on how i can decrease these levels of ALT.
Business man1 If you provide further details on your consultation with your doctor it would help narrow down what you need to do next. Under normal circumstances doctors do not "mentioned like i am having diabetes." unless he/she has test results to back up their statement. Please answer the following questions in detail: 1.) Did you or did you not undertake a glucose [blood sugar] tolerance test? 1b.) A fasting glucose test? 1c.) An A1c test?
Avatar m tn I would suggest you find out more of the relationship of what causes BG to rise (eating carbohydrates), self testing, drugs to lower BG and complications (retinopathy, neropathy...). Complications are NOT part of diabetes, complications are from uncontrolled diabetes. By uncontrolled I mean BG over 136, for when BG goes over 136 that is when damage to your eyes and nerves and blood vesals happens. Complications are NOT inevitable.
Avatar m tn Tired, sleepnig, no energy is a sign his BG is too high. It can also be a sign of many other problems. Diabetes is a disease of un-controled blood sugar (BG) BG changes, eating carbohydrates will raise BG. Exercise, drugs lower BG. the ONLY way to find out what works and what doesn't is to test his BG. There are other forums that can help, google "diabetes forums" or "diabetes newsgroups" BG over 140 in the USA (7.8 in the rest of the world) is causing damage.
Avatar m tn i need a st scan here in USA but cannot get it because wife not working and cannot offord it at the moment in UK i be able to get that free OK you might have to wait 1-2 months if not emergency but you do get it done i am lost now i dont know what to do and hope its not too serious or i in deep trouble
920032 tn?1550683756 just bought monitor as i am risk of diabetes. this morning b 4 brekfast it was 5.5. 1 hour after 6.4 2 hous after 5.3 worst was 7.1 after evening meal. i;m not sure what is good and bad.
620923 tn?1452919248 Wound healing can be due to diabetes or ehlers-danlos and since EDS is related to Chiari, I was thinking that was y u were having those issues. Hydro can be a result of an EDSer that was not DX'd b4 surgery and is having a rejection of the dura patch or stitches etc....do ask about this possibility.
Avatar n tn I am currently out of the USA, and won't be back home until next June. Before leaving the USA in August, I had a blood sugar reading (fasting) of 125. My PCP simply told me to get on a diet (I was sedentary and mildly overweight).
3178662 tn?1346493296 Currently there is no cure for diabetes. In its early stages some people have been found to reverse their diabetes back to normal levels. This takes lifestyle changes one must follow and adhere to for the rest of their life. Doing so one will be able to control and manage their blood sugar levels appropriately.
667829 tn?1297981723 I'm wondering If I'm the first in the group :-O) Failed Gestational Diabetes Test @ 13wks3days. I've been insulin resistant for about three years so this was not a big surprise. After 10 days of logging blood sugars and food diary we've came to the conclusion bedtime insulin was required.
Avatar m tn hi i out of random decided to google as i wanted to know why im so thirsty all the time (note this has been going on for years as far as i can remember) and the google result were that thats a sign of diabetes i can't gain weight i weigh really badly 56kg and i am quite tall i think 195 cm something like that i am 17 years old to be 18 in june 2011 i have no problems being thirsty i love to drink ice cold my dad bought a 2 litre (gallon) bottle for saturday and i decided to drink a little frid
440728 tn?1234648902 I'm also mostly cold all the time in between. My GP thought it may be Diabetes but my blood glucose is normal. He has also thought I may be hyperthyroid at the beginning but my TSH was 2 then and T4 was 16. Since then my TSH has been 3 and 3.3 with a T4 of 15. Here in the UK the normal range is 0.5 to 6.0, but I gather in the USA it's 0.5 to 3.0. And this week my TSH is 4.6 and T4 is 15. I have also been suffering from a premature menopause at 41 yrs old.
Avatar n tn A year ago I found out I have diabetes, actually they called it low tolerance at sugar or something like that. The highest blood sugar value I've had in this past year was 270 mg/dl. (normal 90-110 mg/dl). I was really upset when I found out. At first I was not recommanded any medicine but I had to follow a very strict diet. Unfortunatelly I lost a lot of weight( from 53 kilos to 45 kilos). My blood sugar was still high 2 hours after eating, going over 200mg/dl quite often.
Avatar f tn I e-mailed the diabetes education nurse at Joslin Diabetes Center and she responded that a weight loss diet has to be customized for the person. So poster diabetes86 is correct that there is no "diabetes" diet. For your father, you should look for a diabetes program (free if possible) that will show him (and you) what to eat, how much and how often. There is literature to read and make note of.
1698156 tn?1306792913 I get mine in 12 hours but not more than 24 hrs [USA]. In the meantime read up on hypoglycemia and how to treat type 1 diabetes. You may have inherited your grandmothers type 1 gene. How's your mother's side of the family? Any diabetics? Also, try to eat 5 or more small meals a day to keep you glucose levels balanced.
Avatar f tn I'm really astounded that you say most primary internists aren't clued in on diabetes. How can that be? The condition is at epidemic levels in the USA! This is something I just cannot fathom. Luckily my own primary automatically includes diabetes tests in my regular labwork. Perhaps because it runs in his family, so he's more aware. But just unbelievable that such a common and widespread condition isn't more familiar to family practice and internal med docs.
1910189 tn?1322029724 By eating the correct foods and having normal body weight your body will not only adjust quickly to normal levels, but also you will feel much healthier. One thing you must understand, since diabetes runs in your family you may have inherited the diabetes gene.This doesn't mean the end of the world. To prevent the progression of diabetes and diabetes nasty side effects one has to make the aforementioned lifestyle changes.
Avatar f tn my doctor explained that the baby is large on the outside but the insides (lungs) can be underdeveloped with diabetes. i know gestational diabetes can happen to a number of women during pregnancy...but anyone i knew who had it was able to control it with their diet. my doctor was most concerned because my highest level everyday was when i wake up in the morning and check after a fast. theres nothing to be modified...and food has nothing to do with it.
Avatar n tn I was tested for diabetes and although my results were low they weren't low enough to say I had Diabetes - during an 8 hour test I had a hypoglycemic attack, however further monitoring of my blood sugar shows normal even when my symptoms are severe.
Avatar f tn November 1, 2013 Spring Valley, NY USA Contact: Editorial Department: ***@**** Free copies of Walgreens Diabetes & You magazine are now available in all stores. November is American Diabetes Month, and free copies of the award-winning Walgreens Diabetes & You magazine are now available at over 8,000 Walgreens locations across the country, as well as online at walgreensdiabetes.com.
1351808 tn?1276904027 About 24 million Americans, or 8 percent of the U.S. population, have diabetes. Although people with diabetes are at risk for serious medical complications, with close monitoring and treatment they need not suffer from them. The problem is 1 in 4 people with diabetes don’t even know it. Compared to many other diseases, diabetes can be diagnosed easily. In people without any symptoms of the illness, two routine blood tests can provide the diagnosis.
1090423 tn?1286291250 i have had severe thirst for about three months , i also urinate a lot , my urine smells strange , i cannot explain the smell , just different , my skin is itchy , i have right lower abdomen pain and pain in the bottom of my back and cramp in hands and legs and a nasty taste in my mouth , i have never been tested for diabetes , my dr thinks h.
Avatar m tn In the USA, or most English speaking countries, you can not go to the corner drug store and buy diabetes medication unless a doctor has filled out prescription. A doctor needs to analyze your diabetes test scores then he/she will recommend a medication, a dosage and how often it must be taken. "CONTROLLING MEANS WHAT ?" GIYF [Google Is Your Friend] - http://tinyurl.com/controldiabetes " IS IT POSSIBLE TO BRING DOWN TO 100 THROUGH LIFESTYLE CHANGE.
Avatar n tn She was born in 1996.03.18 in Pingluo, Ningxia, China. On June 24,2004 she was diagnosed to have Diabetes of age 8 after a serious arm-brocken accident. Her Blood sugar level is very high up to 16 or 19 sometimes. Very seldom can be controlled to average 5. Because of the poor family situation, she has no any money for the Diabetes medicine. Some warm-hearted people bought her the Insuline Injection Pump and Blood Tester, but she cannot afford the Test Strips.
Avatar n tn Don't know where you reside as your bio is blank. In the USA most drug stores carry OTC home glucose test meters costing around $30. Read the instructions carefully b4 using. Test first thing in morning - normal range is 70-99mg/dl.
Avatar n tn I'm a 22 year-old female and I think I might have diabetes. I went to the eye doctor last week after having noticed my distance vision suddenly went down. He suggested there was a chance I might have diabetes, and that I should check it out just in case. When I got home I was curious so I looked up the other symptoms, and realized I had a few of them: increased urination for the past two months and increased irritability.
Avatar m tn 1) Get my insulin by registering with a US based healthcare profesional and paying for it via the health insurance cover I will be given by my work - not sure how the surcharges and in-out of care really works with diabetes so if anyone can help explain it to me I would be grateful! 2) Get my free prescriptions from the UK and arrange for someone in the UK to have them shipped into the US - is this legal? Can UPS or FedEx ship it without subjecting it to temps that will damange the insulin?
Avatar m tn After this study I would think anyone with either hep-c caused Diabetes or Diabetes from natural causes should avoid Tx at all costs. I mean really if treatment can cause Diabetes just think what the affect would be with someone who already has it.
745101 tn?1293042414 She thought I was high risk for gestational diabetes for some reason and ordered the test. I took it at 14 weeks. Has anyone else had this done yet? I felt so silly in the waiting room next to women who were twice as pregnant as I was...